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Difference Hotel and apartment hotel

There are various options available for trip planning and choosing accommodation, each with different facilities and costs. But which type of accommodation is more suitable for a trip? What is the difference between a hotel and a hotel apartment?

Is a hotel the only option for a comfortable trip, or can other options be used as well? In this article, we want to examine two common types of accommodation, namely hotels and hotel apartments, and describe the features of each. Which option is more suitable for your trip, and what is the difference between a hotel and a hotel apartment? What advantages does a hotel apartment have over a hotel?

Answering these questions can make the choice of accommodation easier based on the type of trip you have. Stay with us as we explain the features of each.

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What is a hotel apartment?

A hotel apartment is a combination of staying in a hotel with the facilities available in a home. Essentially, when you book a hotel apartment, it’s like renting a furnished apartment for a few days and staying in it, and you can use its various facilities just like your own home. The most important feature of hotel apartments is having a kitchen in addition to all the provided amenities.

In a hotel apartment, you have a sense of being a host, and this may be one of the prominent differences between a hotel and a hotel apartment. While staying in a hotel and being provided with various services, you feel a significant difference and somewhat a sense of being a guest away from your own environment.

Hotel apartments have various facilities, and the cost of staying in them varies depending on the provided amenities. For example, some of them, like hotels, have sports facilities, a lobby, and a café.

What is a hotel apartment

Possibility of Cooking in a Hotel Apartment

One of the facilities that a hotel apartment provides is the possibility of cooking. One difference between a hotel and a hotel apartment is having a kitchen in addition to other sections.

This feature and the presence of cooking utensils allow you to cook. This has many advantages that are considered an important feature compared to hotels.

Because in various trips, especially family trips or trips that are planned for a long time, the cost of food is one of the reasons for the increase in travel expenses. Cooking during the trip allows you to easily manage the costs.

This makes your trip more economical and reduces its expenses. Additionally, you may be among those who have a specific diet and want to adhere to it during the trip. With cooking in your accommodation, you won’t have any problems with nutrition during the trip.

This feature is almost non-existent in any other type of accommodation and is an advantage of a hotel apartment compared to all types of accommodations.

Types of Hotel Apartments

This type of accommodation, like hotels, also has various types with different facilities. Hotel apartments are categorized based on the size of the units provided, available amenities (such as restaurants, lobby, café, parking, etc.), interior design, and accessibility to city centers or tourist attractions, among other factors. This diversity also affects the cost of staying in hotel apartments.

Considering these factors and your budget, you can choose any of the hotel apartments in your destination city and make a reservation for your trip.

Types of Hotel Apartments

Difference between a Hotel and a Hotel Apartment

Although hotel apartments bear the title of a hotel, they have significant differences compared to this type of accommodation. In a hotel, you are provided with various amenities for travel and stay, based on its star rating.

On the other hand, in a hotel apartment, it feels like you have temporarily changed your own home and settled in a new place.

The design and functionality of a hotel apartment for accommodation are different from other accommodations, including hotels. In this type of accommodation, you can easily use any facility that you have in your own home.

This is because the layout and furnishings in a hotel apartment are similar to a residential unit, while in hotels, the interior design, architecture, types of rooms, accommodation rules and regulations, as well as recreational and accommodation facilities, are designed differently.

Difference between a Hotel and a Hotel Apartment in Terms of Duration of Stay

Staying in hotels is more suitable for short-term trips, while hotel apartments are designed for longer stays. Hotel amenities are suitable for stays of one to seven days, while hotel apartments are usually chosen for longer stays, such as two weeks or even a month, providing a sense of comfort. The main reason for this is the design of hotel apartments with complete home-like facilities.

Another reason is the cost of hotels and hotel apartments. The lower price of a hotel apartment allows you to manage your expenses during long-term trips while staying in a hotel for an extended period puts a higher cost burden on you.

Difference between a Hotel and a Hotel Apartment in Terms of Facilities

Hotels provide comprehensive facilities for accommodation. Especially if they have a high star rating, they offer various recreational amenities such as restaurants, cafes, sports facilities, conference halls, seminar rooms, etc. On the other hand, hotel apartments usually lack recreational amenities like hotels, but their most important feature is the presence of a kitchen, which distinguishes them from hotels.

Difference between a Hotel and a Hotel Apartment in Terms of Facilities

In fact, in addition to accommodation facilities, hotels have other facilities such as hosting events or seminars. Additionally, different individuals can use the restaurant or cafe of a hotel without staying there. In contrast, the main purpose of a hotel apartment is accommodation, and most of them do not have a restaurant or cafe.

Some hotels also provide special facilities. For example, in coastal cities, they may have a private beach or a recreational complex within a dedicated area.

Difference in Price between a Hotel and a Hotel Apartment

Hotel apartments generally have lower prices compared to hotels. However, the price difference varies depending on the provided facilities. For example, the cost of booking a fully equipped hotel apartment is higher than that of a two-star hotel. But if we consider the facilities of hotels and hotel apartments to be the same, hotels have higher prices.

This is because hotels offer more services, recreational amenities, and facilities compared to hotel apartments. This is the reason for the higher prices of hotels. In some hotel reservations, the cost of these services is included in the accommodation unit, while in some cases, separate fees need to be paid.

An important point regarding the cost of a hotel apartment is the reduction in dining expenses during the trip. You can cook during your stay in the accommodation. This becomes more significant during long trips and can make your travel more economical.

Difference in Rooms between a Hotel and a Hotel Apartment

Another aspect that can be mentioned as a difference between a hotel and a hotel apartment is the accommodation rooms. In fact, in a hotel apartment, you will have more space available.

Difference in Rooms between a Hotel and a Hotel Apartment

Hotels offer a range of room types such as single, double, queen, king, etc. Some of them also have suites and VIP rooms. Each hotel room is provided with a specified capacity. For example, a single room is for one person, and a double room is for two people.

On the other hand, a hotel apartment has different units that are offered with a larger capacity, and in some cases, you can reserve it for one person with additional beds besides the existing ones in the room. If you are interested in group travel and want to stay with your family, hotel apartments are a more suitable option.

Hotel or Hotel Apartment; Which One Is Better?

A question that you may encounter when booking accommodation is which type of accommodation to choose. For example, is it better to stay in a hotel or a hotel apartment? What factors should be considered when choosing accommodation? Can simply having a lower cost be a reason for choosing accommodation, or should a set of criteria be considered for selecting accommodation?

In response to these questions, it should be said that the choice of accommodation has a significant impact on the quality of your trip. For this reason, you should choose it based on your own trip. In the following, we will discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and other aspects that differentiate hotels and hotel apartments in a detailed manner.

Advantages of a Hotel Apartment Compared to a Hotel

If you intend to choose accommodation for your trip, you should first consider the advantages of your desired accommodation. We will examine the various advantages of a hotel apartment compared to a hotel.

The most important advantage and difference of a hotel apartment compared to a hotel is the presence of a kitchenette. This is considered the main feature of a hotel apartment and provides you with the opportunity to cook. This advantage is also of great importance in managing travel expenses.

Another advantage is the lower cost of staying in a hotel apartment compared to a hotel. This is more noticeable when comparing the prices of multi-star hotels to hotel apartments. Therefore, if you are planning an economical trip, this option is more suitable for you.

The difference between a hotel and a hotel apartment does not end here. Another advantage of a hotel apartment compared to a hotel is the possibility of family accommodation. Hotel apartments provide you with a complete unit and have a larger capacity for accommodation. On the other hand, if you want to stay with your family in a hotel, a suite option is suitable, which has a higher price compared to hotel apartment units.

Who are Hotel Apartments Suitable for and What Types of Trips?

Who are Hotel Apartments Suitable for and What Types of Trips

Hotel apartments are designed in a way that provides you with a more comfortable accommodation experience during your travels. It works by reserving a furnished apartment with various amenities for a few days. This option is one of the best choices for you when you have a long trip ahead.

Because it is cost-effective compared to a hotel and has the facilities available at home, you can easily cook in it.

Additionally, by staying in a hotel apartment, you can gather together in one unit with separate rooms for family trips. Instead of booking separate rooms in a hotel, you can reserve a unit in a hotel apartment.

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