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The UK is one of the most visited countries in the world, with unlimited recreation and sightseeing. This small country is made up of rich history, ancient culture, and exciting cities that will tempt any tourist to visit. From the most historic and ancient attractions to the most modern and modern sights can be found in this beautiful and European country. Along with all the historical, modern and natural monuments, English cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool and … There are also tourist attractions and attractions in the country, each with its own entertainment and sights. If you are planning to travel to a beautiful and green country, you will undoubtedly need to read a guide to the UK.

The British currency, the most important cities in the UK, the communication and … There will be information you will need for travel. Follow Nabtrip Travel Magazine to get acquainted with the travel guide to the UK and prepare yourself consciously for adventure. If your trip to the capital city is limited, a guide to London will also help.

A few simple but important truths

England is the most important part of the British Kingdom and one of the four constituent states. Keep in mind that the capital of England is London, and English is the official language. The birthplace of English is the most spoken language in the world.

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The country’s current is 230 volts with a frequency of 50 Hz, and the plug model is three-plugged and G-type. Some hotels also have 110 volts of electricity.

A few simple facts about England.

Geography and Climate of England

It is neighboring Scotland to the north and Wales to the west. The climate of the country is moderate and mostly rainy. The climate of the country is not constant and can change on a daily basis. That’s why we suggest you bring a variety of clothes with you. Also note that January and February are among the coldest months of the year, and July, is the warmest month of the year in the UK. In winter, temperatures fall below zero and do not exceed about 32 degrees in summer. We recommend that you check the official UK weather website before planning a trip to find the best time to travel and dress appropriately.

Geography and Climate of England

Best time to travel to England.

Since the weather is so variable, the best weather and weather conditions do not determine the best time to travel to the UK. However, the months of April to September have a milder and drier climate to explore in UK cities, which you can visit with the least chance of getting wet and rainy in the cities.

British Currency

The most important part of travel coordination will be the conversion of the currency. The British currency is the pound sterling, which is called the pound. The pound is represented by the symbol of £. Every 100 pence is a pound. It is interesting to know that the pound is one of the oldest and most valuable currencies in the world. You can use the XE Currency Converter website to convert the pound to the daily rate of the rial.

British Currency

Ways to travel to England

If you travel to the UK from European countries, you can take a train or bus, which will be much cheaper than airplanes. If you are traveling to the UK by bus from one of the surrounding countries, we suggest you use the European Bus Bus website to buy and book tickets.

But if you find it difficult to travel by land or you are traveling from Asian, African, and American countries, the best way to do this is by plane. It will take you about 3 hours by plane from Rome and 7 hours from New York City to the capital.

The most important cities in England.

Before you travel to the UK, it’s best to get to know the most important cities in the UK first. Knowing the cities will help you decide to visit and travel. British cities will have different views and different travel costs. We will introduce you to some of the most important cities in the UK.

The most important cities in England.


London, the capital of England, is one of the most important cities in the country. London is one of the main tourist destinations in England. The British Museum, the London Clock Tower, the London Eye, the Natural History Museum of London, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Buckingham Palace, etc. They are the most visited tourist destinations in London. It is interesting to know that London is the most visited tourist city in Europe.


Manchester is one of the most important football cities in Europe, the cradle of the famous Manchester United and Manchester City teams. Castlefield, the Science and Technology Museum, Manchester Cathedral, the National Football Museum, and the Manchester Art Gallery are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Manchester.


Liverpool is known by many as the Beatles rock band. The port city was named European Capital of Culture in 2008. Liverpool Fountain, Dock Museum, St Nicholas’ Church, Gustav Adolf Church and … The city’s cultural views are taken into account.


Nottingham, which was named City of Literature in 2015, is one of the most important cities in England. Nottingham Caves, the Royal Theatre and the Royal Concert Hall, Sherwood Forest Park, Welton Park and Mansion, and the Wildflower Farm are some of Nottingham’s tourist attractions.


Cambridge is one of the most important academic and administrative cities in the UK. The University of Cambridge, St John’s College, and Trinity Hall College are some of the most renowned universities in the city. The New Court, the River Low, the Kitchen Bridge, the Great Virgin Church, and the Fitzwilliam Museum are some of Cambridge’s sights.

Cost of Travel to England

You can use both cash and credit cards to make payments in this country. While you may not be able to use credit cards in some older stores, ATMs are located in all cities in the country.

Accommodation cost

The cost of hostels is much cheaper than the cost of hotel rooms. A hostel room will cost around £25, a double room in a motel will cost around £80, and a four- or five-person double room trip would cost more than £150 per night.

Accommodation cost

Cost of food

Fast food is around £10, simple meals in regular restaurants and bars are around £25, and meals in star-studded restaurants cost more than £70.

Shipping Costs

Public transportation in this country is safe and inexpensive. A one-way bus or metro ticket will cost around £10, a taxi for short destinations will cost around £18, and more than £50 for intercity transport.

Transport in England

The UK is a small country, so it’s very easy and inexpensive to travel by public transport.


One of the most common means of public transport within the city and between cities in the UK is trains. The country’s rail and train network is very advanced and extensive. Traveling with it will be cheap and easy. These trains have two classes, one and two, that vary in the size of the compartments.

To use trains that have higher speeds to travel, we suggest booking your tickets online as they fill up quickly, but you can also buy tickets for more regular trains in person. To book tickets to Qathar UK, you can use the UK Railway website.

Personal car

If you have an international license, renting a car and driving in this small country can be an attractive and convenient choice for you. You can rent a car at airports and many UK cities; you can rent it from one city and return it to another.

The country’s roads are safe to drive, and only with careful and attentive traffic signs can you easily drive in the UK. We recommend that you control the car more carefully in rainfall and slipping conditions and be sure to use GPS to find your destination.


The British Metro is a high-speed metro. You’ve probably heard of the London and Liverpool Underground because they have a reputation for serving passengers. The cost of traveling underground is much cheaper than traveling by taxi. Interestingly, with the Oyster Card, you can get a 50% discount on metro payments.


Double-decker buses and high-speed buses are great for intercity travel. These buses will take you from one city to another at a low cost. To book tickets online, you can apply on the UK Bus website.


Taxis are one of the most popular modes of transport for tourists in the UK, but they are relatively expensive. You can use taxis you see on the street or online taxis in UK cities. Some drivers may charge more because you’re a tourist or a stranger, so keep an eye on taxicab meters.

Staying in England

In the UK you can stay in any way you like and make it possible. The methods of residence in the UK are very diverse.

Staying in England


Since there are so many camping spaces in the UK, such as lush grounds, plains, and parks, many tourists turn to camping. If you’re from Hitch Hayek, this way of staying in Nature UK will undoubtedly surprise you. It is interesting to know that around cities like London, there are many camps for tourists, where you can stay in your camping cabins or tents at a cheap cost.


Hostels, which are the trend of accommodation in the world these days, are abundantly found in England. The type of hostel and its facilities can affect the cost of your accommodation.


A house or so-called bed and breakfast, or B&B for short, is a type of short-term rental place where you can stay overnight at the home of an English family. Not only will this accommodation provide you with a place to sleep at a low cost, but it will also introduce you to the culture and lifestyle of the British.

Usually, landlords rent one of their rooms to travelers, and in addition to providing sleep and health facilities, they also provide breakfast for guests. You can find these in both big cities and in small and rural towns. You can book these places from Airbnb.


There are a variety of hotels in the UK, from apartment hotels to luxury and multi-star hotels, to offer services to travelers. The cost of staying in these hotels is based on their location, amenities, and level of luxury. To check and book hotels in the UK, you can use the website.

Food and drink in England

One of the multinational nations, England has a variety of dishes to suit every taste.


You can buy ready-made food at a low cost from supermarkets. You can also buy food ingredients from supermarkets and cook it yourself. If you want to save money, preparing food this way will be good for you.

Fast Food

Fast food chains are present in almost all parts of the country, from cities to highways. You can also take your food with you and eat it elsewhere. Local fast food will be cheaper than chain and pose fast food.

Coffee shop

You can find coffee shops on every street. Don’t miss a cup of coffee and a cake or a delicious afternoon at these English coffee shops.


There are many local and chain restaurants in the UK that will vary depending on how luxurious or stellar they are. Interestingly, the UK is one of those countries that houses the best restaurants in the world.

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