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A complete guide to buying a SIM card in Turkey

Now that the travel market to neighboring countries, especially Turkey, is scorching, it is good to familiarize yourself with the nuances of these trips and the tips needed for a pleasant journey. The Internet, chat, and chat programs have come into our lives so that almost a single day without them can take us away from work and the usual way of our lives. This need has made us talk about how to buy a SIM card in Turkey in this article so that you can easily accept it and use its ability to make calls and the Internet when you travel to this country.

How to buy a SIM card in Turkey?

Travelers to Turkey can only buy a SIM card in Turkey, even with credit. A permanent SIM card in Turkey can only be purchased by those who have property or a bank account in Turkey.
The critical thing about Turkish credit SIM cards is that the SIM cards are blocked if not used for six months after purchase. Therefore, you cannot use the SIM card for the second or third trip to Turkey for more than six months, and you should think again about buying a SIM card in Turkey.
You can use the operator’s service one hour after buying a SIM card in Turkey. You can also see your phone number by pressing *101.

What are the reliable operators in Turkey?

To buy a SIM card in Turkey, the first question is which operator to trust. Which operator services are the best? How can we use these services?
To buy a SIM card from Turkey, there are several providers from which you can get a credit SIM card, but the most popular of them are the following three companies:

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  • Turkcell
  • Vodafone
  • Türk Telekom

However, buying from these operators is not recommended for travelers who do not intend to travel to Turkey again within the next six months.

What documents are required to buy a SIM card in Turkey?

If you are considering buying a free SIM card in Turkey, remember that your passport is the only document required to purchase a SIM card in Turkey. After submitting your key and filling out the form, you can buy a SIM card in Turkey. If you plan to use the SIM credit card for over a month, the phone must be registered, and the telephone and tax must be paid.

How to activate your SIM card in Turkey?

You must enter different activation codes depending on which operator you buy the SIM card from. Below, we examine the characteristics of the three leading Turkish operators.

SIM card Turkcell


Turkcell is the biggest SIM card operator in Turkey, it has good network coverage, and you can use a high-speed network, i.e., 4G. Before buying a package, carefully check the list of packages and choose the most suitable one based on your usage and length of stay—text “Evet” to 222 to activate your Trexel SIM card. Dial *159# to request the remaining Trexel packages.

SIM card Vodafone


Vodafone is the second largest company that sells SIM cards in Turkey after Traxel, generally known for high-speed Internet. To activate your Vodafone SIM card, text SORGU to 3636, and to understand the remaining payment, text OZET to 7000.

SIM card Turktelecom


Turktelecom is the smallest operator in Turkey with network coverage and high-speed Internet. To activate the Turktelecom SIM card, send an empty message to 5555, and after receiving a reply from 2438, send the word EVET. You can call *123# or 9333 to know the remaining credit on your SIM card.

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