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Have you ever thought about vacationing on a tropical island? Traveling to tropical regions combines stunning natural scenery with pure relaxation. With a trip to tropical beaches, you can walk in the sun, experience surfing on pristine islands, swim on white sand beaches with coral reefs, explore tropical forests, and stay in luxury hotels. In this article from Nabtrip Tourism magazine, we have listed the best low places in the world for you to prepare for a dream trip.

Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI

Trunk Bay is one of the most spectacular tropical places in the world on the Caribbean coast. This bay is located in the northwestern part of the US Virgin Islands National Park. The green nature and red coral reefs have made this remote beach more spectacular. Cocodimer is a luxury villa complex less than half a mile from Trunk Bay. This resort has free parking, Wi-Fi internet, a concierge, housekeeping and laundry services, tennis courts, swimming pools, and a hot tub.

best tropical places

Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Australia is famous for its beautiful beaches, and Fraser Island is a haven of magnificent beaches and one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. This island is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List as the largest sand island in the world. Kingfisher Bay is the most stunning among Fraser Island beaches that you can enjoy the experience of staying in. Kingfisher Bay Holiday Home has free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, a garden with a BBQ area, room for four families, and incredible views. Also, Kingfisher Bay Resort is a modern accommodation with a reasonable price, free Wi-Fi internet, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and access to the beach.

Lopes Mendes, IIha Grande, Brazil

Lopes Mendes beach is one of the best tropical places in the world, where the secluded beaches of Ilha grande, Brazil, are located. Pristine, untouched, powdery white sand beaches, the world’s most crystalline and clear waters, almond trees, towering palms, and wild sea bushes line the rocky coastline of this beach. Fifty minutes away from the beach, you will reach a residence in the green area. You can also have a pure experience by camping or booking a bedroom at Camping Da Cachoeira for a holiday in this tropical destination.

Blinky Beach, Lord Howe Island, Australia

Blinky Beach, located on the eastern side of Lord Howe Island, is a tropical paradise with pristine white sand beaches. This wonderful island is located about halfway to New Zealand and is a great place to enjoy surfing and diving. The nearest place to stay is at the end of the runway on Lord Howe Island. Capella Lodge is a 5-star resort with a swimming pool, Pacific-style cafe, restaurant, and spa, just an 18-minute walk from Binky Beach.

Barnes Bay, Anguilla

Barnes Bay is among the best options for traveling to tropical regions. There are 33 beaches in Anguilla, and this is one of the most amazing beaches on this small island that seems to have the softest sand. Four Seasons Anguilla Resort and Residences is one of the best luxury resorts in the region, with villas, suites, three restaurants, and beach access. Turtle’s Nest Beach Resort is a tremendous mid-range budget option with decent views.

best tropical places

Temae and Teavora, Moorea, French Polynesia

Teavoro has shallow waters surrounded by a coral reef. It is one of the best places in the world for diving and wildlife viewing. Temae is famous for its surfing beaches but still unsafe for swimming. If you plan to spend some time on these beaches, stay a few nights at the Hilton Morialagon Resort and Spa. This place is one of the world’s most famous tropical island hotels.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay is one of the world’s best tropical locations in Bermuda. This bay has two very soft pink sandy beaches and impressive cliffs. The closest accommodation to this beautiful tropical beach is the Reefs Resort and Club. This stylish 4-star hotel features villas and suites with a stunning infinity pool.

Puka Beach (Yapak), Boracay, Philippines

Poca Beach on the island of Boracay in the Philippines is one of the best tropical beaches in the world. Puca is a white beach over 3 miles long and lined with tall palm trees and is known as one of the best tropical islands to visit in the Philippines. At the stunning Puka Shell Beach, you can enjoy swimming, canoeing, and cooking your catch on a beach barbecue. There are several different accommodation options near Puka Beach, Alta Vista de Boracay being the closest. This stunning 4-star hotel often has rooms for less than $30 per night. Mövenpick Resort & Spa Boracay is also very close. This mid-range option has an excellent gym, outdoor pool, and spa. For luxury travelers, Shangri-La Boracay will be a luxurious 5-star resort with private butler service for a fee.

Long Beach, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Long Beach in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, is a lovely beach for relaxing, renting a boat, fishing, and diving in the ocean. The most attractive aspect of Long Beach is the wide range of excellent accommodations available for pennies. Long Beach Cottages and Nakara Resort are outstanding examples of yachting, relaxation, and luxury Layana Spa travel to the world’s best tropical destinations.

best tropical places

Maitra Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Maitra Beach is one of Tahiti’s most popular beaches in the South Pacific and one of the world’s most tropical locations, covered by a mile of silky white sand slopes. This beach is one of the best public access beaches in Bora Bora. There are several great rental and hospitality properties near Matira Beach. If you’re looking for the ultimate lifetime vacation, hop on a speedboat and book an overwater bungalow at the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort and Thalasso Spa.

Waipio Valley Beach, Big Island, HI

Waipi’o Valley Black Sand Beach is one of the best volcanic beaches in the United States. This beautiful tropical island beach on the Big Island of Hawaii is located at the end of the Waipiʻo River and is one of the lowest places in the world. This beach is only accessible through a narrow winding road; when you reach there, you feel like paradise. Waipiʻo Lodge is less than 20 minutes from the beach.

Praia Mole, Florianopolis, Brazil

Priamol is one of the most attractive beaches for surfers and paragliders, making it one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil for traveling to the world’s tropical regions. Priamol is located approximately 1.5 miles east of Florianopolis city center and has excellent restaurants, cafes, clubs, and hotels. Small, inexpensive hotels line the beach, but a 10-minute drive west, you can spend a night at the luxury boutique hotel Quinta das Videiras for less than $200.

Blue Beach (La Chiva), Vieques, Puerto Rico

Blue Beach has a long stretch of sand and crystal clear waters, making it one of the most tropical places in the Caribbean. If you’re looking for a great place to stay near a blue beach, know that most Puerto Rico hotels and rentals are in the more urbanized western half of the island. El Blok Beach Hotel in Vieques has a striking urban aesthetic and a unique rooftop cafe.

best tropical places

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema is one of the world’s tropical beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A beach of soft sand surrounded by stunning mountains and the city of Rio will be the perfect choice for a vacation stay. There are countless hotels and beach houses to stay in Ipanema. The Sol Ipanema Hotel is a classic beachfront venue with a pool, gym, fine dining, and less than a minute’s walk from the beach.

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Sunset Beach, Oahu, HI

Sunset Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii. In winter, the beach is home to high waves ideal for surfing, and in summer, the water becomes calm like a lake, making it an excellent place for snorkeling. There are a few vacation rentals near the beach, but if you head north, you can book a luxury vacation at the stunning Turtle Bay Resort on the world’s best tropical islands.

Honopu Beach, Kauai, HI

Honopou Beach is one of the best tropical beaches in the world. This remote bay with incredible cliffs, including the Great Honopou Arch, is challenging to reach but well worth the trip. If you’re looking for tropical vacation ideas in the United States, look no further than this green city, beaches, and classic Hawaiian scenery. Honopou can be reached by hiking through the beautiful Koya Nature Reserve or the stunning Napali Coast Wildlife Park.

Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelles

Anse Lazio is located in the northwestern part of Praslin Island, one of the best tropical islands in the world. This is one of the most popular beautiful white sand beaches in Seychelles. This beach in the Indian Ocean is long and wide with soft sand and clear blue water and has a peaceful environment full of greenery with leafy Takamaka trees. There is also Sweet Coco, a lovely hotel on the beach’s edge, right next to the coast of Anse Lazio Lodge, where you can spend the night. If you’re looking for luxury, the Raffles Seychelles Hotel is just an 8-minute drive away, with incredible views of the azure ocean and lush tropical forest.

Pansy Island, Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Pansy Island is a group of six islands known as the most popular and among the best tropical places in the world. Pansy Island is named after the ubiquitous pansy pods often found on the beach. You can find this little piece of paradise just off the southeast coast of Bazaruto, the largest island in the archipelago. It’s the ultimate tropical vacation spot to ride horseback along the beaches or watch whales. Grab your lunch and dinner and grill them on a beach barbeque or indulge in superb seafood at one of the archipelago’s restaurants.

There is no accommodation on Pansi Island, but you can find accommodation in the south of Benguerra Island on Ihla de Benguerra. Heading north to Bazaruto Island, you can enjoy the luxury of the 5-star Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort.

Honokalani Beach, Wai’anapanapa State Park, Maui, HI

Honokalani Beach is one of the best beaches in Maui for tropical travel, often called the Black Sand Beach. It has azure waters, a jet-black volcanic beach, and lush forests, which is the best place to take photos and record on Instagram. Hana’s Magnificent Estate is where you can stay near the beach. This sprawling property is a one-of-a-kind resort with a spa, billiards, and a private waterfall.

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

El Nido is a beautiful tropical city in Palawan, Philippines. The beach of the same name as the town has soft white sand, and the surrounding bay consists of tree-covered cliffs. El Nido is fast becoming one of the tropical beaches of the world, and the beach town is full of clubs, restaurants, and food trucks. El Nido’s accommodation options are all very cheap. The colorful and comfortable Mary Gold Beach Front Hotel is located on El Nido Beach and serves excellent food. If you’ve got the cash, a 5-minute boat or car ride from El Nido will take you to Lehiham Royal Resorts.

Jamaica, Caribbean

Jamaica is the world’s best tropical island in the Caribbean Sea. It is a paradise with miles of coastline for beach lovers with many beach activities. Kingston is also one of the most unique and underrated tropical cities, where you can sample traditional local cuisine and learn about Jamaica’s fascinating history. Check out the Bob Marley Museum, housed in the reggae legend’s former 19th-century home. If you’re into art, the National Gallery of Jamaica is the country’s best showcase of Jamaican artistic talent to visit. With one-of-a-kind suites, two award-winning restaurants, a swimming pool, a gym, and a nightclub, the all-suite Terranova Hotel is one of the best in town.

in the end

You got acquainted with a list of the best tropical places in the world in low areas to spend a dream vacation. In these tropical islands, you can entertain yourself by walking on the beach, surfing and diving in crystal waters, and exploring tropical forests. There are also accommodations with beautiful views and luxurious amenities and capacity in these areas, which are a short distance from the beach and invite you to relax in a heavenly environment.

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