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What is a hostel? Everything you need to know

Although the famous reputation of hostels has reached all parts of the world, there may still be people who do not know what a hostel is and how it can give a different flavor to a trip. In recent years, the number of people traveling alone has grown dramatically. This issue has increased the need for more affordable housing options for these people. If you’ve never stayed in a hostel before, join us to learn exciting facts about hostels and find answers to all your hostel questions.

What is a hostel?

Hostels provide accommodation in shared rooms with several beds. Depending on the size of the hostel you choose, you can find rooms with two to twenty beds.
In short, a hostel is an accommodation based on a shared social experience. No two accommodations are alike, But I can assure you of one thing: hostels are never dull!


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What is the hostel for?

One of the best things about staying in a hostel is the opportunity to meet all kinds of people worldwide. You never know what kind of people you will encounter while staying at the hostel. Something that adds an element of excitement to your trip, An aspect you would miss if you decide to stay in a hotel.

So the short answer to this question is: Hostels are for everyone. There isn’t just one type of person who chooses to stay in hostels when traveling. Most hostel guests are still solo travelers; the budget is significant for backpackers, students, and freelancers.
However, hostels are improving their site daily and trying to attract more people to this accommodation type. Don’t be surprised if you see a 70-year-old man choosing a hostel during his travels. Nowadays, many people choose to travel alone to see the world differently, and fortunately, the number of people who see age as a barrier to doing so is decreasing.


What facilities are available in the hostel?

Unlike hotels, toilets in hostels are shared. One of the attractive features of this type of accommodation is the shared kitchen, which allows you to cook your meals and reduce the cost of your trip. Many can wash the sheets, making you feel completely comfortable during your stay.
Some may have unique facilities like a library and free internet; some hostels give you complimentary breakfast!
Some larger hotels also have single rooms where you pay extra to stay. But if you feel that privacy and peace during your stay are most important to you, consider this option.


What’s not in hostels?

  • Many amenities you will find in a hotel are not in a guesthouse.
  • The hostel does not have maids or daily cleaning. But they’re usually cleaner than you think.
  • Hotel rooms rarely have televisions.
  • Some hostels require you to pay for towels and bed linen, so if you don’t have such personal items with you
  • during your trip, please also consider the cost of picking up these items.

Are hostels safe?

Hostels are generally just as concerned about safety as hotels. Checking into a guesthouse is more complex than checking into a five-star hotel.
Rooms shared by several people may seem dangerous, but most of the time, they are not. The hostel owners receive valid IDs from all guests, which can be tracked in case of problems.
But the more we think about it, the more we see that if someone wants to go into your room and take your stuff, they’ll have to wait in your room with ten other people – which you need to know about the present. I have to agree – go out. Therefore, the shared nature of pressure is considered a positive point in many ways.
Additionally, hostels usually provide you with lockers that you can use to store your belongings. You can also read the opinions of people who have stayed in that hostel before you on various social networks and confidently choose your favorite hostel.


Hostels have closing hours!

To ensure the security of their guests, some hostels set a time after which no one has the right to enter or leave. As much as this issue can be reassuring, it can cause restrictions on your entertainment and commuting.


What is a dormitory?

A dormitory is an accommodation where you reserve a place in a group room. If the room reservation is made by gender, the continuation of the room name by gender will be shown. For example, they write the word for men or women in front of the dormitory. In addition, the number of available seats is usually indicated in the name of the room; For example, capacity 12 or capacity 6.
Usually, this type of reservation is inexpensive; that is, the price of the dormitory, which is several times lower than the price of a standard room in the same hotel, is a bed reservation.
Meeting people from different parts of the world, enjoying the culinary regions of each country that you can often find in hostels, enjoying life together, and learning things that you would never know if you were alone, many other positives can. To inspire your choice of hostels and your next trip.


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