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Whether your motivation is a family day trip or an exciting trip to the heights and the experience of staying in the lap of nature, a good travel mattress should be one of the essential pieces of equipment in your backpack.
The mattress is one of the essential items in the travel equipment list, used in family trips, nature trips, mountain climbing, rock climbing, indoor sports, and even day trips. This practical device is designed and produced in different types and for other trips and applications.

Some underlays are designed for one-day family trips and vacations, like the travel mat, which is usually always in the trunk of our cars and is used for weekend picnics in the lap of nature, by the beach, and in forest parks.

But rock, desert climbers, and athletes also produce more specialized underlays. In the following, we intend to introduce more of this practical product in Nabtrip magazine.

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Application of travel mat

Purchase guide Travel mat
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Using a travel mat, as its name suggests, is used for lying down, sitting down to rest and prevent injury to the body, and even sometimes to avoid damage to sports equipment.

To rest on the trip, whether it is a short one-day trip on the river bank or a multi-day trip to the heights and lap of nature that requires an overnight stay, the presence of a mattress in your backpack is essential. Still, sometimes mats are designed and produced for sports such as yoga and are called “yoga mats” or “travel mats.” A soft mat designed for yoga.

This traditional sports, relaxation, and travel device can be found in most homes for its practicality. Of course, if you are into mountain climbing, rock climbing, and being outdoors in nature, it will be one of your most essential items. Some mountaineers and nature tourists use their capes to shoot them with an arrow instead of buying a mattress; But for staying at night in conditions with cold weather and the presence of snow and rain, a cape does not work as a mattress, and you must have a bed, sleeping bag and tent with you.

Types of flooring according to application

Purchase guide Travel mat
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The underlay is produced in different types according to the application. Some of its kinds, known as “travel mats” and very familiar to us, are used in short one-day trips.

Some other types are known as “sleeping bag underlay” or “climbing underlay” and are used inside the climbing tent and under the sleeping bag to prevent cold and moisture from penetrating the sleeping bag. These underlays usually have a waterproof and washable cover to wash if it gets dirty quickly.

Some underlays look similar to climbing underlays, But they are designed for yoga and pilates to prevent injury to the body during exercise.

Other types, known as tent bases, are produced, which are waterproof and are designed to place a climbing tent on it. This underlay should prevent water and snow from penetrating the climbing tent and soiling the tent due to mud.

In some sports, such as rock climbing, the underlay has a lot of use because climbers usually place tools and food on the underlay near the rock climbing site and practice.

Essential points in buying a mattress

Purchase guide Travel mat
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First of all, pay attention to the application of your flooring. If you intend to take short family trips, a travel mat can be helpful for you; But if you are engaged in specialized sports such as yoga and climbing, you should buy the type specific to your sport.

To buy a tent underlay, be sure to pay attention to the waterproofness of its fabric. In addition, the tent’s base must have a hole on all four sides so that the nails of the tent can easily pass through it and that the tent is protected against wind and storm.

When buying a mattress, please pay attention to its lightness, compactness, and ease of carrying. The large mat can only be kept in the trunk of your car, not for carrying in a backpack. Of course, some underlays have their cover or even a handle for carrying in short distances.

If you buy a mat for yoga and balance exercises, pay attention to its softness so that your body does not get hurt during training.

For online shopping, be sure to buy from reputable stores so that the product you want has a guarantee of originality, and you can return it if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

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