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Tips for traveling by air with children

Many of us sit next to those who have children or babies on air travel, or we travel with our children ourselves. Inside the plane, they can sometimes make children uncomfortable during the trip due to the closed and limited movement space, proximity to strangers, sleep disturbance, ear pain due to air pressure difference, and other factors. Sometimes the children’s noise is so loud that it disturbs and annoys other passengers. To prevent your children from being upset or angry during the flight, there are solutions. If you use at least two or three of them, you will experience a comfortable and trouble-free flight with your children, family, and other passengers.

Before air travel

Suppose you plan to travel with your children. In that case, it is better to choose a ticket that your flight time is between, for example, nine in the morning and ten at night, in later or much earlier hours, such as dawn and midnight, there is a possibility that your child will have a puffy face and Sleepy eyes are so rude that they take away your safety, it’s more. Another thing is that it is in your child’s and yourself’s interest not to get sick during or before the trip, so do not expose your child to colds or infectious diseases in public environments near travel time.

It is better to put a few simple medicines often used by your children for minor illnesses in your handbag and take them with you on the plane. Of course, some medications, even common painkillers, are prohibited in some countries. Before traveling, list drugs. Check the banned countries. Carrying wet wipes is also helpful.

If your child is very fond of snacking and likes to roam everywhere, carrying wet wipes is wise so that you don’t have to constantly walk in the corridor with the child, from the chair to the bathroom and back.

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What we have said so far are the recommendations before the trip; remember the points we will tell you in the following to experience a comfortable and hassle-free leisure trip with your beloved children.

traveling by air with children

1- We know that the seat next to the window always has its charms and is considered a popular place in the row of seats. Remember, if you have a child, the priority is to sit by the window with your child. His head gets hotter, and if you put the baby in the seat next to the aisle, passengers carrying bags or large loads may carelessly hurt your baby. So if you don’t eat jam from the window, at least put the child in the middle seat!

2- The change in air pressure during the plane’s take-off and landing causes disorders in the middle ear of the passengers. This disorder is usually not so painful and uncomfortable for adults. Still, the situation can be more complicated for children and babies because they are physically more vulnerable and intolerant to mild pain. To prevent the effect of this pressure difference on your child’s ears, carry some candies and give them to suck right near the moment of ascent and landing. If you cannot guess the take-off and landing time, ask the flight attendant to guide you. By sucking candy, your child’s swallowing muscles are engaged, and his ear is less damaged. If your child is a baby, gently and carefully insert two small pieces of cotton into his ear.

3- Keep your child entertained during the trip. Carrying a tablet, small portable toy, or drawing supplies is very effective. You don’t have to take a mountain of Legos and toys. It is essential that the toy or any device you take with you is attractive to your child. You know your child’s temperament better. Sometimes children are even amused with the same photo catalog of the flight inside the plane or the paper envelope of the aircraft, and entertaining them mostly depends on your creativity.

4- Take one or two book covers for your child and read to him during the flight. Reading books for children is a perfect and pleasant activity, let alone entertaining your child with reading while flying. When reading a story or poem to your child while traveling, involve him in reading and ask him to tell you a report from the pictures in the book. You will strengthen your child’s creativity and entertain him for more time during the trip.

5- The time of serving food on the plane may not match the time of fullness and hunger of your child. Therefore, to prevent your child’s need, take some light food that is easy to eat for your child. As much as possible, choose food and bland food so that you don’t have to worry about your child’s hands and mouth getting dirty after eating it.

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