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10 reasons to travel to Georgia

Georgia has a unique historical and cultural position in the region. Tbilisi, the capital of this country, is considered a European city, but it also has an oriental atmosphere.

Tbilisi is a magnificent combination of Istanbul’s nightlife and the Eastern European atmosphere. This country’s warm and friendly people have no sign of the coldness of the relations between the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Interestingly, for many Western tourists, the warmth of Georgian people is one of the reasons for traveling to this country.

The unique nature of Georgia

The unique nature of Georgia, along with the warmth of the people of this land, is one of the reasons for traveling to this country. The vast and green plains will surprise you.

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In addition to the green plains, the highest peak in Europe, called Elbrus, with a height of 5642 meters, is also located in Georgia. It is one of the essential peaks for climbers to climb.

The characteristic of this country is that while athletes are skiing and mountaineers are climbing the snow-capped peak, in the other part of the country, people are sunbathing and swimming.

It must be said that the most beautiful beaches of the Black Sea are also located on this land.

Variety of food and drinks

Those who plan to travel to Georgia should follow the diet. You can’t turn away from various foods and first-class drinks in this country.

Georgia’s food and drink rank fourth in Europe after Italy, France, and Spain. Being on the path between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia has created this variety of food in Georgia.

Variety of food and drinks

In addition to the unique dishes of this country, you can also find a variety of Turkish, Russian, and Mediterranean dishes.

According to many who have traveled to Georgia, the best kebabs can be eaten in Georgia.

Georgia is a cheap destination.

Georgia is a cheap tourist destination. You can travel to it at any income level. If you buy a more expensive tour, there are luxury hotels that can accommodate you, and if you have a lower budget, there are hotels and suitable facilities for that.

Transportation is not expensive there, and entertainment is available in this country according to the pocket budget.

Cartelis Deda statue

The statue of Kartlis Deda shelters the city like a mother. You can see the mother figure atop a hill anywhere in the city. This statue is 20 meters high, made of aluminum, and shows a woman in the national dress of Georgia. The statue’s left hand is a drinking cup to welcome friends, and the right hand is a sword to fight enemies.

Visiting this statue, which is located on top of Tbilisi Forest Park, is considered one of the most important tourist attractions of this city and Georgia.

Cartelis Deda statue

The coastal city of Batumi

The most beautiful beach on the Black Sea is located in this city. The most important thing about this city is that you can travel and swim even in winter.

The geographical location of this city is such that the distance from the mountain to the sea is very short, which means that you can ski and swim in one day.

Batumi is a lively and lively city. Its nocturnal life lasts until the early hours of the morning.

Near Batumi, there is an area called Orki called the magical beach. Many believe that the beach sand, and the seawater in that area, have mineral properties and are helpful for some diseases. This belief also attracts many tourists to this city.

Sminda Samba Church, Tbilisi

Sminda Samba Church in Tbilisi is one of the largest churches in the world. Its building shines like a jewel in the middle of the city. Although not much has passed since its construction, and it is not among the historical churches of the world, it is the largest Orthodox church in the world and the third highest Orthodox church in the world.

Sminda Sambai Church is the city’s cathedral, where most religious ceremonies are held.

Night lighting has created one of the most beautiful buildings in the city and the world.

The doors of the church are open to all people and foreign tourists.

International Black Sea Jazz Festival

When talking about the jazz music festivals, many eyes are drawn to Batumi. Every year in July, Batumi hosts the Black Sea International Jazz Festival, and the organizers of this festival invite the best jazz singers and musicians from all over the world to this festival. Many music groups and jazz enthusiasts gather during this festival, and the city has a unique atmosphere.

International Black Sea Jazz Festival

American and Latin American groups from Europe, Iran, Armenia, and Japan participate in these festivals.

Ancient sulfur baths of Tbilisi

Caesarian baths are one of the tourist attractions of Tbilisi. Historical baths dated back to their construction in the 17th century. These hot water sulfur baths are still working, and every year, tourists from all over the world travel to Tbilisi to treat some joint and rheumatic pains. There are pools where you can sit and massage in sulfur water.

In addition to the therapeutic use of these baths, they are also exciting from a historical point of view. The roof of these sulfur baths is dome-shaped; in some, blue tiles are used for interior decoration.

Jivari Motsakhta Monastery

There is an ancient monastery on the top of the city of Matsakhta. This monastery is an old and orthodox structure that dates back to the 6th century AD and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To reach the monastery, you have to cross a mountainous nature. On the top of the mountain where this monastery is located, you can see the city of Mtsakhta with a unique view.

Tbilisi National Park

Tbilisi National Park is one of the ecotourism attractions in Georgia. This park protects the habitat of endangered, rare and native animals. The best thing to do is to rent a car by the hour to explore this natural park for a day.

Of course, you can also have fun in this national park by bike.

The extent of this national park is such that there is a village and a natural lake in it. Biodiversity in this park is also unique; this diversity extends from plants to animals.

In Tbilisi National Park, besides red fox, gray wolf, stone otter, and mink, you can also see rare animals such as lynx and brown bear. Other rare animals, like red deer, live in Tbilisi National Park.

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