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Get to know Dubai Airport better

Dubai is not the capital of the UAE! This is the wrong idea that many people have in mind. Dubai is the emirate’s largest city, and Abu Dhabi is the capital of this small country. After major investments in recent years, Dubai has made significant development progress. Dubai’s numerous skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls, and exciting recreations attract tourists to the country worldwide. In addition, many Europeans travel to the country to enjoy the warm sun in the Persian Gulf. Naturally, the boom in tourism and travel to Dubai has led to an increase in the number of flights to the city. Dubai needs a large and well-equipped airport. In this article, we are going to introduce Dubai International Airport.

About Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport (also known as DXB) opened in 1960. The airport’s average annual passenger growth was 13 percent, reaching 88.2 million people. It is interesting to note that in 2018, the number of passengers crossed the 90 million mark, and it is currently the third busiest airport in the world.

About Dubai International Airport

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The airport’s cargo handling capacity is around 3 million tonnes annually.

Dubai Airport is the main hub (also known as the hub of flight) of Fly Dubai and Emirates Airlines, built on 2,900 hectares of land and connected to more than 240 destinations. According to the official website of Dubai Airport, more than 100 airlines (including Iran Air, Mahan, KLM, Lufthansa, Tai-Airways, Air France, Alitalia, British Airways and Turkish Airlines) operate at this airport.

Dubai Airport Terminals

Dubai Airport has three terminals. We will continue to explain the characteristics and specifications of each terminal.

Dubai Airport Terminals

Dubai Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 1 of Dubai Airport has three floors.

  • The first floor of the airport is reserved for departures. The services for these flights are provided on the first floor. These services include check-in counters, baggage delivery, and airfare sales. There is also an exchange storefront, restaurant, café, and Wi-Fi connection.
  • The second floor of Dubai Airport Terminal 1 is dedicated to incoming flights. Immigration, baggage services, lounges and lounges and … Among the most important areas is this floor.
  • The third floor of Terminal 1 of Dubai Airport is dedicated to providing special services.

Dubai Airport Terminal 2

Terminal 2 of Dubai Airport is a short distance from Terminals 1 and 3. This terminal is for some international airlines. Fly Dubai, a low-cost airline, also operates at the terminal. Terminal 2 has 4 floors.

  • The first floor of the airport is also reserved for incoming flights.
  • The second floor is for passengers to board. There are waiting rooms, business class ceremonies, food courts, cafes and restaurants, and a few flight gates.
  • The third floor of Dubai Airport Terminal 2 is intended for departure. Check-in counter, VIP lounge and immigration department and … You will find it on this floor.
  • The fourth floor of the terminal is also scheduled for departures.

Dubai Airport Terminal 3

Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport has an important feature. This terminal is the largest airport terminal in the world.

  • The first floor is for incoming flights. The check-in counter, car rental booth, and hotel booking booth are other amenities on the first floor.
  • The second floor of Terminal 3 is intended for boarding the plane.
  • The third floor is for the departing flights. In addition to the requirements of international flights, you can find facilities such as restaurants, food court, TV, video games, etc. He pointed out.
  • The fourth floor of Terminal 3 is also dedicated to incoming flights.

Other facilities of Dubai Airport Terminals

In total, Dubai International Airport’s triple terminals have a variety of services:

  • Exchange Centers
  • Parking
  • ATM Machines
  • Car rental companies
  • Wifi Internet
  • Prayer room
  • Commercial Centers
  • Smoking Room
  • Medical Center
  • Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Dubai Airport Location

Dubai Airport is located in the Al Qarhud area and is located 5 km from the city center. There are many public transportation ways to get to this airport.

Dubai Airport Location

Transportation to Dubai Airport

According to what has been described so far, Dubai Airport is one of the largest and best airports in the world. It is natural that the facilities and services of this airport are also at the level of international standards or even higher. One of the most important issues at airports for passenger well-being is public transport. Vehicles that take passengers to the city from the airport. Or they will take them to the airport from the city center and the hotel. Vehicles available for Dubai Airport are introduced.

  • Taxi: The first and most important vehicle to move from Dubai Airport is the taxi. Passengers can reach different parts of Dubai in these taxis. The safety and comfort of the passengers is fully ensured by these taxis. Dubai Airport Taxi Station is located on the outer enclosure of triple terminals. Taxi fares at Dubai Airport are calculated by odometer.
  • Buses: The other active vehicle at Dubai Airport is the bus. All three Dubai airport terminals have buses. The 401 and 402 bus lines take passengers to different parts of the city. Passengers must have an electronic card to board the bus.
  • Metro: You can also take the metro to different parts of the city from the airport (and vice versa). At Terminals 1 and 3 you will find Dubai Metro stations. Just keep in mind that Dubai Metro operates between 6 a.m. and 12 p.m.
  • Rental Cars: Your other choice at Dubai Airport is the rental car. By renting these cars, in addition to the airport route, you will use them to travel in the city. Naturally, the cost of renting these cars is very expensive depending on the exchange rate, and for a few days.

Public transport in Dubai is strong. You can count on this coherent system to move around the city.

Flights in and out of Dubai Airport

As mentioned above, there are more than 100 international airlines operating at Dubai Airport. The airport hosts a large number of incoming and outbound flights every day. To know the arrival and departure times of Dubai Airport, go to the official Dubai Airport website and then click “Find your flight.”

A trip to Dubai will bring you a variety of different experiences, from safari and camel riding in the deserts of Dubai to strolling through the most luxurious shopping malls. There are plenty of entertainment places for children in Dubai. So by traveling to this city, you can count on an interesting family recreation.


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