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What is the currency of Dubai?

One of the countries in the region that has developed significantly in recent years is the United Arab Emirates. As one of the country’s most important cities, Dubai has experienced significant growth. Many construction activities over the past years have made Dubai a very modern and beautiful city. Dubai will be your favorite destination if you are interested in long shopping trips in luxury malls, walking in stylish streets, and staying in multi-story skyscrapers. In addition, due to its proximity to Iran, Dubai is another advantage for Iranians traveling abroad. But do you know what the currency of Dubai is? And what is the value of the Dubai currency compared to other currencies? We will explain more about this later. So stay tuned with Nabtrip Tourism magazine.

Dubai currency

The currency of Dubai (actually the currency of the United Arab Emirates) is the dirham and is equivalent to 100 fils. Like many other countries, notes, and coins make money available in the UAE and Dubai markets. Currently, the currencies available in Dubai are 5, 10, 25, 50 false, and 1 dirham.

But the scones used in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 dirhams. Special care has been taken in the design of banknotes and coins in Dubai. So that you can easily see them, this money belongs to an Arab country.

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currency of Dubai

What currency should we take to travel to Dubai?

You can buy the Dubai currency, the dirham, and the dollar for your trip! But since dollars are more readily available and more accessible to convert back if you don’t spend all your money, it makes sense to buy dollars. You buy dollars in Tehran and convert them to dirhams in Dubai exchanges.

Many money changers in Dubai will convert your money. In addition, some hotels have currency exchange offices that make your work easier.

How much money should we take with us when traveling to Dubai?

How much money should we take with us when traveling to Dubai? If this question arises for you, we must say that foreign travelers in Dubai should have an average of $1,500 with them for a ten-day stay in this city. Of course, if you have Dubai currency (dirham) with you instead of US dollars, you don’t need to go to the Exchange.

If your trip to Dubai is less than ten days, you must have at least 800 US dollars with you for your stay in this country and your daily expenses; this amount is 1500 dollars for two people traveling to the UAE for a week. Of course, you should pay attention to the fact that your travel style directly impacts costs, and travelers who plan to use luxury facilities during their trip should spend at least 3500 US dollars for a week’s stay in Dubai.

Cash allowed when traveling to Dubai – Dubai Money

Every passenger can carry a maximum of 100,000 UAE dirhams in cash when entering or leaving the UAE. Before 2011, the amount of money authorized for traveling to Dubai was around 40,000 dirhams, which the country’s central bank increased to 100,000 dirhams to fight money laundering. Travelers of Dubai are allowed to bring this amount out of the UAE or into this country in the form of Dubai money without prior notification when entering or leaving this city through the air or sea borders of this country.

All travelers entering Dubai and the UAE must bring cash or other monetary documents with a value of more than 100,000 dirhams or its equivalent in foreign currencies and a traveler’s check by completing the declaration form specified by the regulations. Declare a cash declaration to be allowed to enter the UAE.

Is it better to carry cash or cards when traveling to Dubai?

To answer, we must say that using credit cards is quite common in Dubai, and most people in this country use bank cards to pay for their daily purchases and when going to restaurants and shopping centers.

Of course, it is still common to pay in cash for some small expenses such as taxi fare or tips in Dubai, and for convenience, it is better to carry some money with you in addition to your bank card when traveling to this city so that you can use the facilities more efficiently. Use a city in Dubai. Of course, keeping small bills like 10 or 20 dirhams in your pocket is always better because breaking statements in this city is usually tricky.

currency of Dubai

The most famous exchanges in Dubai

There are many exchange offices in Dubai, and in most of this city’s big hotels and shopping centers, it is possible to exchange various currencies for Dubai money. Of course, some exchanges in Dubai have more credibility, and their currency exchange rates are lower. The most famous businesses in Dubai are:

1. Ansari Exchange

This extensive Exchange opened its first office in 1966 and currently has more than 170 active branches in different cities of the United Arab Emirates.

This Exchange currently has only 73 active branches in Dubai, and the first rank of the most significant number of exchanges in Dubai belongs to this company. Finding one of the branches of the Ansari exchange in Dubai is not difficult; you can easily find one of the branches of this Exchange while exploring the city and converting your money into Dubai currency. You can easily change your money or transfer cash in the Ansari exchange.

2. Western Exchange

The Western Union exchange is one of Dubai’s best and most famous currency exchange options. If you exchange your currency in this Exchange, you can participate in the various lotteries of this collection and benefit from its prizes. This Exchange has many branches in most shopping centers in Dubai.

3. Al Rostamani Exchange

All foreign exchange services, such as retail remittances and currency exchange, are performed at Al-Rostamani Exchange. Al-Rostamani Exchange was the first exchange company in Dubai to receive the best quality award in 2013. This Exchange currently has more than 16 active branches in the city of Dubai, and foreign tourists can easily use the services of this complex to change their currency to Dubai money.

Al-Rostamani Exchange started its work in 1998 and has received many awards. Al-Rostamani exchange branches in the famous and touristy Sheikh Zayed Street, Al-Fahidi Street, Dubai Bay, Deira, and Capra Park host customers from different countries daily.

4. United Arab Emirates International Exchange

The United Arab Emirates International Exchange is the largest exchange chain in the UAE, with only 60 branches in Dubai. This Exchange has even established branches in 17 metro stations in Dubai to provide services and offers various services to its customers. Seventeen in metro stations and 150 units across the country. This exchange company started its activity in 1980 and currently has 150 branches all over the United Arab Emirates; low exchange costs and a focus on customer loyalty are the main reasons for the progress of this Exchange.

In addition to the domestic branches of the United Arab Emirates, the United Arab Emirates International Exchange has branches in 31 countries worldwide and provides foreign exchange services to customers abroad. In the offices of this Exchange, all kinds of monetary benefits such as currency conversion, money transfer, bill payment services, and other things are provided to the customers.

5. Fardan Exchange

Fardan Exchange has a network of over 150 banks and financial institutions worldwide. This company was opened in 1958 and has gained a lot of trust and confidence in the market during its activity. The services provided in this collection include various items such as money transfers, currency exchange, issuing credit cards, online remittances, salary services, and so on. This company currently has 16 active branches throughout Dubai, which provide various financial services to customers in this city.

6. Exchange of honor

Sharaf Exchange started its activity in the United Arab Emirates in 1996 and is one of the most reliable exchanges in this country. Sharaf Exchange has 15 active branches in the great city of Dubai, and you can easily withdraw your money from one of the branches of this Exchange in Dubai. change

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