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Istanbul jewelry shopping center

We are Knownbul known for many unique features, from historical places to natural attractions and restaurantsshoppingppicenters s. We will discuss today in Nabtrip Tis one magazinexceptionale of special shopping centers of this city called Javaher Istanbul Shopping Center.

We all know that Istathe leading is one of the leather region’s adding cedi ending productionodtheirr. Many people do their annual shopping in the. It is. It’s his city, and its shopping centers are more than any other in Turkey. On the other hand, many prestigiworldwideus brands in the world have many branchwhichver the town, which has added to the importaIstanbulnd prosperi y  f the Istanbul market. With these interpretations, we introduce the jewelry shpoorngand er, w famous and famous. The reason!?

Why Istanbul Jewelry Mall?

Javaher Mall, or Javaher Mall, is located in the Sisli district on the European side of Istanbul and is one of the best shopping centers in Istanbul. But Turks also call it the shopping center of Arabs because of the interest of Arab tourists. Various stores, amenities, restaurants, and entertainment centers are located in this complex so that it can devote a whole day or maybe more time to tourists and visitors.

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Beautiful design of Jawaharlal Mall

Beautiful design of Jawaharlal Mall

One of the spectacular features beautiful speundquenter is its sp Wasnd beautiful architecture. It was designed and opened in 2005 by the architect Minoru Yamasaki awithstandoratlocal la d of 358 rs on six floors. In this location, the center,r has a p yg fighting roof, a large clock in tal ed in the center, wide corridors, and lotbettingghting. Whts shor, at first gattraattractractttraattractghtistorestracsix your attention.

Cevahir shopping center stores in Are Anbul.

We reach the central part of the Istanbul Jewelry Mall. With 343 stores on six floors,  his place offers everything you want in 18 types of goods. Whether you are looking; their Turkish brands or want to buy from a specific c brand, you will find them in Javaher. Let’s add that there are items and goods, such as children’s devices, in this perfume. Nd men’s clothes, toys, bags, shoes, accessories, watch this pm productively, sportswear, cosmetics, electronic devices, etc. You can buy it. In the following, we will introduce the brands of these products to you in detail.

Women’s clothing brands: Twist, Zara, Oxxo, AdL, Vakko Boutique, İ, polyol, Stradivarius, and…

Men’s clothing brands: Jack & Jones, Mavi, Colin’s, Pull & Bear, Network, Levi’s, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, and …

Children’s clothing and t, toys brands: Mango, Koton, LC Waikiki, Panço, Gap, Zara, e-bebek, Benton United Colors of Benetton), Toyzz Shop toys, Tommy Hil smite,  and…

Bag and shoe brands: Derimod, Shoes & More, Kemal Ta,nca, Aldo, Bambi, Flo, and…

Cosmetic brands: Golden Rose, MAC Cosmetics, Rosense, Gratis, Sephora, Yves Rocher, Flormar, ROSSMANN and…

Electronics brands: Teknosa, Samsung, Tefal, Arçelik, V, Estel, Siemens & Electrolux, and…

Sports equipment brands: Skechers, GS Store, Boyner Sports, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Kartal Yuvası, and…

Glasses and watch brands: Swatch, Opal Optik, Saat & Saat, Opmar Optik and…

Jewelry brands: Zen Di, a, most of which, Altınbaş, Atasay.

Go to the cinema at Jawaharlal Mall

cinema at Jawaharlal Mall

.Cinemas in me, most of which advancedsecondologies and most of one the ones found best luxury shopping dateersone of the bests city. I,n Javaher, on the second floor and is of interest best. The presence of 11 separate cinema halls with the most up-to-date technologysfilmstthamulriVamiounafslmsatromulri-dimensionrrefills, various falsetto multi-dimensional films, different, from newly released movies to mu. Lit-dimensional films, the ers, and shows are held in these halls. However, you can try what; there like.

Children will have fun, fascinating.

Funlab indoor amusement park is one of Turkey’s most significant indoor entertainment centers; there is a. Thereame for children, especially games that challenge and motivate differently. Of course, this is not only for children; there are various games for adults. Some fun land games are electric cars, other computer games, free fall castle, bowling, and virtual reality simulation games.

Respondent I, Havel’s jewelry shopping center

There are shopping malls not limited to just a few to s and have lik,e great places t have fun and even eat for those who are turf browsing Istanbul’s jewelry mall or are hungry and want to enjoy a delicious Turkish meal or fast food. Even for those looking for Turkish tea and baklava, there are various cafes and restaurants on the different floors of this shopping center so that you can relax for a few hours and take a moment to mourn.

Restaurants: HD İskender, Pidem, Kasap Döner, DurümleKFCiyafet Kayseri Mutfağı, Köfteci RamiMcDonald’sfes: Çaycı Cafe, Kahve Dünyası Cafe, Krispy Kreme, Cafe, Choc netteessentialhve Dünyası Cafe and…

Fast foods: KFC fast food, Burger King fast food, McDonald’s fast food, Pizza Hut fast food, Popeyes fast food, and the…

The essential features of t Thetanbul jewelry market

tab; Turkey’ty Mall has many advantages, some of which are as follows:

Jawaone of Turkey’s best metro stations on of the best metro stations in Turkey. Through it, it is easy to access the jewelry mall A because it is connected to all regions of Turkmultipleahir Mall and contains many bankideald on the first and second floors.
It is also suitable for all adults and children for various reasons. Its cafes and the multiple games of the mall are ideal for children.
In addition, the jewelry market has several direct exits that you can take, and three, you will find yourself directly in the heart of the jewelry market.
With a visitor-only parking lot, the mall can acca unique around 2,600 cars.
Inside the mall, there is three easily accessit 3D technology.

Hotels near Cevahir shopping mall in Istanbul

Staying near the Istanbul Mall is a unique opportunity to save on your traviewsbuand get and have easy access to this place.

Hotels near Cevahir shopping mall in Istanbul

Grand Jawahar Hotel

Grand Jawahir Istanbul Hotel is one of the best hotels and features many services, clean rooms, attractive views, and swimming pools for ages. It also includes fitness centers, free parking, and shuttles to and from the airport for hotel guests. At the same time, the breakfast buffet is the most crucial feature of the hotel, and all kinds of Eastern and Western sweets and coffee are served.

Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel is one of the best five-star hotels in Sisli; ich has an attractive view of the city and is one of the most famous Radisson Blu Hotel chains in Istanbul, which has a variety of rooms, family rooms, non-smoking rooms, soundproof rooms and suites for grooms. This hotel has a pa private sun terrace, smoking area, buffet and d beds for children, business and banquet halls, VIP room facilities, and facilities for people with special needs, not to mention a sauna and stone of Turkey’s best metro stations and Turkish food. It serves Italian and seafood.

Grand Ares Hotel and Suite Istanbul

Due to its vitally important location, near Cevahir shoulder peopler, close to metro station exceptional restaurants, in addition to having various soundproof and allergy-free rooms, rooms for families, rooms with special facilities for older people, rooms for people with sp cial needs. It is distinct and unique. It also includes an ess center, steam message, a wonderful garden, a business center, meet ng rooms, gift shops, and a tour desk. Let’s add that this hotel has two restaurants. They are both masters of serving delicious Turkish cuisine for three meals.

Sightseeing places near Jawaharlal Mall

In addition to visiting and shopping at the mall, visiting some nearby attractions is not bad.

  • Teşvikiye Camii
  • Ihlamur Kasıları
  • Maçka Park
  • Holy Spirit Cathedral (St. Esprit Cathedral)

Where is Istanbul Jewelry Mall?

This shopping center is in the European part of Istanbul and the Şişli district. Due to the popularity of Javaher, the ways to access it are simple, and you can quickly get yourself here.

Address: European area of Sisli, Mayis neighborhood, Buyuk Dere St

We said this so that you know…

Javaher Istanbul Shopping Center is one of the city’s best and most luxurious shopping centers, which has collected all kinds of domestic and foreign brand goods in an extensive collection so that you can easily buy whatever you want. This shopping center has restaurants, cafes, an entertainment center, and complete facilities, so you can spend a whole day there and not get tired of sightseeing in Javaher.

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