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Camping chair buying guide

Using a camping chair can increase the quality of your trip. This small and cheap device is used for family and friendly trips and nature tours.
Traveling these days has become easier and more accessible than ever. The form and quality of travel have also changed significantly since having many travel equipment. A folding camping chair that fits easily in the trunk of the car and takes up little space has changed the shape and structure of travel from family outings by rivers and forest edges to multi-day camps in the heart of nature. This article from the tourism magazine Nabtrip intends to introduce the travel folding chair from the list of travel equipment. Join us.

Application of folding travel chair

Travels used to include two categories of individual and family trips and family trips were only included in one-day trips due to limited facilities. Still, traveling has become an exceptionally equipped and modern pastime. The variety of travel equipment and the production of new products related to the field of travel have changed the style and context of travel and increased its quality.

The use of folding travel seats has become so common that there are always several of them in the trunk of Iranian families who travel.

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Small volume, easy to carry, and easy to use has made a small and cheap travel folding chair a special place in the list of travel equipment and find great use in family trips, group tours, friendly picnics, fishing, evenings in nature, desert hiking and sitting around the fire and many other cases.

Camping chair

Types of camping chairs

Camping chairs are produced in different types depending on the type of use. Some of these chairs are made of canvas fabric, which is strong, elastic, and easy to sit on.

Some types of folding travel chairs also have a fabric canopy, which is recommended for use on beaches. In other classes, a small table is installed next to the chair, which can be used to place a mobile phone, bag, or glasses.

In some types, the chairs and the folding table are connected and are so-called “together”; in others, these tables and chairs are separate. In Sarham table and chairs, all the seats are connected to a table, and with the possibility of folding, they are placed in the back of the car and occupy little space.

In the separate type, the tables and chairs are folded separately, which means that each of the chairs and tables can be used independently. Travel folding tables and chairs can be used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or even working with a laptop while traveling. Folding camping tables and chairs are usually made for two or four people.

Currently, there are various models of “folding travel chairs” on the market, which are listed below:

  • Canvas folding chair
  • Aluminum folding table and chairs
  • Canvas camping chair without back
  • Wooden folding table and chairs
  • Plastic folding table and chairs
  • Easy to fold
  • Canvas travel folding bed
  • Foam camping folding bed
  • Off-road folding chair
  • Inflatable chair

Camping chair

Essential points in buying a camping chair

The distinctive feature of these chairs is that they are lightweight and easy to carry, which is better to remember when buying. On the other hand, the material of the chair is also essential. Canvas and nylon are recommended for picnic trips. Still, wood, plastic, and aluminum are recommended for deployment in a villa or garden, provided you have a place to store it, such as a warehouse.

If you are adventurous and spend the night in nature, you can use folding beds and enjoy relaxing in nature, listening to the sound of water and birds.

Some types of folding travel chairs have two handles in addition to the back, which you can put your hands on while sitting. If comfort is more important to you, you can buy this type.

In some chairs, fabrics produced with nanotechnology are used, with more resistance and longer life. This type of fabric is more resistant to the sun, and its color and quality do not change. Nanotechnology makes the fabric return to its original state after use. So we recommend that you pay attention to its specifications when buying.

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