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Georgia (Georgian: საქართველო, romanized: Sakartvelo ) is a transcontinental country at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It is part of the Caucasus region, bounded by the Black Sea to the west, by Russia to the north and northeast, by Turkey to the southwest, by Armenia to the south, and by Azerbaijan to the southeast. The country covers an area of 69,700 square kilometres (26,900 sq mi), and has a population of 3.7 million people. Tbilisi is its capital as well as its largest city, home to roughly a third of the Georgian population.

  • travel to Batumi or Tbilisi

    Is it better to travel to Batumi or Tbilisi?

    Many people who choose Georgia for a trip have this question: is Batumi or Tbilisi better? Because both of these cities are the most popular tourist cities in Georgia. Both…

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  • balloon ride in Tbilisi

    Never miss a hot air balloon ride in Tbilisi

    Hot air ballooning in Tbilisi is one of the most engaging activities that can be had in this city. The following will provide helpful information about the hot air balloon…

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  • Georgia travel guide

    Georgia travel guide

    Georgia is a country in the Caucasus, located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, and is one of the countries that gained independence from the Soviet Union. This…

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  • travel to Georgia

    10 reasons to travel to Georgia

    Georgia has a unique historical and cultural position in the region. Tbilisi, the capital of this country, is considered a European city, but it also has an oriental atmosphere. Tbilisi…

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  • Mtskheta

    Tourist places in Mtskheta, Georgia

    Mtskheta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. People lived in this area before 1000 BC, once the capital of the Kingdom of Iberia (Eastern Georgia today). A city on an…

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  • All about Georgia

    All about Georgia

    Georgia is one of the countries located on the border of Western Asia and Eastern Europe and is trying to be recognized as a member of the European Union. This…

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