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Essential Supplies for Desert Walking

Choosing the right travel gear for a desert trip holds great importance, and not having the necessary equipment can have irreparable consequences.

A person who intends to travel to the desert and engage in desert exploration must not only have the skills and sufficient knowledge of the desert environment and its potential dangers but also carry all the essential travel gear for the desert. This is because these items can make the journey to the desert safer and more comfortable and, in some cases, even save a person from the danger of death. In the following article from the travel magazine Nabtrip, we will refer to the list of essential travel items for desert tours.

Coleman and water flask

Certainly, water is extremely valuable in the desert. Walking in the desert leads to excessive sweating and loss of body water. A person who intends to engage in desert exploration should drink at least four liters of water during the day. Therefore, before entering the desert, drink enough water and carry sufficient water with you.

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Also, keep in mind that keeping food, beverages, and fruits cool to prevent spoilage requires the use of a good cooler. To increase the efficiency of the cooler, fill it with cold water bottles and small ice packs.

A sturdy shade provider

Undoubtedly, one of the main problems of desert exploration is sunburn, especially during the midday when the temperature reaches its peak and the sun shines directly overhead. To prevent this issue, it is better to have a sturdy shade provider with you to use for rest and sitting.

Personal hygiene items

You should not neglect hygiene just because you are in the middle of the desert; instead, you should have all the necessary hygiene items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo for hair, body wash, or at least a wet towel and deodorant solution with you. We recommend storing all these items in a bag so that they are together and easily accessible, making it easier to carry them.

Travel mat and blanket

Undoubtedly, during long-term desert exploration, you will use these two items to protect yourself from dust and cold. Special camping mats are very suitable and practical.

Sunscreen lotion

Having sunscreen lotion with you is just as essential as having enough water. Try to use a lotion that protects your facial skin from sunburn and UV rays, which can cause skin damage and cancer. During desert exploration, it is necessary to apply sunscreen lotion every few hours.

A suitable backpack

A backpack is also one of the essential items for a desert trip, as it is used to carry various items such as water, lightweight food, a first aid kit, and other necessities. The backpack should be lightweight and the right size for you. Desert backpacks usually have a water compartment and a tube that can be pulled to your mouth. This allows you to drink water without having to take the bottle out of the backpack every time.

Location tracking applications

If professional GPS devices are not available, online and offline apps like “Google Maps” and the offline app “” are tools that you can use. Additionally, the app “Roadtrippers” can also show you interesting locations along your route.

Suitable sunglasses

Having suitable sunglasses to protect your eyes from sand, dust, and harmful sun rays is also essential. It is recommended to use polarized sunglasses. It’s better to have a sunglass strap and ensure that it fits your head size properly to avoid losing it.

Appropriate desert tent

On a one or two-day trip to the desert, you may want to take a nap and rest during the day. It is necessary to have a tent that can protect you from the heat and burning rays of the sun for comfortable daytime sleep in the desert. Tents that allow airflow and have mesh windows and large doors are suitable for camping in the desert.

Automatic Tents

Insect repellent

Some insects in the desert can be really dangerous and even deadly. To combat mosquitoes, ticks, and other dangerous insects, you should use strong insect repellents that are safe for humans. Additionally, there are lotions and creams available in the market that protect you and your skin from insects and keep them away from you. Some of these products have a long-lasting effect.

Solar shower

A solar shower is one of the new and interesting tools for taking a shower in the desert. It consists of a black bag with a small showerhead attached to it. To use this shower, you need to fill the bag with water and let it heat up with solar energy. Then, you can open the valve and easily take a shower.

First aid kit

Sometimes unforeseen problems like injuries to different parts of the body or headaches can hinder your journey. It is better to always carry a first aid kit with suitable medical supplies to avoid facing problems in critical situations.

Appropriate clothing in the desert

We recommend choosing clothing made of synthetic fibers that dry quickly and do not absorb moisture. Wearing a hat and sunglasses is also essential. If there is a risk of sunburn, be sure to wear pants. When walking, use suitable socks and shoes, and to prevent the heat from bothering you, moisten a cloth and wrap it around your neck.
Keep in mind that sunbathing and rolling in the warm and soft sands are among the most enjoyable activities in desert areas, and you should have appropriate clothing to enjoy them.

Protective cloth

There are clothes available in the market that can be used as headbands, face masks, flags, and signs to signal yourself to rescue forces and seek help from them, among other uses.

Special sandals for desert walking

Sandals designed for walking in the desert have high durability, and the arches located on top of the sandals provide good protection for your feet. Wearing good sandals ensures comfort during long walks.

Special shorts for desert walking

When walking in the desert, you should be completely comfortable and not be bothered by the heat. For this reason, using suitable shorts can make walking much more comfortable for you.”

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