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A charter flight is one of those topics that Nabtrip site users always ask about. In this text, we want to discuss the charter flight and its features in detail. We explain the concept of charter flight in such an autopsy and its good and bad qualities that no other question remains. In this blog, we have already written about the charter flight and its difference from the system flight. Still, this article is supposed to remove all the question marks so that when buying a plane ticket, you can easily find the charter flight ticket you want in the shortest possible time. Do and buy

What does charter flight mean?

Before we get into the charter flight, let us briefly explain the concept of charter. In the word, charter means to rent a contract. A charter flight is one in which a natural or legal person rents all or part of the seats for a certain period. This is the simplest definition of a charter flight. Usually, airline agencies, tourist service offices, or even other operators charter a flight on specific routes called charterers. In a charter flight, because all or part of the tickets for this flight are sold in advance, the price is cheaper for the charterer and is almost similar to the bulk purchase in the market. On the other side of the transaction, the airline renting all or part of its flight seats is called the charterer.

This interaction between the charterer and the charterer benefits both parties. The charterer makes sure to sell his tickets throughout the year and has full authority in determining the price of the charter flight ticket. It can sell the charter flight ticket at different costs using time conditions and advertising tools.

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But charter flights are not only for airline agencies and tourist service offices. Many companies, organizations, government departments, and private organizations use charter flights to transport their employees and managers in business missions, meetings, conferences, etc. In this way, they are sure of the order and planning of their employees’ trips and save money. In addition, airlines consider special services and facilities in payment for these organizations and chartering companies.

We must add that the term charter is not only used for air travel, and any public vehicle with many seats can be chartered. Hotels and accommodation centers with many rooms and beds can be chartered, and they happen to be chartered. For example, a travel agency rents several hotel beds (spaces) for a certain period and offers them to its customers. Public and private organizations and organizations are actively involved in hotel chartering, and they charter all or some of the beds in the hotel rooms for the missions and trips of their employees.

charter flight

Types of charter practices

A charter flight is divided into the Full Charter and Seat charter. The seat charter mode or seat rental itself is done in three ways and has three types, which we will explain all these ways and divisions below.

1- Full charter: When the charterer rents all the flight seats on a specific route, it is called a full charter. This is the best way to arrange a charter flight; reputable online systems also offer this type of charter ticket.

2- Seat Charter: In this case, the charterer rents a specific number of seats for a flight for a defined and specific time. This method itself is divided into three other modes:

1) Floating seat charter: in this case, according to the contract, the charterer must sell a certain number of seats to the passengers of this flight in a particular flight route and round trip in a certain period. Of course, in this case, it is not necessary to observe a specific time interval between the outbound flight and the return flight of this ticket, and the date of the roundtrip flights at this stage can be variable. Still, this issue is only possible within the designated period.

2) Back-to-Back Seat Charter: In this case, the charterer sells specific seats on each flight. The difference between this mode and the previous one is that the time interval determined between the date of departure and the date of return is necessary, and this time range must be clear.

3) Seat Charter: Block Seat: In this case, the charterer undertakes to sell only and only a certain number of seats on a roundtrip basis and with a specific date on a flight route and only on a particular flight. Everything is somehow fixed and predetermined in this case, from the date to the number of seats and the flight route.

What do you need to buy a charter flight ticket online?

The best and easiest way to buy charter flight tickets is online. In this case, you can search among the countless options available for the charter flight you want in a few minutes and finally choose the charter flight ticket you want. The online system searches, and you only have to apply your expectations and wishes. It is enough that you have already bought a charter flight ticket in person and visited many agencies to find the best option to realize how much time and energy online shopping saves you. If you have never bought a ticket online, you can quickly learn how to search and buy online in the visual guide of the site. To buy a charter flight ticket online, you will need these things:

1- Email address or email address: As in the past, passenger information was written on paper tickets, e-tickets contain information about you and your fellow passengers, and the e-ticket is sent to your email address along with information about the flight. You can print your e-ticket after the ticket purchase process is over. If you forget to print the ticket, don’t worry, most of the time, it is enough to show your ID card and the ticket code sent to your email at the ticket check counter at the airport.

2- Debit card second code: With the dual regulation of the debit card, apart from buying charter and system flight tickets online, you can also purchase many other goods and services online. If you don’t have the second password for your card yet, define a second password by visiting one of the ATM branches of the bank from which you got the debit card.

3- Money in the bank account: Now that you have both the email and the second password of the debit card, all that remains is to check your account to have enough money to buy tickets.

Well, now you have everything you need to buy plane tickets online. From now on, we will explain so that you can consider the best choice and buy a charter ticket in the best possible situation.

Charter flight features

Travel agencies try to sell their charter tickets using various promotional tools and methods. These charterers have to sell their tickets in any way to fill the flight and return the investment, which is why you can sometimes find tickets at a very reasonable price in low travel seasons. Another advantage of a charter flight ticket is that the flight date is known, and you will not face problems such as lack of or lack of keys, complete flight lines, etc., during the busy season.

You can indeed find charter tickets at different times at different prices, but against this feature, charter tickets are less flexible than system tickets. When you buy a system ticket, you can return it after purchasing the ticket and get your money back. Still, you cannot repay the key on a charter flight, or if you can return the charter ticket in some exceptional circumstances, the penalty for canceling a visa is very high and sometimes equals the cost of the access itself.

Saving time

You have different ways to buy charter flight tickets. The traditional way is to ask the ticket sales representative of an airline agent to get you a charter flight ticket. This method has been tried for a long time and has advantages and disadvantages. The critical issue with this method is wasting time. In the most optimistic case, it will take an hour or two. Second, in this case, the agency on your account may have limited charter flights, which reduces the power of choice. But what is the online shopping method’s superiority over this method?

That’s all you need to know about charter flights. We wish you a good and successful trip no matter what flight you are on and for what purpose you are traveling.

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