Definition of tourism and types of tourism

Tourism is an industry that has both a high capacity and its own fans. You may not be aware of the size of the Passover. Yes. There are some types of tours that will certainly be interesting for you. Come with us to the Scriptures and see how we can see it.

What is the definition of tourism?

Before we go to the types of tours, first, we need to understand the definition of tourism. You want to travel. Your temporary departure from your daily living area can happen for any reason. On each trip, you will experience different things. But what is your journey’s specialty? If you wanted to explain your journey with one word, what would that word be?

In today’s world, tourism has taken a large share of culture and economy, and in the future, this share will be larger. Travel can be seen moving from origin to destination, but tourism and travel are close concepts. You can travel more easily and have more suitable facilities by knowing the types of travel and tourism. You may be encouraged to recognize the types of travel.

What are the benefits of tourism?

In this time, traveling and tourism has become a very attractive and relaxing hobby. Many people call travel and tourism one of life’s greatest pleasures. And we are going to continue to pay for the sequel:

Stress Reduction: Entering an area where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings will help you reduce stress!

Diversify your life: You live your normal life away and enter a new environment.

Nature: We humans need nature, and we need to take refuge in nature at least once in a while!

In the moment: Do you know how important it is to you to live in the moment? You need to live with your body and mind in the moment, and traveling will allow you to do that.

Capture Fascinating Memories: Many of our memories come from being together and traveling. So never lose the chance to get some interesting memories.

Familiarity with different cultures: It is very important to get to know different cultures throughout your life. This will help you to free up your vision and mind and eventually grow further.

Types of Tourism

Tourism, as one of the most thriving industries in the world, has had a huge impact on many tourist destinations. Every year, millions of people visit historic areas, leisure, relax and … They travel to different parts of the world. But don’t forget that this industry isn’t just for visiting, relaxing, or entertaining. The tourism industry has many different types. Knowing the types is also important. Don’t forget that every type of tourism has its own needs and services and cannot be compared.

For example, tourists who travel to a place for business, hotel, and accommodation facilities are of particular importance to them. They may not be interested in local markets. Meanwhile, tourists who visit relatives and friends don’t need hotels or restaurants outside. But they have a lot of fun and local shopping.

Cultural Tourism

Travel to see cultural attractions, including buildings, museums, exhibitions, art galleries and more. Everyone and everyone is under the category of cultural tourism. Between 35 and 40 percent of the world’s tourists are cultural tourists.

Seeing and knowing different cultures is a profound experience for humanity. Many international organizations and peace organizations support this type of tourism.

You can also define cultural tourism in a broader context. And that’s when he considered many religious ceremonies to be its subset of it. But given the extent of this category, we will define it in a separate section.

One of the most important areas of cultural tourism is visiting historical monuments and buildings. The attractiveness of these works usually reflects the culture and civilization of different ethnicities and nations. The magnificent monuments or architecture of the Islamic period، the mosques of Istanbul، the statues of Italy، the palaces of Moscow، etc. all express the culture of society. Accurate and historical familiarity with these monuments in addition to visual attractions will also bring the cultural richness of tourists. Tourism in antiquities is one of the most secretive types of tourism because the preservation and protection of these monuments are of primary importance.

Another area that is considered in cultural tourism is the use of art exhibitions and festivals. You’ve heard of the Louvre in Paris, and if you go to Paris, one of the most important attractions is to visit this museum, which is a sub-category of cultural tourism.

Historical and anthropological museums are also included in this subcategory. If you are more careful, you can also visit private galleries. Before you travel to any city, you can make a list of museums and galleries in a city and make a cultural trip for yourself.

Religious Tourism

This type of tourism is also a subset of cultural tourism. In every religion in the world, places can be found that are sacred. Every Muslim who has a good financial position also has an obligatory journey, and that is the journey of hajj. The Shrine of the Imams (a) also enjoys a high place with Muslims. In any case, pilgrimages have been accompanied by the human race since ancient times, and man will understand many of his spiritual experiences on these trips.

On any trip, you may make presents for those around you who did not travel with you, but on religious trips, these gifts are more spiritual and a form of consecration. Usually, there are facilities around the holy places for pilgrims. Usually, there are restrictions for the types of leisure, and these restrictions are determined according to the laws of the religion in question. In Muslim hotels, for example, pork or booze are no longer served.

Tours (Ecotourism)

The growth of urbanization has immersed humans in the social environment. No matter how good society is to man, we cannot ignore its harms. One way to reduce this loss is to avoid social spaces, and on the other hand, one always develops a grandmother in one’s mind and is interested in visiting her: nature. Land.

In modern societies, nature is one of the places that frees man from daily preoccupations, but that’s not all. Sometimes, nature also shows its glory. Seeing the silent leaves of the forest under the sunshine until sunset in the clouds of mountainous land surprises us all.

Nature tourism includes excursions in natural environments such as mountains, forests, seas, deserts, and other natural landscapes. There is a 20 percent quota in the tourist market. Nature tourism is usually considered the healthiest type of tourism, and economically, it can be considered the fairest type of investment if macro tourism planning happens correctly.

The absence of these structures has raised alarm bells of crisis in the environment. The environmental crisis will not only negatively affect tourism but also endanger our human lives. Pollution in large cities is one of the results of environmental crises.

Ethnic tourism

Each of the communities over the years and the creation and accumulation of shared experiences find some distinction with other ethnicities. Knowing and understanding these distinctions is considered one of the most attractive types of tourism. The main manifestation of these distinctions can be seen in the customs of a nation, tribe, or tribe. Local celebrations and the customs of different times are the main and attractive manifestations of these distinctions. Participating in these celebrations and ceremonies can be one of the most fascinating human experiences for a person.

Of course, the goal may be to see a people, but at the same time, you get acquainted with nature, its way of life, and its interaction with the world around it, and your ethnic tourism may also be a professional nature tour. Familiarity with a culture is important. Do not forget about the cultural heritage.

Business and Business Tourism

Conferences, conferences and trade fairs, and industrial and trade exhibitions are common targets of this type of travel. Business travel is growing in developed countries. In this regard, it is usually designed for merchants and merchants of certain hotels and accommodations. In addition to these conferences, commercial tourism is also common in cities with high industrial production.

Tourist (Geo Tourism)

One of the subsets of nature is the difference that in this part, people usually travel to the point not only to find relaxation but also to see the special effects of the earth for them. For example, regular layers of earth in high rocks, sand dunes, salt domes, and so on. In addition to nature tourism, this tour has a lot of scientific aspects, and the presence of a dominant guide can be very helpful.

Sports tourism 

The charm of a football match is no secret. Maybe the word “tourism” is not right for fans of a match. But if you know that a big sporting event is going to take place somewhere, the tourism aspect is important. Usually, special conditions are considered for fans before a cup is held. The Olympic Games, World Athletics Cup, and the FIFA World Cup are competitions that must be designed and built for fans before they are held.

In addition, special sports can only be played in certain areas, such as surfing, which is also a subset of sports tourism. Another aspect of sports tourism is players’ training tours. Many places are suitable places for sports players to prepare because of the right weather or natural conditions. Many investors are also trying to attract sports teams in different fields by providing suitable accommodation conditions and providing the required sports facilities.

Medical Tourism

Health tourism is defined in two main areas: treatment and care.

A group of travelers travel to cities or countries where medical facilities are available to them. Therefore, such a trip includes various activities aimed at ensuring the health of the individual or the tourist. Such as health care recovery and rehab. Health tourism is a new concept.

In health tourism (treatment, health), it is usually the flow of movement from the periphery to the center because it requires special medical and health facilities that are often available in developed countries.

In recent years, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and Malaysia have always been countries where many patients have traveled to these countries for treatment. For the treatment of some diseases, special scientific and hardware infrastructure is required.

Black (Dark Tourism)

The term “tourism” is always associated with fun and enjoyment, but in black tourism, you have other goals. Familiarity with the suffering that has befallen humanity at any time or place, or familiar with places that, for humans, are somehow faced with death. In black tourism, sometimes, a more important goal is to help the victims. Territories that have been attacked or where war has taken place can be considered the destinations of this type of tourism. Black tourism has its own variants. War tourism, poverty tourism, earthquake and flood tourism, and cemeteries tourism are part of these types of tourism.

Opioid Tourism

There are different laws for drugs in different countries. In many parts of the world, the purchase, sale, and use of certain drugs are not legal. Many people also travel to these areas with respect to the rules. Cannabis consumption is freely practiced in the Netherlands, and there is no specific law regarding its consumption, purchase, and sale.

This is the reason why the flood of tourists flows into this country. Goa Island in India, the Reef Mountains in Morocco, the Amazonia in South Africa, and some places in Australia are destinations. Of course, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia are also more widely involved in this process, and today it should be noted that some South American countries have not only benefited from this but also witnessed an increase in violence and the spread of mafia gangs in these areas.

Gambling Tourism

Another negative human tourism is travel for the purpose of gambling and gambling. The names Las Vegas California, or Macau in Southeast Asia are all reminiscent of the lands where gambling tables are always standing. This type of tourism became more important in the 1980s and 1990s. On the other hand, the existence of global financial and advertising foundations such as Hollywood should not be overlooked behind the scenes.

Importance of Tourism

Tourism has found a special place in the economies of the countries. Investment in this industry is increasing day by day. A country like Turkey recorded an extraordinary $ 37.5 billion in tourism exports in 2017, with nearly 40 million tourists. More than 11% of Spain’s GDP comes from this.

This industry has a great ability to create jobs in different communities. Tourism can play a significant role in economic prosperity and from a cultural and social point of view it can be very important and useful. Through this industry, host countries can develop and promote their culture, language, and social customs.

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