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What you need to know about traveling to Istanbul

The city that is half Europe and the other half is Asia, the city of Hagia Sophia, a Byzantine masterpiece and treasure of the world’s architecture, the city of delicious Turkish kebabs and coal teas under rain and breeze, a city that is one of the best places for a trip and a pure experience; a nobility experience that seeing it once intensifies the enthusiasm of the next trips in you…

Yes, you guessed right. I’m talking about traveling to Istanbul, the third most touristic city in the world, a multicultural city with a rich historical background that, in addition to all the tourist attractions and scenic attractions, is one of the best cities in the world for shopping, wandering, walking and walking around and full of pristine and pure spaces; a place to experience and recreation. A trip that won’t give you that easily.

Estimated cost of traveling to Istanbul

In this travel guide to Istanbul, I will only specify a whole for you. In order to plan a better trip to Istanbul, first of all, you need to determine whether you are looking for a low-cost, low-cost trip or a luxury and expensive trip. I’ll give you two of these costs.

Cheap Trip to Istanbul

There are three main parts to consider for a cheap trip to Istanbul. But in general, I can tell you that November and January are the cheapest seasons to travel to Istanbul, because hotels are cheaper in this season than in other seasons.

Cheap Istanbul Tickets

If you are looking for cheap travel, you should find a cheap Istanbul flight. Charter tickets and last-minute tickets are usually cheaper than system tickets. On reputable sites, you can easily see the list of Istanbul tickets within 10 minutes and choose charter and last-minute tickets.

Cheap Istanbul Hotel

In order to be able to reduce the cost of staying in the best Istanbul hotels, there are a few simple and important tips that I will explain to you in order.

  • Hotel Neighborhood: The price of the hotel depends largely on which part of the city the hotel is located. In general, hotels in the Asian region of Stabel are cheaper than hotels on the European side of Istanbul. So if you want to save money on hotel costs in Istanbul, it is better to go to Esteghlal or Aksaray Neighborhood Hotels than Taksim Neighborhood Hotels.
  • Travel to Istanbul in late autumn and early winter: It is true that Istanbul is cold in this season, but hotel prices are much more affordable than in spring and autumn. If you can cope with the cold, you can easily make a cheap trip to Istanbul.
  • Book a hotel in Istanbul before your trip: If you book your hotel much earlier than you travel, you will save a lot of money on your trip. Check out the hotel reservation section in Istanbul on tourist sites and find the most suitable hotel for your trip.

Cheap excursions in Istanbul

  • Use public transportation: One of the best ways to reduce the cost of excursions in Istanbul is by using public transport such as the metro and bus. In addition, the Istanbul Card is a card by which you can use public transport and also visit the sights of Istanbul at a lower cost.

Cheap excursions in Istanbul

  • Cheap food: To reduce your food costs in Istanbul, you can use Lucanta. Lucanta is a large dining area serving all kinds of food and all sorts of cheap food can be found in this space. The advantage of this space is that the food is self-service and you can eat at any amount and at any cost.
  • Cheap shopping: I will explain this section in advance, but if you are looking for cheap shopping in Istanbul, go to the tea shop from the luxury and expensive passages to the market and the cheap malls that I will mention below.

A few tips for reducing Turkish spending

In addition to the above, there are a few other things that will reduce your expenses on your trip to Istanbul. Including:

  • Buying a SIM Card in Turkey (which greatly saves your internet and call costs)
  • Use an Istanbul Card (to reduce travel costs in Istanbul)
  • Traveling by ground to Istanbul (which is becoming more and more popular and saves your ticket costs)

Luxury Travel to Istanbul

If you have a high budget for your trip to Istanbul, you still have ways to reduce the cost of traveling to Istanbul and spend your money on shopping and excursions. If you are also interested in touring Istanbul, check out the Istanbul tour on tourist sites and see the types of Istanbul prices.

Like the previous section, this section consists of three parts.

1- Plane tickets: You can use system flights for Istanbul flights and buy first-class tickets for yourself. The thing about system flights is that the earlier you buy, the less you can buy tickets, and the closer you get to the flight time, the more expensive these tickets get.

2- Hotel: You have plenty of options to stay in, but to avoid confusion between the different choices, I have a good suggestion for you, first of all, take a piece of paper and pen and write down everything you need from your hotel. This will help you understand what you are looking for. One of the best areas of Istanbul for hotel accommodation is the Taksim district (or Taksim Square),

3- Luxury Resorts in Istanbul: There are all kinds of luxury leisure in Istanbul. One of Istanbul’s most important tourist attractions is shopping, five of the most luxurious shops in Istanbul that many celebrities and actors shop from, including Beymen, Vakko, Dilek Hanif, Arzu Kaprol, and Fey Store.

Luxury Resorts in Istanbul

But let’s move on to the exciting and exciting part of the journey to Istanbul. Istanbul Attractions and Attractions

Istanbul Hotels

For me, choosing a hotel is one of the hardest parts of traveling. I go from site to site, read hotel descriptions, and read user reviews. One person loves hotels, services, and services, and the other has had the most crappy experience of their life at this hotel. And who are they telling the truth? What’s wrong with me when I want to go on a simple journey

There are a few things about Istanbul hotel reservations and in general. In order to avoid confusion between different types of choices, like me, I’ll examine these points for you one by one.

  • Hotel access to different areas of the city: Don’t worry about this in Istanbul, as Istanbul’s public transportation makes it easy for you to travel in all parts of the city. So you can easily access it anywhere you want and don’t have to worry about it. But if…
  • Looking for excitement, nightlife, and café tours in Istanbul, hotels near Taksim Square and Turkey’s Esteghlal Street are the best options for you. And of course, staying in hotels near Esteghlal and Taksim is more expensive than other areas of Istanbul. But it’s really enjoyable.

The most important tourist attractions of Istanbul

I don’t know exactly where to start so that I can say something about the sights of Isa. Istanbul is truly one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist destinations in the whole world and one of the best tourist destinations for all tourists in the world. But let’s finally see what the tourist attractions of Istanbul are after all this. To make the Istanbul travel guide easier in this section, I have divided these attractions into three general sections.

If you are planning to buy, be sure to know the shopping centers of Istanbul and especially the big Istanbul Bazaar well to make the best decision in buying Istanbul clothing.

  • Historical Attractions and Attractions in Istanbul
  • Istanbul Attractions
  • Malls and Best Shopping Malls in Istanbul

important tourist attractions of Istanbul

Historical Attractions and Attractions in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most historic cities in history. You will find great historical sites in this city, as three of the most important monarchs of history – Persia, Rome, and Ottoman rule – and in another slice of history have been ruled by Greece.

  • Istanbul Mosques
  • Istanbul Palaces
  • Istanbul Museums

To make it easier for you to see these historical attractions, I’ll outline a few important areas for you.

Sultanahmet District: Aya Sofia Mosque, Sultanahmet Mosque, and Topkapi Palace are located in the Sultanahmet district and you can see all this at once.

Hagia Sophia Mosque

For architects and historians, the name Istanbul is linked to Hagia Sofia. Hagia Sofia is a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture and has seen the most diverse people for centuries. Hagia Sophia was originally a church founded by Justinian I, the emperor of Eastern Rome, where Christians have worshiped for thousands of years.

Hagia Sophia Mosque

In 1435 it was converted into a mosque by Muhammad Fatih, and Atatürk eventually converted it into a museum in 1935. Now Hagia Sophia is a space that, whether you are religious or not, you will be delighted to see its greatness. Another name for Hagia Sophia is Hagia Sophia or “Sacred Wisdom”.

The most prominent feature of the Hagia Sophia Mosque is its high dome, which is one of the tallest brick domes in the world. It was the largest church in the world for 1,000 years until the construction of the Siba Cathedral in 1520.

Access to Hagia Sophia Mosque is very convenient and you can easily visit this architectural wonderland by taxi, subway, and bus. In addition, the Hagia Sophia Museum and Istanbul’s Topkai Palace are also nearby, and you can walk to these two historical sites after Hagia Sophia. Be aware that traveling to Istanbul is meaningless without seeing Sofia.

Topkapi Palace Istanbul

The palace was built on the orders of Sultan Mehmet and has been the residence of the Ottoman monarchs for 400 years, It is now a museum. What makes the importance of the Topkapi Palace of Istanbul is that valuable works such as the cloves, teeth, and sword of the Prophet are exhibited.

In addition to this service of antiquities enthusiasts, I must say that this palace was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 and according to the criteria of UNESCO is the best example of the Ottoman palace collection.

The total of palace consists of thousands of rooms and rooms, the most important of which are open to the public. In addition, it has 4 courtyards and a royal treasure that I would definitely recommend to you on the trip to Istanbul.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

It is one of Turkey’s most distinctive and unique mosques، which was supposed to depict the grandeur of Sultan Ahmed and stand in front of the Hagia Sophia Mosque. So the architects laid the foundation and made this magnificent glory immortal forever.

The Ottomans celebrated the height of their art in architecture and sculpture in this monumental mosque. The other name of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque is Blue Mosque because its interior design uses blue a lot. The mosque has 7 minarets. If you love interior decorations, you will undoubtedly love this mosque, because the tiles, inscriptions, and calligraphy of this mosque will drive you crazy and you cannot easily get away from it.

Basilica Water Reservoir

It is the largest water reservoir left over from the Eastern Roman Empire, and since there was a Roman basilica (place of worship), it is called the Basilica Reservoir. What is most important in this building and attracts attention is its special architecture and its history. It has 336 large columns of clay in 12 rows.

Basilica Water Reservoir
The Basilica water reservoir was built by Justinian I in 532 AD (about 1,500 years ago). There’s a fascinating old legend about this water reservoir that is this:

In Greek mythology, Medusa was a beautiful woman whom Pozoidon (god of groundwater) fell in love with and slept with her in the temple of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. This makes Athena angry and angry (according to my studies) Athena was a total neurotic goddess. Angry Athena turns Medusa’s face ugly and her hair into a viper. You can see the statue of the poor Medusa in the doorway.

Sulaimaniyah Mosque, a frame for the city

The Sulaymaniye Mosque was built by the famous Ottoman architect (Khawaja architect of Sinan) and, like all other mosques, it was a wonderful blend of Byzantium and Islamic architecture.

The Sulaymaniye Mosque sits above the third hill, one of the seven hills of Istanbul, and with the ability to watch all the sights of Istanbul to tourists with a view of the Golden Horn. Although not the largest Ottoman mosque, it is one of the most beautiful and largest. The mosque is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Istanbul, which calls thousands of friends and tourists history.

The Sulaimaniyah complex includes a bathroom, kitchen, school (theology school, medical school, and primary school), and caravansera. Of the complex now only the open kitchen has been converted into a restaurant serving Ottoman cuisine and a bathroom to visit.

In addition to the beautiful and stunning building of the mosque itself, it may be interesting for you to visit the tomb of Sultan Sulayman and his wife, Khorram Sultan, which is located in the back garden of the mosque. The octagonal tombs of Sultan Solomon and his wife are on the right (southwestern part) of its main entrance.

Since the mosque is located in the northern part of Istanbul University, you can walk less than ten minutes from the Grand Bazaar and from the campus to watch this great mosque that is a monument to history.

Istanbul Gota Tower of Sight in Istanbul

To view the sights of Istanbul sometimes you have to be in the air, in the air to see the whole city and the charms of Istanbul at a glance. No, no, I don’t mean the plane. I’m talking about the Gatta Tower, a tower around which to see and climb a spiral staircase. The tower was built 7 centuries ago and once served as an observatory for the city of Istanbul.

Istanbul Gota Tower of Sight in Istanbul

The Galata Tower Istanbul, or Gatala Kolci, is a goggle for you to see Istanbul and the beautiful island of Paraimada from above. Especially if the sun is rising or setting above you, all the grandeur and beauty of Istanbul on one side, and the sunset of the sea from the Bosphorus Strait has a great charm.

It may surprise you to know that this dream tower was the tallest building in Istanbul until 1749. Of course, all the glory and beauty that is not easily digested, you will definitely be hungry, the top of the tower is a restaurant serving the most delicious Turkish cuisine.

In the image of this tower, I chose a different angle for you to see what visual attractions you can find even on the way to the tower.

Amusement places in Istanbul

The places of Istanbul and its entertainment are far more than you can imagine. In this article, I’ll just mention a few examples of this kind and finally introduce you to a few restaurants. But in the future, you will read more complete and detailed articles from Istanbul on Alibaba’s blog.

The Vampire House of Istanbul

If adrenaline is one of the top priorities for your trip, make sure to visit the House of Vampires. If I want to explain more about it, the taste will definitely go away. I’d rather you meet yourself with this exciting experience.

If you’ve been to this place before, tell me a part of your experience. Just remember one thing: if your heart is weak, you have certain illnesses like epilepsy and things like that, or you’re a very timid person, I wouldn’t recommend this experience at all.

Turkish Night Lounge

If you love the culture and customs of other countries and want to expand your worldview, my best advice is Istanbul Night Lounge. In this hall every night different groups perform various performances and events. Of course, not a simple ceremony that is just an introduction to different cultures and customs, all these rituals are performed in this space, such as folk dances, music and singing performances, and many other exciting events. It will be a night that will remember you and tell others about it.

Aqualand Water Park in Istanbul 

Whether you are a child or not, this water park will create a world of memories. A variety of pools (wavy pool, Olympic pool, children’s pool), slides, and high water tunnels in a variety of sizes are waiting for you and your family to make a happy day for you and your family.

With regard to the most famous restaurants in Istanbul, we will soon have a full blog post and a complete gastronomic guide to Istanbul services.

Taksim Square Istanbul

Taksim Square is located in Beyoglu district on the European side of Istanbul.

Malls and Best Shopping Malls in Istanbul

And finally, we get to the exciting part of the story and the shopping malls of Istanbul. If you are a shopping person and want to have great shopping in Istanbul, be sure to read this section carefully so that you can shop better and more correctly in Istanbul. And of course, one thing you should know about shopping in Istanbul is that Istanbul is more suitable for buying clothes, clothing and so on in order to make your job easier, I will introduce cheap shopping centers in Istanbul first and then luxury shopping centers in Istanbul.

Istanbul Cheap Shopping Malls

One of the things about traveling to Istanbul for many of you is buying cheap. You know better than I do that you have to go to shopping centers such as big shopping centers and markets or buy famous brands during the auction. But let’s look at the cheapest shopping malls in Istanbul.

Optome Outlet

This lovely mall (Optimum Outlet Istanbul) is located in the Asian region of Istanbul near the highway (TEM) and has easy access. From anywhere in the city you want, you can easily get to the outlet mall. The most important advantage of this shopping center is the extraordinary variety of goods that can be matched with all tastes. Prices are reasonable and many brands like H&M, Zara, and LCWakiki have branches in this complex. An exciting thing for you is that for most of the year this collection has significant discounts and it’s impossible to leave it empty-handed, even if you don’t have a lot of pockets.

Other amenities of Optimum Outlet, a children’s playground, cinema, café, restaurant complex, free parking, and pharmacy.

Market Grand Istanbul

If you love to go shopping in the bazaar or love to wander around the big markets, the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is also a good food for you.

Beyoglu Esh Shopping Mall

If your hotel is in the Taksim area, be sure to visit this Istanbul shopping mall. Beyoğluğluğlu Shopping Mall in Taksim district of Esteghlal Street is one of the best shopping malls in Istanbul. In this passage, you can buy items from prominent clothing brands at a very reasonable price. This region is also one of the best areas of Istanbul for walking and walking.

Luxury Shopping Malls in Istanbul

These malls are more spectacular and probably a large percentage of people are not able to shop from these centers, but visiting and exploring these malls is not without any merit.

Palladium Shopping Center

In general, every Palladium mall is an attractive and spectacular name, at least in Iran and Istanbul, which is the case. The Istanbul Palladium Shopping Mall is located in the Asian part of Istanbul and has a very large spherical glass façade that makes it one of the most prominent malls in Istanbul. Many of the world’s leading brands such as Gas, Michael Kroos, Tommy Hilfiger, and Pircarden have branches in this mall. In addition, a large cinema and food court with more than 20 restaurants are among the facilities of this large shopping mall in Istanbul.

Zorlu Shopping Center

Zorlu Shopping Mall is one of the most luxurious shopping malls in Istanbul, opened in 2013. The center is located near Taksim Square and more than 200 different stores are located on the corner of the corner. Istanbul’s first Apple Store has opened in this center and prominent brands such as Dolce, Valentino, Louis Wilton, Cavalli, and many other brands have branches in the center. This luxury and stylish passage, in addition to the luxury and expensive items, has stylish and wonderful architecture, and even if you don’t and can’t buy from here, it’s still an attractive place to buy.

And it is clear that such a luxurious and luxurious center is equipped with a variety of coffee shops, restaurants, and cinemas, and of course one of the unique facilities of this mall is holding a festival of performing arts in this place. If you are a good person, do not lose this store.

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