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Georgia is one of the countries located on the border of Western Asia and Eastern Europe and is trying to be recognized as a member of the European Union. This country is situated East of the Black Sea and is known as one of the most attractive tourist countries. Tour to Georgia is one of the most popular foreign tours among Iranians, which takes place most of the days of the year, but in the spring, it takes on a different color and flavor. It is necessary to travel to Georgia to know the characteristics of this country, such as geographical location, area, population, capital, tourist cities, language, religion, and its geographical map.

In this article, we have tried to prepare the appropriate material to guide you about the situation of this country in a related way. If you are planning a trip with Georgia Tours, we suggest you go with us by reading this article.

Where is Georgia?

If you have never been to Georgia, you might want to know where this country is in this vast world. Just like Turkey, Georgia is an Asian country. This means that one part is in Asia and the other is in Europe.

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According to geographical studies, this country is located in the Caucasus region and borders Russia in the northern parts. As one of the Muslim countries, the Republic of Azerbaijan is located on the outskirts of this country and in the east and southeast. Turkey and Armenia are also found in southern Georgia. The western parts also adjoin the Black Sea.

What is the symbol of Georgia?

Georgia’s national coat of arms is a man riding a white horse named Holy George. This martyr who lived before the arrival of Islam was a Christian martyr who is considered a symbol of the Georgian state in Eurasia.

symbol of Georgia

Area and population of Georgia

Georgia is known as one of the smallest countries in population and area. Of course, this fact is significant for a country like Iran because many countries do not differ in the territory and people from the land of Georgia.

According to the last census, this country, with an area of ​​69,700 square kilometers, had a population of 3 million and 700 thousand people; interestingly, almost 45% of the population of this country lives in Tbilisi.

A significant part of the area of ​​this country is devoted to high mountains, rivers, sea coasts, and other tourist attractions. There are 65 people per square kilometer in this country, and it can be said that the population density in this country is very low. However, we should not ignore that the high population of Tbilisi has made the population density in the capital extremely high. High and faces semi-heavy traffic on some days throughout the year.

Georgian capital

Tbilisi is the name of the city chosen as the capital of Georgia. The town is made of beautiful architecture, combining old and modern streets and buildings with a breathtaking view. This city’s many historical and natural attractions cannot be summarized in a short topic. Tbilisi means hot spring, derived from the hot spring seen all over the city.
One of the city’s most beautiful natural attractions is the Ker River, which runs through the town and divides Tbilisi into two parts. Tbilisi is located on the Silk Road and has been one of the most important communication routes between the West and the East since ancient times. Tbilisi experiences semi-cold winters, so planning a trip to the country during other seasons is recommended. Last-minute Tbilisi tours allow you to visit this historic city—an unforgettable trip just for you.
All about Georgia

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Subtropical and continental climates influence Georgia’s environment to the West and East of the throne. The country has temperate and rainy weather and a continental and dry environment in the central regions due to the presence of the Greater Caucasus Mountains and cold north winds. Also, the temperature in the highlands of Georgia is more complex than in other places.

The most touristic cities in Georgia

Of course, the first option we should mention is Tbilisi. As the city is located amidst the mountains, Tbilisi’s climate can be considered clean and pure, making it an ideal destination for travelers from the Caucasus region. In this city, you can avail yourself of modern European-style facilities. The city has over 30 hot springs in the mountains, perfect for cold days and aching joints. The integrated and stunning architecture, which is the result of combining the art of construction in ancient Russia and new Europe, is considered one of the most important attractions of this city.
Batumi is another city that is not as famous as Tbilisi, but many tourists know it; This city has the best luxury beach accommodations. Any kind of entertainment you can think of is possible in Batumi.
This city is trendy among Georgians, and most try to visit it for a summer visit. In a word, it is better to say that Batumi, for Georgians, is like the northern city for us Iranians. If you want to travel to other tourist cities in Georgia, we recommend Mestia, Spantsminda, Mtsakhta, and Telavi.

Language, religion, and religion of the Georgian people

Georgians speak the Georgian language. The Georgian language is among the world’s oldest and most original languages, so it is considered one of the ten languages ​​spoken by the first humanity. Its script is also derived from the original language known as the Georgian script.
The official religion in Georgia is the same as in European countries. Christianity is the majority religion of the people, and they make up more than 83% of the population of this country. The number of Muslims in this country is about 10 percent.
The difference between the population of Shias and Sunnis is not very significant. Almost four percent of the people of this country follow Christianity and the Armenian religion. Still, the followers of the Catholic faith are very few and do not even reach one percent.

Trip to Georgia

A trip to Georgia will be your most exciting trip. Visits to the country are increasing throughout the year. However, the cold winter weather and rising summer temperatures have reduced the number of visits to the country. However, the air temperature in Georgia is very different. Summer and winter … you will get a little cold in winter. Which is not too annoying And the air temperature in the summer will not be so high that you will have to stay in the shelter all day.
If you want to travel to this country at the best possible time, choose the spring season, as the air temperature is favorable and balanced. Fall also has mild weather, and temperatures in several cities in Georgia aren’t so high that they bother you. It’s not so cold that you must dress warmly, but be aware that the fall sky is not as clear and clean as the Georgian sky in the spring season.

How is Georgia’s economy doing?

Georgia is a country that, due to its favorable climate and unique geographical location, has suitable land for cultivation, so agriculture is developing in this Eurasian country. Also, because this country has many tourist attractions that have been inhabited since ancient times, it hosts a large number of tourists in its tourist cities every year. In industrial terms, this country provides several raw materials for industrial plants in Russia and is in a good position.

Map of Georgia

In this section, you can see the map of Georgia very well.
Map of Georgia

What is the currency of Georgia?

Georgian currency is made up of smaller parts called tetri and called lari. It can generally be said to be 1 Lari for every 100 Tetris, and a Lari is expressed in GEL. GEL stands for GEORGIA LARI. In general, all money in the country has a fraction. Lari notes are available in denominations of 5 lari, 10 lari, 20 lari, and 1200 lari, but 200 lari notes are rarely found on the market.

Where should we go when we go to Georgia?

Georgia is located in Eastern Europe and is the meeting point of Asia and Europe Georgia is full of historical and exciting places. You will never get tired of visiting and enjoying it there. Among the areas of interest in Georgia, we visited Golati Monastery, Vardzia Cave City, Svaneti, Sotetsoli Cathedral, Zoveri Church, Dhanvili Street, Narikala Castle, Tbilisi Old Town, Tbilisi Cable Train, Tbilisi Cable Car, Matiki Quarter, Gabrezi and Gabrezi.

What languages ​​do the people of Georgia speak?

The inhabitants of Georgia speak the Georgian language. It is the country’s official language and is one of the ten oldest languages ​​in the world that are still spoken. Georgian is written using the Georgian alphabet and is one of the 16 writing systems in the world. The Georgian language is one of the Caucasian languages ​​and belongs to the Kartoli family. The oldest inscriptions found in Georgia are written in the Georgian language, and their alphabet dates back to the 1st century BC. It is said that the Caucasian language is the language that connects the Caucasus region between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, so Georgian is part of the Caucasian language.

What are the laws of Georgia?

Like other countries, Georgia has built the country’s best constitution. On August 24, 1995, the Georgia Congress approved the Georgian form and entered into force on October 17. This constitution replaced the power of the government in 1992. In 1996, after amending the country’s constitution, a court was established with this title. Under the new decisions, the Georgia Constitution has a preamble, main body, transition standards, 11 chapters, and 121 main chapters.
As you know, to enter any country, you need to know the rules and regulations of that country before you travel so that you can follow those rules. Georgia has set regulations for foreign tourists on the same topic. Among these rules:
  • Do not take any antidepressants. Even acetaminophen without a doctor’s prescription
  • Prohibition of driving drugs that cause narcotics, analgesics, psychotropic substances, and various cold and hot weapons.
  • Carry-on luggage is prohibited when traveling to Georgia.
  • Personal or commercial property of more than 100 kilograms is prohibited.
  • If you bring more than 20 kilograms of personal or non-commercial luggage, you must pay a tax of one Georgian currency per kilogram.
  • Ordinary people must enter and exit goods according to the rules.
  • It has been possible to export all kinds of handicrafts and art in this country abroad under the supervision and permission of the Ministry of Education.
  • You can only take twenty packs of cigarettes into Georgia, and many more will be charged.
  • Your pets must be checked, and you must bring their health certificate.
  • There is no need to pay taxes when you leave Georgia.

What tourist attractions does Georgia have?

Georgia’s cities are unique, and their attractions attract every tourist. Its towns have houses of different shapes, narrow streets, spiral staircases, beautiful beaches, quaint balconies, and old churches, making the cities attractive. The following can be mentioned among the beautiful tourist cities of Georgia.

  • Tbilisi is the largest city and capital of Georgia
  • Batumi is one of the beautiful coastal cities of Georgia
  • Mestia, its beauty has turned it into a tourist town in Georgia.
  • Spantsminda is one of the first and oldest towns in Georgia.
  • Motsakhta is one of the oldest cities, spanning three thousand years.
  • Gori, a city near Tbilisi
  • Singing in Georgia dates back to the Bronze Age.


Frequently asked questions about Georgia

What is the country type of Georgia?

Georgia, as one of the Eurasian countries that have good tourism relations with Iran, has a strong economy with many tourist attractions that annually receive many tourists from all over the world.

Is Georgia good for life?

If you are looking to move to a cheap country and want to enjoy your trip to the fullest, Georgia is one of the best options for your dear ones. Of course, you must also consider that this country has a weaker economy than other EU members. To stay or go to this tourist country, you can visit the cities of Tbilisi and Batumi.

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