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The carvings in the Nazca desert are among the most mysterious sights in the world. About 900 huge paintings are impossible to view except from high places.

The Nazca Lines are a remarkable collection of lines drawn in the Nazca Desert. 400 km southeast of Lima, and between the two cities of Nazca and Palia, there is a barren desert known as “Nazca” that hosts spectacular icons and figures. It is said that the natives of Nazca created the lines between 200 BC and 700 AD in the Nazca desert.

These paintings are so vast that it is impossible to understand their final shape from the ground like other attractions but to watch them, you have to look at them from a high place. These mysterious creatures have been discovered from the mountains around the Nazca plain for the first time.

If you fly over the Nazca desert in a plane, you will see several feathered figures in the area, displaying patterns such as the shape of a lizard, fish, star, triangle, spider, and more. These paintings are among the fascinating and mysterious sights of the world that we can watch from the window of virtual tours. Be with Nabtrip Tourism magazine.

360° Photo: airplane

It is said that 800 straight lines, 70 images based on animal images, and 300 geometric shapes were drawn by Nazca lines in the mentioned area. It may be interesting to know that the length of some animal-oriented patterns drawn in this area reaches 15 meters (the size of Manhattan’s Empire State Tower). The absence of wind in the Nazca desert has preserved the structure of this image in recent years. Of course, it is said that pollution and erosion caused by deforestation are among the most essential threatening factors for these characters. According to archaeologists, the native people of Nazca drew this image on a diagram and then pulled the said paintings on a large scale from the chart.

Nazca lines

It is still not clear why the Nazca people drew such paintings. Some speculate that these pictures were a series of places for the landing of spaceships! Some also think that cultural and religious beliefs were the most important reason for the formation of these paintings.

Through this article and a virtual tour, you can travel to the Nazca desert and see its spectacular paintings. Nabtrip publishes various content daily, focusing on virtual tours and video travels. If you are interested in this content, don’t forget to visit Nabtrip daily.


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