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A comprehensive guide to all types of hotel rooms

Have you ever paid attention to the names of the hotel rooms? We have all experienced this; Imagine being invited to a coffee shop for a business meeting, a friendly gathering, or a simple outing. So far, so good, but when the waiter puts the cafe menu in front of you, you are faced with a long list of strange food and drink names, and you have no idea if they are even drinks or food; So you order one at random or one with a catchier title and pray it’s good. The story of hotel reservation is precisely the same; You plan with your family, friends, or spouse long ago for a week that has several days off in a row, but when you get to the page of the hotel you want, you come across a series of strange terms in the hotel rooms section that have a clear and specific meaning. Do not have Terms like twin bed, cabana room, or triple room; each has different prices.

Of course, like the story of the coffee shop, a series of these names were chosen by the hotel itself, and you cannot find them in the dictionary of tourism terms, but most of these terms have a special meaning, which we would like to explain below and define the types of hotel rooms. Stay with Nabtrip magazine.

1- Single room

As the name of this type of hotel room suggests, it is designed for one person. The single room usually has a single bed, and its space is between 37 and 45 square meters. The facilities of a single room, depending on the number of stars in the hotel, can include a TV, refrigerator, bathroom, and toilet. In hotels, when you come across the abbreviation SGL, it means single or single room.

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It may be interesting to know that single rooms in some hotels usually have a higher price than double and even triple rooms because a series of special services only belong to single rooms. Usually, the beds used in the single space should be small, but in some hotels, king-size beds are also used. Single room is one of the most used and popular types of hotel rooms.

Single room

2- Double room

As its name suggests, a double room can comfortably accommodate two people. Of course, it should be kept in mind that the double room itself is divided into two categories, the first is the double room, and the second is the twin room. But what is the difference between the two?

A double room is a room in which a large double bed is joined together, and most of the audience of these beds are family couples. Some people think booking a double room will get a giant bed, which is wrong because hotels usually have single rooms with king-size beds, but you have to pay almost double the price for a double room.

Double room

3- twin room

A twin room has two separate beds that you can quickly get and use by reserving those two comfortable and almost large beds. The beds are single, but there are usually no twin rooms with king-size beds.

It is clear that by reserving a double room, all the items in the room will be delivered to you in the size of a double. The double room is one of the essential types of a hotel rooms.

twin room

4- Triple rooms

The triple room is the same as the previous options for three people. Of course, these rooms are different from the last two rooms, and that is because of the number of beds. These rooms appear in two types, which we will explain below.

One of the three-person room models is that three beds are considered for each person and placed in this large room. In some hotels, even two toilets are enough to meet people’s health needs.

Another model of these rooms is that there is a double bed and a single bed, which is usually very efficient for three-person families, and is much more prevalent among families.

Triple rooms are usually large and more expensive than other rooms.

Triple rooms

5- Quad rooms

The four-person rooms are similar to the upper rooms, but there are also differences. One of these differences is the size of this room, which is much bigger than the other rooms. Four-person rooms are so big that many hotels usually do not consider them economical or use them.

The beds in this hotel room are available in two forms, two double beds, and four single beds, depending on the choice of families, but usually, two large beds are used to make the cost cheaper. However, the four-person room is one of the least used among the types of hotel rooms.

Quad rooms

6- Suite

Perhaps the complete type of hotel room is this suite; The main reason is its facilities. In addition to the fact that the suites include several rooms and in addition to these rooms, they have all the comforts that families can look at like a complete home and relax easily during their travels.

Of course, it should be noted that suites are divided into several different categories. Suites can be so small that they are called mini-suites. There are also average suites; the size of these rooms is moderate, and they don’t have a second floor. Duplex suites also have an upper bed, bathroom, and other comfort and entertainment facilities.


7- Cabana

Cabana rooms are one of the most luxurious options among all hotel rooms, usually not less than 30 meters. These rooms are always located on the ground floor, and the main reason is that there is a swimming pool in these rooms, which makes this room one of the most expensive rooms in the hotel. These rooms are famous primarily because of their pool nature, and usually, the rooms are not as luxurious as expensive suites. The only luxury element of these rooms is their pools. Of course, all the rooms named cabanas do not necessarily have a swimming pool in Iran. The rooms on the ground floor, which have direct access to the pool or are located outside the hotel area and have a higher place, are sometimes called cabanas.


8- Connecting or connected room

One of the rooms suitable for families is the connecting room. These rooms usually include a large room connected to a smaller space by a wall and a door. These rooms are important for families because they can separate the parents’ room from the children’s room and treat it like a typical house. Inside each room, there are beds where family members can rest easy.

This room is one of the most popular among all types of hotel rooms and families.

Connecting or connected room

9- Villa

One of the most luxurious and well-equipped rooms in a hotel is a villa, which has different types and models in other hotels; depending on your needs, taste, and budget, you can rent and stay in other villas. Five-star hotels’ most equipped luxury villas include bedrooms, living areas, balconies, swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas, bathrooms, and toilets. They are functional, just like an independent luxury hotel.

Some villas are even equipped with rooms for disabled people called Room for Disabled. Among other unique rooms, which are very rare, is the smoking room, where smokers living in these villas have a suitable space to smoke by going to this room, and non-smokers are also safe from the danger of cigarette smoke. Despite the rules, the Smoking ban in different hotels is significant for people who smoke a lot.


10- Apartment

For long-term trips, apartment rooms are the best possible options. These hotel rooms include a bedroom, living room, furniture, bathroom, and toilet, which have lower prices than rooms like villas. Because of their small but functional nature, they are always essential and consistent choices for people who go on long business trips and have to spend a lot of money. Pay to stay in different places.

These rooms usually do not accommodate many people due to their small size, and most of these rooms are doubles, but there are apartment rooms with a large extent, which you can book to accommodate more people in these apartments.


11- Presidential or Royal Suite

The most significant, best, and most luxurious type of suite is the Presidential Suite, which is from 80 to 350 meters; Of course, be sure that the most expensive type of suite is also the presidential or royal suite, and staying in these rooms even once will give you an excellent feeling.

These suites have a very tangible difference from other hotel rooms and suites. Among the unique points about these rooms, we can mention unique decoration, mini bar, personal server, open swimming pool, king-size beds, etc., that living in this suite will make the rooms very special, attractive, and memorable.

Presidential or Royal Suite

12- Airport hotel room

These hotels and rooms are located inside or near the airport. They are usually for cases where airplane flights are delayed, or the passengers of an airport refer to these hotels to reach their flight on time and not have to travel a lot to get to the airport. Since flights are often delayed in some countries, these hotels have many visitors.

In general, the building elements of these hotels are no different from other hotels, and the only difference is the proximity of these hotels to the airport. For this reason, these hotels are called airport hotels.

Airport hotel room

13- Fiesta Sweet

This room model has become more popular in the last few years, or rather, these rooms have been built in Iran in the previous few years, which are usually suitable for expensive and elaborate weddings. These rooms are called reception halls, which typically end in the room for the bride and groom.

This model of rooms isis is scarce, but it is costly compared to other hotel rooms, which are extraordinary examples. A series of Fiesta Suites include several additional rooms to accommodate more people.

Fiesta Sweet

14- Duplex suite

These suites have a similar structure to average suites, and their functionality is almost the same, but they significantly differ in appearance and complexity. Constructive elements such as the living room, living room, and kitchen are located on the same floor, but the bedrooms are separated by a staircase leading to the upper floor.

The rest of the suite is not much different from the suite rooms mentioned above; Of course, the price of these suites is significantly different from other suites and is included in the category of luxury hotel rooms.

Duplex suite

15- Studio

If you are a person who is constantly on business trips and you are just looking for a place where you can rest for a while before your business meetings and not be too busy around you, studio rooms are the best option for you.

All types of studio hotel rooms are small, but some of them even include a kitchen. These rooms are not suitable for having fun while traveling and are entirely made for business trips.


16- Office suite

These suites are suitable for people who have to work while traveling, and the office suite is the best possible option for these people. Although the office suite has a smaller area than other suites, it has a variety of work and office equipment such as a table, chair, internet, computer, landline phone, etc., which you can customize according to your taste.

There are also different types of office suites, and by paying more, you can get better suites; even some of these are multi-person, and you can interact well with these rooms during your multi-person business trip.

Office suite

Common terms

There are things that you must know about hotel rooms. In the following, we will review these points.

  • Double beds and double rooms differ from twin and twin rooms in the hotel. The difference between a double room and a twin depends on the bed type. In this way, twin beds are two separate beds covering one person, and double beds, as the name suggests, support two people simultaneously. So if you ask yourself what a double room means, think of a double bed.
  • If the number of people in your family exceeds a specific limit, you can get a sofa bed and an extra pillow by paying a higher amount, which will be added to the fiscal receipt.
  • If you have small children, hotels are obliged to provide unique beds for these children so that you can have a suitable place for your beloved children.

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