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Find out about the list of prohibited items on the flight

When you travel, especially when you don’t plan to return for a long time, you should take what you need as much as possible. Including as many items as possible in the luggage placed in the plane’s cargo area when packing the bags is better. Because some of them cannot be taken into the cabin and are considered prohibited items on the flight, although each airline has its own rules, there are some general rules about them that we want to cover in this article. So stay with Nabtrip Travel and Tourism magazine.

Prohibited items in the airplane cabin

The prohibited items in the list below are only related to products that cannot be placed inside the cabin. You can put them in your luggage with proper packaging and deliver them to the cargo.

Prohibited items on the flight

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Liquids greater than 100 ml

Among the prohibited items inside the plane, we can mention liquids. For example, perfumes with more than 100 ml volume cannot be taken into the airplane cabin and must be placed in the luggage and the luggage. These items include eye drops, shampoo, mascara, serum, etc. In the same way, liquid food items are not allowed to enter the cabin if they are more than this amount.

Sporting Goods

Some sports equipment is also among the prohibited items inside the plane. In the meantime, we can mention various sports sticks such as golf, ski baton, billiard stick, hockey, or baseball. Also, you cannot take a bow and arrow into the plane. These items must be placed in your luggage and the plane’s cargo area.

Sharp objects larger than 6 cm

Another group of prohibited items on the plane is related to sharp objects. In the meantime, we can mention scissors, knives, cutters, etc. Of course, if the device in question has rounded edges and is shorter than 6 cm, there is no prohibition for their entry. For example, you can put scissors smaller than 6 cm or nail clippers, sewing needles, etc., in your bag or cabin luggage.


Some electrical devices are prohibited from entering the passenger cabin on foreign flights. Of course, this depends on the rules of the airline. But in general and in most cases, it is not forbidden to bring electrical devices such as laptops, power banks, hair straighteners, irons, etc. It is better to check the airline’s description to take these items.


If you intend to take a unique tool such as a screwdriver, hammer, or similar items on your trip, you must hand it over to the cargo area. Even if these items are toys, they are prohibited in the plane’s main cabin.

Incendiary devices

Items like lighters that may cause a fire on the plane are also included in the list of prohibited items. Even a tiny match cannot be brought into the cabin and must be delivered to the plane’s cargo area.

Forbidden foods

Among the foods prohibited from entering the airplane cabin, we can mention agricultural products, which are not allowed to enter the house in some countries such as America and Canada. These plants may have pests and diseases, and this is the main reason why they are prohibited.

Of course, in some airlines, the entry of food is also prohibited, and warns when passing through the gate. Food such as water, tea, jam, sauce, oil, vinegar, coffee, syrup, honey, jelly, canned food, and any liquid and soft substance is prohibited inside the cabin.

Prohibited items on the flight

Essential medicines

It is not forbidden to bring drugs into the airplane cabin, although the type of drugs must be checked before entering. After that, if approved, you can take the medicines you need into the plane in your handbag. Liquid medicines must be less than 100 ccs, but sometimes they are unnecessary. If you intend to take oxygen capsules into the cabin, you can ask the related airline for information and rules. But carrying a maximum of 5 kg of oxygen capsules is allowed.

Prohibited items on the flight

Types of batteries

In some foreign airlines, carrying objects with batteries inside the cabin is forbidden. For example, electric toothbrushes should not be placed with batteries inside a handbag or cabin bag, and their batteries should be removed. You should not bring any battery-powered device into the cabin, even if it is turned off.

Last word…

In this article, we introduced all the prohibited items on the flight and got to know them. Of course, all airlines announce these rules to their passengers, but having enough information will help you when packing your luggage. Remember that the mentioned items are generally available for most airlines and all flights. Still, sometimes a particular airline may have special conditions that prevent the entry of other things except for the mentioned items. In any case, loading your belongings as much as possible and avoiding bringing them into the cabin is suggested. This will disturb other passengers. If you have traveled by plane, share your experiences carrying what you need into the house.

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