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Cheap Shopping Malls in Istanbul

Introducing Istanbul Shopping Malls to Buy Cheap in Istanbul

The beauty and variety of tourist attractions in Istanbul are so great that it can take you several days to travel. But it is natural that you want to experience shopping in Istanbul as well. Some people are also most motivated to travel to Istanbul. The existence of a variety of beautiful and quality women’s men’s and children’s clothes from different brands is the main reason why people choose Istanbul.

In addition to this cheap shopping in Istanbul, there is another factor that our compatriots choose to buy in this city. For an easy trip and affordable shopping, you can travel to Istanbul and make a good purchase with a calculated schedule.

Best time to buy in Istanbul

If you’re looking to buy cheap in Istanbul to buy, you should also know the best time to shop in Istanbul. For this time, a few options are in front of you. The main and best times to buy in Istanbul are:

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Auction before Christmas

About a week before Christmas, the New Year’s Auction begins in Istanbul. During this time, you can find a variety of stylish and high-quality clothes at a reasonable price. New Year’s Auction continues until early January each year.

Auction before Christmas

Summer Auction

Summer auctions are also on the list of the best times to buy in Istanbul. The Istanbul Summer Auction starts around June and will continue until August. This season is not only suitable for shopping but also for excursions and recreation in Istanbul.

In fact, the best time to travel to Istanbul starts around May and continues until the end of summer. So in addition to having fun, you can count on cheap shopping in Istanbul during this period.

Eid Auction

Another good day to go to the shopping malls of Istanbul is the days near the feast of Fitr and Qoram. Since these two days are the most important holidays in Turkey, there are also good auctions. For cheap shopping in Istanbul, about 2 to 4 days before the two holidays, you just need to be in Istanbul. The prices of clothes in these auctions are falling significantly. Sometimes the price of goods is as cheap as 90%.

The cheapest shopping malls in Istanbul

But for cheap shopping in Istanbul, apart from the best time, you can also look for cheap shopping malls in Istanbul. Of all the numerous and diverse shopping centers out there, some can be introduced as cheap shopping centers in Istanbul. Here the addresses of Istanbul shopping malls are also available via Google Maps to make it easier to get to the destination.

The cheapest shopping malls in Istanbul

 Istanbul Forum Shopping Center

To buy cheap in Istanbul, there are several options ahead of you. One of these options is Istanbul Forum Shopping Mall. Some people think that this place is not cheap. But if you’re a little lucky, you can have a lot of shopping at auction times. In addition to the occasional auctions, in late May and early June, you can also make the best use of the Istanbul Forum Shopping Center. The mall is active from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Location of Forum Shopping Center on Google Maps

Located in Olivium Outlet Center

Another shopping mall in Istanbul is the Ölovium Istanbul Shopping Mall. You can also find goods at affordable prices. Especially since sometimes the center also offers discounts to its customers. You can also go to this center for fun. The cinema hall, bowling alley, and children’s play centers make it a perfect place for entertainment.

Location of Evoluium Outlet Center on Google Maps

Mall of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul is also another shopping mall in Istanbul. It is built in a four-story building and is very large. So if you want to find cheap goods in this complex, you have to take some time. In addition to numerous stores, the Mall of Istanbul also has entertainment centers such as a cinema and amusement park. From 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., you can walk around and shop.

Location of Mall of Shopping Center on Google Maps

The Kanyon Shopping Mall

Another option for cheap shopping in Istanbul is the Canyon Mall Shopping Mall. It is part of a 30-story tower with 160 stores. It may seem overcrowded, but a large part of the population is related to people who come to the theater to watch the theater. The mall will be available from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Location of Canyon Mall on Google Maps

Optimum Outlet Shopping Center

Optimum Shopping Center is located in Ataşehir and is one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul. Since the area is relatively expensive, Optimum Outlet Shopping Center looks relatively inexpensive in this location. However, in general, the goods at the center are not cheap.

Even if you don’t want to shop in this mall، you can go to the Opera Outlet to eat at a variety of restaurants. The working hours of this center are between 10 am and 10 pm.

Location of Atlet’s Optimum Shopping Center on Google Maps

The Boutique Downtown (Istanbul Beyoğlu İş)

For cheap shopping in Istanbul, be sure to visit Beyoglu Shopping Mall. This not-so-luxurious center is located on Independence Street. You will find a lot of goods such as clothing in this center, of course, the goods of this center are not famous brands. Beyoğluğluğ is considered one of the cheap shopping malls of Istanbul. From 9 am to 10 pm, you can shop in Beyoglu Ish.

Starcity Outlet Shopping Center

Another cheap shopping mall in Istanbul is Star City Outlet. This center is considered to be relatively new. In addition, Star City Outlet Mall is also close to Ataturk Airport. Between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., you can do your shopping at this mall.

Location of Star City Atlant Shopping Center on Google Maps

Viaport Shopping Center Istanbul

Viaport Shopping Center is also one of the places where you can think of cheap shopping in Istanbul. This relatively large center has 250 stores. Stores that can fill your backpack with a variety of stylish goods. In addition to the store, there are also a number of cafes in the mall, which can be a place for a short break between your purchases. From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., the mall is active.

Location of Viaport Shopping Center on Google Maps

Istanbul Markets

For cheap shopping in Istanbul, in addition to luxury shopping centers, you can also head to the markets in Istanbul. Explore two examples of traditional Istanbul markets.

Market Grand Istanbul

Market Grand Istanbul

In addition to the shopping mall, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is also one of the important historical and tourist monuments of the city. The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, one of the largest indoor markets in the world, has a different mood with its own style and architecture. This market also attracts a lot of tourists. You will find a variety of spices, pottery, lanterns, and ornaments in this market.

The Egyptian Market

Another market in Istanbul is the Egyptian market. In this market, a variety of spices are available with a high variety and abundance. In addition to spices, you can also buy sweets like baklava from this market. Olives, various essential oils, and nuts are also sold in the Egyptian market.

Istanbul Wholesales

Wholesale is also one of the most important cheap shopping centers in Istanbul. The Martar neighborhood is one of those neighborhoods. You can find all kinds of Turkish clothing productions in this neighborhood and do your shopping.

Another Istanbul shopping mall where you can find cheap goods is the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. If you want to buy clothes, you can go to Gapali Charshi and buy clothes from wholesalers.

Of course, the centers that are referred to as cheap shopping centers in Istanbul are more suitable for those who have major purchases. If you’re not planning to buy a major one, you can also visit some of the other cheap markets and shopping malls in Istanbul.


If you want to make a cheap and affordable purchase by traveling to Istanbul, the following tips can help. But that’s not the whole story. If your only motivation is for a shopping trip, be careful. Sometimes the cost of travel is so high that it’s not worth much compared to the discount you get.

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