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Guide to buying a travel flask

Carrying some equipment means saving money and time for even a one-day trip. Buying a good travel flask can even improve the quality of your journey.

When you decide to go on a trip on a cold winter day, it is as essential to have a good travel flask as you need warm clothes and proper shoes. Nothing can make a trip as enjoyable as drinking tea or a great brew. Although the use of a flask is not limited to travel, this device should be included in the list of travel equipment. In the following, Nabtrip aims to guide buying a good travel flask.

The advantages of using a flask in travel

Drinking warm liquids in winter is a must for traveling. When you participate in a winter hiking or hiking program, carrying a flask containing a hot drink means providing enough fluids to the body and preventing frostbite and colds.

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Of course, this device is not for mountaineers and nature tourists. Many students sometimes have to spend two days a week full-time at university and are used to drinking tea or coffee several times a day, so having a small flask and a few tea bags or instant coffee with you is a big help in reducing Student living expenses.

On the other hand, there has always been a close connection between drinking tea and Iranian families. So, this flask will be one of the leading pieces of equipment included in family trips and even weekend trips with Iranian families. Although many young families prefer to carry fewer things with them on their travels and choose cafes and coffee shops to drink tea, Especially since the variety of hot drinks has increased; But still, many people put the tea flask and its accessories in their picnic basket when it comes to travel.

One of the advantages of having a flask is saving money. Carrying a flask means taking tea, coffee, boiling water, your favorite tea, fruit juice, and syrup, saving money and time. You don’t have to pay for your favorite hot or cold drink when you have your flask with you. On the other hand, you can enjoy your favorite drink even along the way, and you won’t need to stop drinking tea or coffee; your time will be saved.

Also, by buying your flask, you protect the environment. All of us are responsible for the nature and environment around us and must try to preserve it. A flask means not buying water bottles, disposable cups, and drink bottles. This means producing less waste and helping to protect the environment.

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Types of travel flasks

Flasks are produced in different models and types depending on the type of use: plastic, aluminum, glass, titanium, steel, and even flasks with a copper body; But what is important is their use, which is to keep liquids warm or cold.

Some flasks, such as plastic and glass ones, are only used to store water and juice and are not suitable for hot drinks; But some flasks are designed for hot beverages such as tea, coffee, hot water, and tea, and their structure is such that they keep liquids warm for hours.

Some flasks can even store hot soup and broth and keep these types of food warm for several hours. These types of flasks are very suitable for people who have small children. It is even ideal for mountaineers because they will have a light, warm and ready-to-eat meal along the way.

Generally, the steel flask has better quality than other types; But it weighs more.

Some flasks are square and have an inward curve on one side. This curvature helps to carry it in the backpack’s pocket more efficiently and access it easily when needed.

The advantage of using steel flasks is their strength against impact. If the flask is dropped from your hand for any reason, it will not be damaged if it is made of steel. However, it is possible to reduce the possibility of impact and damage to the flask with techniques such as using a shockproof cover or a short strap and attaching it to the backpack.

How to maintain your flask?

Do not use as many acidic substances, hot milk, and sugar inside the flask as possible because using these materials for a long time causes damage to the inner body of the flask.
To wash the flask, do not use detergent as much as possible, or if you use it, wash it entirely so that chemicals do not remain on the inner wall of the flask. It is better to use only water or a one-to-one combination of water and vinegar for washing.
If you do not use the flask for long, allow it to dry completely before closing the lid.
Some flasks have a plastic layer that helps close the lid and let air in. This part is detachable and can be cleaned well under it. The accumulation of materials in this part creates an environment susceptible to various microbes and bacteria growth. Separate the flask lid’s different features and let it dry thoroughly after washing.
When you don’t need the contents of your flask, empty it as soon as possible.
Most flasks have a cloth or leather cover to prevent shocks. In addition to protecting the outer body of the flask, this cover can also help keep liquids warm. Or if your flask is glass to prevent it from breaking. In addition, some of these covers have a short strap on one side, making them easier to carry. If your flask does not have a body, you can purchase it separately.
It is recommended not to keep tea and tea in the flask for more than 12 hours.
If you use milk in your flask, you must wash it entirely after each use because even a tiny amount of milk remaining can cause poisoning or change the taste of your tea.
It is better to have a separate flask for tea, coffee, and tea because the flask you use for tea takes on the smell of herbs after a while and changes the taste.
When buying a flask, make sure that your flask has a protective lid to prevent liquids from spilling into your bag or backpack. Sometimes, you can even use its lid instead of a cup.
The best flasks for hiking are narrow cylindrical flasks that fit easily in a backpack. These flasks can be single or multi-person, But we advise every climber to have a small and unique flask in their bag. For family trips, it is better to use large flasks, and if you want to have two types of drinks, we suggest using twin flasks.

Where to buy a travel flask?

Travel Flask If it is intended for mountaineering, rock climbing, and, in general, all sports and recreation based on nature, you can easily find it in all stores of mountaineering and camping supplies. Also, in all sports equipment stores, you can discover flasks and bottles for carrying water and liquids; But if you intend a flask for home use or to use in family and family weekend picnics, some types can be found in home appliance stores.

These days, due to the popularization of online shopping and the need to save time, you can get the desired flask from retail sites. For online shopping, you should search for the product you want in the sports equipment, home appliances, and camping equipment section. It is better to buy from reliable sites and give you a guarantee of originality and return the product in case of dissatisfaction.

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