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Why should you travel to Dubai?

Dubai is one of those famous tourist cities that most of the well-traveled and, in other words, tasteful people put on the list of places to visit. But what to do after putting Dubai on the travel list? The answer is that, first of all, you should gather information about Dubai. Dubai is one of the important cities of the United Arab Emirates and one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Many people visit it every year for business or pleasure. Whether you buy a ticket to Dubai and book a hotel or travel with a Dubai tour, you need to know a little about your destination.

UAE has a tropical climate with hot and humid summers and mild winters. Rainfall in this country is rare and mostly happens in winter. The best time to travel to Dubai is winter, and we suggest that if your travel time coincides with this date, don’t doubt that you have the best opportunity to travel to Dubai.

You must have a visa to enter Dubai. However, citizens of many European countries and other countries, including Australia and New Zealand, can have a visa stamp on their passports upon arrival at the airport for 90 days. Now you have chosen the Dubai tour and started this journey, what places to visit in Dubai?

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Dubai museums

The museum is one of the main places for those interested in learning about the past and the customs and architecture of the place they have traveled to. Dubai bananas are no exception to this and can be one of the first places you visit on a Dubai tour. Dubai museums have excellent and vital information about traditional architecture, the importance of the estuary (a branch or semi-closed area of water from the sea that enters the land), pearl fishing, mosques, and markets.

For example, In the most famous museum of Dubai, which is known by the same name as “Dubai Museum,” Al Fahidi Fort is located, is one of the most spectacular ancient works of the Dubai Museum, the purpose of which was to protect the border and environment of this region. Also, in the museums, you will get acquainted with musical instruments, original instruments, ornaments, and other native tools and accessories, which show the lifestyle of this region’s old and traditional residents. Narish Khyma Museum, Sheikh Saeed House, Umm al-Sheif Museum, Ajman Museum, Middle East Art Museum, etc., are other museums in Dubai that you can visit during your Dubai tour.

Dubai mosques

Islamic architecture has stunning beauty. Although today the mosques of the United Emirates are surrounded by skyscrapers and immersed in the heart of modernity, they still have their glory and beauty. They are considered one of our leading suggestions for Dubai tour travelers. For example, the largest mosque in Dubai, the Blue Mosque, opened in 2011. We recommend you visit; the Jumeirah Mosque, made of stone, an example of modern and impressive Islamic architecture.

It is said that the Jumeirah Mosque is the most photographed in Dubai, so why don’t you take a photo of it on your beloved Dubai tour? Also, with its stunning beauty, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, located in Abu Dhabi, is the largest in the world after Masjid al-Haram and Masjid al-Nabi. In addition, Dubai has many other big and small mosques, which cannot be mentioned in this text. During the tour of Dubai, visiting these mosques is not only a pleasure but also makes you more familiar with the style of Islamic architecture.

travel to Dubai

Dubai parks

There are enough parks all over Dubai to take refuge in them if the city life gets you down for a few minutes. These parks are great places for picnics and family outings. For example, Mamzer Beach Park is our advice to travelers who plan to have fun and have a picnic in the water. Also, comfort and entertainment facilities for preparing food, a big train, a sea beach, a swimming pool, a jet ski, etc., are available in this park for Dubai tour passengers.

Zabeel Park is also a good choice for you Dubai tour travelers. If you plan to go to a non-coastal park with green spaces, a golf course and other sports, and a play area for children, we recommend Zabeel Park, where the view of the estuary is one of the most amazing views. Goes. Also, Jumeirah Beach Park is one of the most popular parks in Dubai and has unique recreational facilities for those Dubai tour travelers looking for a good park to spend their hours. There is no end to talking about parks; one thing that can be found in Dubai is a park. You will visit one of these parks during your Dubai tour if you like it.

Dubai beaches

I don’t think any traveler has experienced the tour of Dubai and has not set foot in the water of its beaches. Visiting Dubai’s beaches and swimming in the blue waters of the Persian Gulf is an unforgettable experience. Dubai beaches do not require an entrance fee. On the other hand, beach parks have good facilities such as changing cabins, numerous swimming pools, and private beaches owned by hotels. This is recommended for those who want to experience unique moments on a Dubai tour.

Also, in other beach areas, suitable places for fishing enthusiasts have been built so that, God forbid, none of the Dubai tour travelers will be left without fun.

The streets of Dubai

The streets of Dubai, apart from being a place of transition, are considered a spectacular attraction. Old streets, such as Jumeirah, Deira, etc., are among the city’s main streets, and walking in them is a pleasant pastime.

Tour in the tour!

Indeed, you are now a Dubai tour passenger, but this cannot prevent you from participating in another tour simultaneously! Many companies in Dubai organize tours for sightseeing in and outside the city. These tours are arranged for those who want to visit this city in the short time they have on their Dubai tour, and they are very suitable for Dubai tour travelers who usually do not have a vehicle.

These tours can vary from a day trip in the city to a night trip in the desert. The organizers of these tours are responsible for your transfer from the hotel to the destination and for returning you to the hotel. The cost of terms varies according to their hours.

It is not harmful to know a little about these tours; One of the most famous recreational tours is the desert tour, and from now on, we recommend that if you want to have a better experience from it, you must bring cool clothes, sunglasses, and a sun hat with you.

The fantastic Dubai bus tour, held for the first time in the Middle East, is another such tour that sits in the heart of the Dubai tour. The tour atmosphere of this bus is a bit reminiscent of scientific trips! You get on it, and after touring the city, you enter the Dubai estuary with the same bus and tour the estuary. Don’t be afraid; this bus has a life jacket and the necessary facilities to have a good time! You Dubai tour travelers can get enough information about the duration and cost of these tours from the tourist service offices in the city or the hotel where you are staying.

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