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Never miss a hot air balloon ride in Tbilisi

Hot air ballooning in Tbilisi is one of the most engaging activities that can be had in this city. The following will provide helpful information about the hot air balloon tour in Tbilisi.
According to the experience of Tbilisi tour travelers, watching this city from above is a pleasure. For this reason, they ride the beautiful cable car to the town or go to Narikala Fort. However, seeing this city from the height of the two mentioned ways cannot be compared to seeing it vertically from above while riding in a hot air balloon. Hot air ballooning in Tbilisi should be considered one of the most extraordinary and luxurious activities for tourists in this city.

The capacity of Tbilisi’s recreational balloons varies from 2 to 24 people, so even if you have traveled to this city as a family or as a friendly team, you can still board a balloon and climb into the sky as a group.

Essential tips about hot air ballooning in Tbilisi

Balloons do not fly into the sky here in the city’s center; their location is a secluded area away from the crowd. However, after the flight, you can see the entire city and all its parts, whether crowded or quiet. During the hot air balloon ride in Tbilisi, you will be presented with a unique or VIP package and a standard package.

In VIP hot air balloon ride packages in Tbilisi, everything is taken care of by the operator, and all you and your companions have to do is enjoy the flight and watch the surrounding scenery. You will be given a meal and a drink as a VIP package during the flight.

Also, there is no need to worry about recording memories; the hot air balloon tour operator will take professional photos of you. Another essential feature of VIP balloon ride packages, which is very important due to their location being far from the city center, is the hotel pick-up service. In the form of this package, you will be taken from the hotel to the balloon’s location, and after the tour, they will return you to your residence.

The standard package does not include special facilities; they only take you on a balloon ride. In other words, you should have some food with you beforehand. Be careful when taking pictures because a harsh wind may bring your camera or smartphone from your hand and leave it in the sky.

The cost of a hot air balloon ride in Tbilisi

Unfortunately, the thing that causes not all travelers to be able to ride a balloon during their Tbilisi tour is the high cost of this tour, even though it is short. To hang the balloons with a capacity of 4-5 people, you need to pay 190 euros per person.

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