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Dubai Travel Guide

The trip to Dubai has a lot of work. You have a lot of options: what hotel should I get? Is my money enough? Where is the entertainment center? Where do I get it so it doesn’t cost much? In this Dubai travel guide, we have put all the options on the table for you to choose very easily.

Dubai History

In 1833, a family with everything and everyone they had from Abu Dhabi made their way to a small, unknown village called Dubai. The eldest of this family, Sheikh Maktoum b. Bati Al Maktoum had 800 people with him by the accounts of his friend and family and family. Of course, if we had told the Sheikh at that time that a trip to Dubai, this small village, was going to be the tourist hub of the world, he would hardly have believed it.

By the beginning of the 20th century, Dubai became a successful port. A large market was set up in the district of Deray Khor with 350 shops. During this period, Dubai had a population of 20,000, a quarter of which were immigrants, businessmen, and workers.

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Dubai’s main growth began with the discovery of oil in 1966. Sheikh Rashid spent oil revenues on the city’s infrastructure and experienced incredible growth as schools were built, hospitals and the development of roads and telecommunications networks, port construction, and international airport development.

Along with all these developments, a port was built in Jebel Ali, which is the largest man-made port, and formed a free zone around this port.

Dubai History

As a result of these dramatic developments, Dubai became one of the richest countries in the world and a tourist and trading hub in the region. Today, Dubai’s main income from Jebel Ali Free Zone is the sale of the property to foreign citizens in free zones, granting accommodation, re-issuance of goods, passenger transit and goods.

Needless to say, every year, so many businessmen and tourists take and spend money on their Dubai trip.

Geographical Location of Dubai

Dubai is a city in the south of Iran and the Persian Gulf border. The tourist city borders Sharjah to the north, Abu Dhabi to the south, and Oman to the southeast. Dubai is located in the Arabian Desert and has almost no rivers or natural water phenomena. Of course, we should make an exception for Dubai Creek, which is a small natural bay. The high depth of this creek compensates for the absence of other water phenomena in this desert city and has caused ships to sail over the bay.

The city is divided into two parts. The Deira part of Dubai is adjacent to Sharjah to the east and Al O’Ayr to the south. Dubai International Airport, which is home to more than 80 airlines, is located here.

Located on the western side of the Gulf, Dubai is home to Dubai’s luxurious harbors and skyscrapers. The BR is the new part of the city of Dubai and is progressing rapidly. Deira is a combination of the historical and modern fabric of Dubai and is the center of the city.

Dubai Weather

Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai has a very hot and dry climate, and we want to split the climate of Dubai into two parts, which are warmer and warmer.

Although Dubai is warm in winter and the average temperature reaches 23 °C, winter is the best season for you if you plan to travel to the city.

Although Dubai’s hot and dry climate, a flood of tourists plan to travel to Dubai every season of the year. In November to March, which is the winter months in the city, the weather is more favorable, but humidity is still high, since Dubai’s beaches, sunshine, and the sea are the main reasons for many tourists visit the city, high temperatures and humidity in spring and summer do not prevent tourists from entering the city.

Even from April to October, the city still hosts tourists.

Dubai Weather

Dubai Shopping Malls

Along with all the beauty of this modern city، its shopping malls are the main attractions to visit the country، and shopping in Dubai، especially during the auction season، is one of the main reasons for travelers to visit Dubai.

Almost all reputable brands have tried to have a presence in the shopping malls of this global city.

Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall Dubai

It is the world’s largest entertainment shopping mall. This market is named after Ibn Battuta, the famous Arab tourist. The Bazaar has six main teams inspired by the lands to which Ibn Battuta traveled, namely Egypt, India, China, Andalusia, Persia, and Tunisia.

Each of these teams is dedicated to selling specific products. If you have enough time to visit all the teams on your Dubai trip, we suggest you do so because you won’t regret it. But if you’re planning to buy certain items, get map information and full information from the kiosk and enter the teams that sell the products you want.

For example, in Timche India, you can find the shoes and clothes of the world’s brands, and if you are looking for sporting goods, you should check out Timche Egypt.

Along with shopping, you can try a variety of Chinese and Indian food, barbecues, fast food, and snacks in the food courts of this shopping center. There is also a children’s recreation center.

Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall Dubai

Al Ghadir Shopping Center

Welcome to Dubai’s oldest shopping mall. Al-Ghadir was built about 20 years ago with beautiful architecture that combines Arabic and modern styles. If you are planning to buy clothes, be sure to visit this mall that has the world’s top brands in that branch and record such global memories on your trip to Dubai.

Of course, in addition to clothing, a variety of rugs and Arabic jewelry, South African products, and Italian children’s clothes can be found in this shopping mall.

You can say that Dubai Shopping Mall is also a recreational center. In Al Ghadir, like other shopping centers in Dubai, there are a variety of restaurants and coffee shops and a very large cinema that you can visit after shopping to relieve boredom.

Festival Shopping Center

Festival Shopping Mall is located on Dubai Creek Beach. The mall has special features in terms of geographical location, for example, it is close to Dubai International Airport and the old city of Dubai, Deira. To say that this shopping mall is a city on its own, we are not exaggerating.

Even if you don’t plan to shop, you can visit it for fun and time to complete the memories of your trip to Dubai. Stunning architecture with beautiful waterfronts and natural plants, a yacht club, canal walks, and a variety of restaurants and cafes make this shopping center a full-fledged entertainment center.

And of course, it goes without saying that all the reputable brands like Ikea, Marquez & Spencer, The New Yorker, Nike, Adidas, Clarks, Converse, Paris Hilton, Tegs, and Tommy have branches in this shopping mall, here you will get two marks.

Mercato Shopping Mall

A Renaissance shopping mall in the middle of the Middle East will attract your attention. The architecture of this mall is very different from the original Arabian architecture and is the first recreational shopping center in the Middle East. Mercato Shopping Mall is located in Jumeirah Residence, and its Renaissance architectural style attracts traditional Italian, French, and Spanish art.

More than 90 stores, dining, and coffee shops, and seven movie theaters give you a unique and dreamy experience of traveling to Dubai.

Mall of the Emirates

Here you can see more than 560 reputable brand stores and chain stores in one place. The mall’s wonderful variety of products and leisure makes it an ideal place to spend time and family shopping in Dubai.

Carrefour Hypermarket, fashion designers’ clothing shops, sporting goods, electronics, and home appliances are among the products you can find at the mall.

Several movie theaters, the first indoor ski resort in Dubai called Skydubai, Magic Planet Entertainment Centre with bowling and billiard halls, several pools, a variety of playgrounds, and more than 90 international cafes and restaurants make the Mall a full-fledged mall.

Cheap Shopping Malls in Dubai

It’s true that in the previous section of the Dubai Travel Guide, we introduced a series of shopping malls for you, but the shopping centers we introduce in this section are a little different. What’s the difference? Let’s be honest: Dubai is an expensive city, and not all its amenities (e.g., shopping centers, entertainment centers, etc.) fit every traveler’s budget.

For this reason, in this section, we decided to introduce you to those Dubai shopping malls that are relatively cheaper, and you may be able to buy more of them.

Dragon Mart Mall Dubai

Dragon Mart Mall is one of the most famous cheap shopping malls in Dubai, although travelers are more familiar with the name of Dragon Mall of Dubai. Dragon Mart Dubai is the largest Chinese shopping mall located outside of China.

If you’re looking for quality and special clothes, it’s best not to go to this mall. But if you’re looking for a variety of cheap and incredible clothes, Dragon Mart is a great choice.

Of course, if we only see Dragon Mart as a place to shop, we might have missed it a bit. Why? One of the main goals behind the mall was to create a familiar and friendly culture for Chinese tourists and businessmen so that they don’t feel alienated when they come to Dubai.

Another part of this goes back to non-Chinese tourists. What does that mean? It means that now a space in Dubai is ready for you to get acquainted with the goods and part of Chinese culture without going to China. Vacation is not the only benefit of traveling to Dubai.

Dubai Outlet Mall

The clothes of the world’s leading designers that must be purchased at a high price can be purchased at this center at very cheap prices. The mall is located on Al Ain Road and you can visit it from 10 am to 10 pm. If you rent a driverless car, you can easily find a parking spot in the parking lot of this mall.

Al Karama Shopping Mall

Whether you’re looking for luxury watches or stylish bags and shoes at affordable prices, or you want to buy souvenirs, you can find it all at Al Karama Shopping Mall. Travelers welcome the mall for incredible discounts.

At Alibaba magazine, we have used every resource we can to prepare the most accurate and useful information for you (e.g., Google comments, comments from platforms like Foursquare and TripAdvisor, etc.). Now we have an interesting experience for you.

A number of users who went to and shopped in Karama Mall during their trip to Dubai have said that the prices they give you in the shops at the shopping mall are not the final price, which means you can bargain and get a good discount from these purchases.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival, known as Lyali Dubai, is one of the world’s largest and most famous shopping festivals in the Middle East. The festival alone is one of the main reasons for tourists to visit Dubai, especially those who have a special interest in shopping.

Of course, you may not start a trip to Dubai with the intention to shop but be tempted to see the prices and discounts at the shopping festival. Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time to shop. No matter what your goal is to buy, the Shopping Festival is an ideal opportunity to buy clothes from Dubai.

The festival is held twice a year (during the summer and winter), and at the same time as the festival, Dubai hosts more than three million tourists.

At the January and summer festivals, sellers and buyers are exempt from all taxes, and you can buy the products of the world’s top brands and factories at the cheapest price possible.

During the festival, the city of Dubai gets a different mood and color, and the Dubai government is a stepping stone to entertain tourists. At the same time as the Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Fashion Week is held in the city, and visitors are invited to watch street performances, a variety of flower fairs, movies and theaters, and nightly performances and fireworks.

Dubai Hotels

Our accommodation is often determined by our travel budget and lifestyle. If your intention is to just socialize with new people, get to know the culture of that region, and get special experiences, and often prefer affordable travel, then cheap hotels that offer reasonable accommodations for travelers will probably be suitable for your stay.

But if you like to experience the best and most ideal of any new city or even know very specific situations that you haven’t experienced before, it’s best to go for luxury and expensive hotels.

Dubai Luxury Hotels

To stay in luxury hotels in Dubai, you have to be prepared to pay millions, but for the same price, they offer you so many services that you would tell yourself it was worth it.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel

Staying in the only 7-star hotel in the world will be an unforgettable experience. The hotel is located on Jumeirah Island, and the first view you will encounter after you sleep is the Persian Gulf.

The hotel has 202 rooms and 9 restaurants, and its seafood is served at the Al Mahara restaurant located inside the aquarium. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, jacuzzi, sauna, and massage rooms equipped with the most luxurious and up-to-date relaxation devices and products are offered at this hotel.
The 4-carat gold iPad, 21-inch iMac, HDTV widescreen TV, and iPhone charging dock are among the features available to guests in each of the hotel’s suites. In short, if you have the budget, you can create a unique memory of your trip to Dubai by staying in this room.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel

Jumeirah Za’abeel Saray Hotel

The 5-star Jumeirah Za’abeel Saray Hotel is another luxury Dubai hotel located in the western part of Jumeirah Palm. This hotel has a very beautiful and attractive architecture. The rooms of the hotel are facing the Persian Gulf and are designed in the Ottoman style.

You can enjoy a variety of Turkish, Italian, and other international dishes at the hotel’s 10 luxurious restaurants. The hotel offers all the necessary amenities to the guests. The distance from the hotel to the beach is a 3-minute walk.

Shangri-La Hotel Dubai

Almost everything you would expect from a luxury stay is available at this hotel, from restaurants serving a variety of international, Mediterranean, and traditional dishes to a wellness center with a variety of massages, spas, and traditional Chinese medicine, this time around, Dubai is going to be a luxury experience for you.

By staying in this hotel and using its gym, your fitness and exercise schedule will not be disrupted during the trip, and after a great excursion in this global city, you can say goodbye to the fatigue of the day by bathing in the outdoor swimming pool and using a sauna, jacuzzi, and massage.

This 5-star hotel is located in the Sheikh Zayed area of Dubai and is a 10-minute drive to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. Dubai International Airport, Jumeirah Beach Park, and Metro Station (5-minute walk) are within walking distance of the hotel.

Atlantis Hotel Dubai

Atlantis Hotel, or better to say Atlantis, is a beautiful 5-star hotel whose landscape is the beauty of the Persian Gulf. At the hotel’s private sandy beach, you can sunbathe, visit the underwater world in its underwater aquarium, swim with dolphins, and enjoy its own water park.

The hotel offers a gym with a dedicated coach and hot water ponds. From this hotel to the Emirates Golf Club is a short walk away.

Atlantis Hotel Dubai

Atlantis Hotel is located on Palm Jumeirah Island and is a 20-minute drive from Burj Khalifa and the Emirates Store. The experience of staying at the Atlantis Hotel was one of the things that users had been very complimentary about on their trip to Dubai.

Dubai Cheap Hotels

For family stays in Dubai, staying in luxury hotels is not an affordable option for most families. This is where Dubai’s right infrastructure for tourism comes into play. What about? Hotels built all over Dubai are built taking into account the financial situation of a large part of the tourists.

In this section of the Dubai Travel Guide, we want to know a number of cheap hotels in Dubai.

Sun&Indus Hotel Dubai

Sun&Sand Hotel is located in the old fabric of Dubai’s city, Deira. The hotel is only 5 km from the international airport, and it is easy to reach Al Ghadir Shopping Mall and Union Square Station from this hotel.

An outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, sauna, massage, and 24-hour reception are the most important facilities of this hotel.

Dubai Dream Palace Hotel

The three-star Hotel Dream Palace is located in Deira, the old fabric of Dubai City, and is just 15 minutes away from the international airport. Alriga and Salahuddin metro stations are located near this hotel.

At the hotel’s restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of local and international cuisine. A gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool, parking, and free swimming pool are among the facilities of this hotel.

City Star Hotel Dubai

The three-star City Star Hotel is a good choice for a cheap stay in Dubai.

The hotel rooms are very comfortable and provide guests with facilities for a quiet and cozy stay and services such as parking, soldier pool, sauna, jacuzzi, water park, massage, children’s play area, gym, tennis, internet in the lobby and rooms (separate charge).

The hotel is a few steps away from the Salahuddin metro station.

Rotana Tower Hotel

It is a four-star hotel, but almost everyone who has stayed in the hotel is talking about its many amenities because the experience it gives you from staying at this hotel and traveling to Dubai is similar to a five-star hotel. The hotel is located in the Sheikh Zayed area of Dubai, opposite Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world.

The gym, outdoor swimming pool, all-outdoor restaurant, and other restaurants where a variety of Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Italian dishes are among the facilities of this hotel.

The hotel’s special location close to shopping malls such as Dubai Mall and Jumeirah Beach makes this hotel a good accommodation option for tourists.

Dubai Entertainment Centers

We know the modern and luxurious shopping malls of Dubai that attract tourists to Dubai because of their affordable prices. But a trip to Dubai isn’t just about shopping. Dubai has been able to create the best of its kind from most of the world’s recreations so that tourists can experience the best in this city, and Dubai can be a truly global city and tourist paradise.

Dubai Ski Resort

It is unbelievable to ski in a city where almost no snow falls on the ground. But on a trip to Dubai, many of these incredible things have come true, and the Dubai Indoor Ski Resort is one of them.

It is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East to host tourists since 2005. Skiing in the middle of a desert city in the middle of summer is a completely different experience.

Dubai Ski Resort

Dubai Aquarium

If you want to see 140 different marine species in one place and in just one trip to Dubai, be sure to visit the Dubai Aquarium. As you walk through the aquarium tunnels, enjoy watching the zoo underwater.

If you are excited and adventurous, you can see sharks as close as possible by diving and snorkeling in cages. Of course, don’t forget to ride the glass boats and enjoy the colorful underwater world.

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai

Playing with water automatically changes the mood; now add a little excitement and variety to this water game; it becomes a wonderful recreation, a recreation waiting for you on a trip to Dubai at Wild Wadi Water Park. Adults have fun here as well as children.

IMG World of Adventure

It’s a paradise for kids, an indoor theme park where you can see four different worlds: Cartoon Network, Cartoon Marvel, IMG Boulevard, and the Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs.

If you’re taking your kids to the world’s largest indoor entertainment complex, give them plenty of time to enjoy thousands of attractions, such as rollercoasters and movie theaters, restaurants, and toy stores.

The reason we emphasize this is that the trip to Dubai is not just for adults, and there are some attractions in Dubai that can make it a memorable trip for them as well.

IMG World of Adventure

Amazing Garden

If you love flowers, plants, and nature, the amazing Dubai Garden could be one of your most beautiful memories, where you can see 45 million flowers in one beautiful form. What makes this garden more attractive is that many of the plant species in it are not from the domesticated species of the area and have been brought here at a great expense and painstakingly to be cultivated.

It is also best to know that in the amazing Dubai Garden, there are some very attractive and special places and landscapes to photograph.

Emirates Golf Club

Whether you like golf or not, you’ll enjoy visiting Emirates Golf Club, one of the most famous golf clubs in the world. In addition to golf, there are other sports like tennis, bodybuilding, and squash in the club.

Aside from sports, the lush and blue atmosphere in the middle of such a desert city is itself one of the attractions of a trip to Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari

From sand skiing to camel rides, the pleasure of driving in the sand, up and down the sand dunes, and watching rare plant and animal species is part of your experience on desert tours in Dubai.

Dolphin Bay

If you like to play with dolphins and take a souvenir photo next to them, visit the largest dolphin show and maintenance center in the world. Dolphin Bay Dubai is located in Atlantis Palm Dubai.

Burj Khalifa Dubai

The Burj Khalifa is so high that you can see it from anywhere in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and one of Dubai’s major attractions. There are many shopping and entertainment centers in this tower, and if you get on the deck, the whole city of Dubai is under your feet, and you can see the whole city from above.

Burj Khalifa Dubai

Dubai Intercity Transportation

A modern and tourist-friendly city like Dubai is expected to have an advanced public transport system, and of course, the city has been very successful in meeting that expectation.

You can see almost all types of inner-city transportation, from taxis and metro to buses ferries and water taxis in Dubai. Here, you may be using systems that you haven’t experienced before. You will learn more about public transport in Dubai.


If your hotel does not have an airport transfer, the best option to go to the hotel is to use taxis that are government-run and, of course, will have reasonable and fixed prices. The cost of these taxis is calculated by meter.

Taxis are a good and safe option for inner-city commute in Dubai. Women’s taxis have pink roofs and are safe for women traveling alone.

Dubai has many taxi companies, and its taxis are available in four colors: pink and white, yellow and white, blue and white, and green and white.



Dubai Monorail is driverless and connects the Palm Jumeirah area to Dubai Marina. Monorails arrive at the station every 15 minutes and take you to the metro stations.

Dubai Metro

The metro you take in Dubai is actually the longest fully automated driverless subway in the world. Dubai Metro has two green and red lines and is divided into five zones based on these lines.

Dubai Metro is a modern transport system where passengers are not allowed to eat or drink.


If you’re going to take routes that don’t have subways, it’s best to replace the bus. The cost of taking buses is very cheap and most of them go to Dubai Gold Market, so the best option is to access the Gold Market, Spice and Fragrance Market, and Fish Market.


Take the tram to make it easier to reach busy areas of Dubai, such as Jumeirah Beach Dubai Marina and Safouh Street. The Dubai tram was launched in 2014, and it takes you to the metro stations like a monorail.

Buses and water taxis (Abras)

Cooler water buses have recently been added to Dubai’s transport system and run on four different routes.

The Dubai Water Taxis are traditional wooden and motorized boats that connect Dubai and Bur Deira through Dubai Creek on two different routes.

On the first route, water taxis depart from Abra station on Dubai to Deira Old Market Station, and on the second route from the station

Buses and water taxis (Abras)

Old Market Deira to Al Sabkha District.

Don’t forget to buy a NOL card for bus, subway, or tram cards. Nol cards in Dubai have four types, of which Nol Red Card and Nol Card Silver Card are the most widely used.

Dubai Cuisine

Food is an inseparable part of a trip to Dubai and its happy memories. If you think food and taste aren’t as important as other things, think about traveling to China.

The first reaction that people have to this trip is to think about the food in this country and that their cooking style and cuisine is a completely different world compared to ours.

In Dubai, which is a Mediterranean country that is a short distance from Iran, you can experience the variety of Mediterranean and local cuisine of this city. You will learn more about Dubai’s most famous local cuisine.

Camel full stomach: This food is also open to the Guinness Book of Records and is one of the largest and most voluminous foods in the world. So it’s best to go on an empty stomach and when you’re very hungry so that the taste will last forever.

Camel full is one of the most luxurious foods in Dubai, which is traditionally served at the table of the nobles.

Gajia: Almost every restaurant in Dubai serves this delicious meal. To make this gourmet dish, they roast a whole lamb and serve its meat pieces with rice, vegetables, and oilseeds.

Shawarma: In Dubai, lamb chicken and fries are put together, adding pickles and garlic sauce, resulting in a delicious shaverma served as a mouthful.

Mojboos: Maybe seeing this dish reminds you of our sweet polo or rice, but if you try it, you’ll find that this spicy food tastes very different from ours. Almost the most special food in the city of Dubai is made from spicy lamb or spiced chicken, tomatoes, stews, and rice.

Dubai Restaurants

Dubai restaurants are so stylish and different that you want to sit in that particular environment and experience that space more than you think about the taste of food, and of course, in these special spaces with different decorations, serving delicious dishes completes a good experience.

Most of Dubai’s restaurants are located inside the hotel, but the stylish and different restaurants in the city are not few. Dubai restaurants often serve a variety of international and local cuisine and are open from 6 p.m.

Buddha Bar

After entering this restaurant and encountering a giant Buddha statue, you will feel more like you’ve entered a Buddhist temple than a restaurant. This restaurant is located at the Gross-Venor Hotel.

In three restaurant halls, a bar, and an open-air lounge, this restaurant that houses the Arabian Sea serves a variety of fine Chinese and Thai dishes.

Al Mahara Restaurant

The restaurant creates a space that looks like an underwater restaurant or an aquarium tunnel.

This is the only restaurant in Dubai where you can immerse yourself in the colorful fish and underwater world while eating a variety of seafood. The restaurant is located in the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel.


If you want to spend a dream night in the tranquility of the Persian Gulf and have your dinner on the water, Pirshik is exactly the restaurant you need to go to. It has twice been named Dubai’s Best Seafood Restaurant.

Eauzone Restaurant

This luxurious restaurant with great serenity after sunset is one of the best options for a cozy and memorable dinner. After passing through a winding corridor that runs through two pools, you arrive at this restaurant.

The restaurant is actually next to the pool, but the great design makes you think the restaurant floats on the water.

La Petite Maison Restaurant

If you like to try French food on a trip to Dubai, check out this French restaurant, which is one of the most popular restaurants in Dubai. The restaurant uses fresh and first-class ingredients such as tomatoes, basil, peas, oysters, and seasonal fresh cheesecake.

The Rhodes Mezzanine Restaurant

If you want to try the cooking of one of the world’s most famous chefs, go to this restaurant. Gary Rods opened the British restaurant in the city after moving to Dubai. Here, you can try a variety of classic British dishes with French color and taste.

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