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10 recommendations for better packing of luggage

Is it one of the concerns of your trip to give a lot of things that are supposed to come with the trip? Do you constantly want to add more? It’s not just your problem; we’ve all had our suitcases or backpacks travel, from shampoo and conditioner spills on clothes to junk we took and returned untouched. Many times, when there is an urgent trip, packing the suitcase worries our elder, and he keeps going from one side to the other at home, and what he brings is stuck in it. If your tact and tact are known to everyone, but it has not yet reached that level of skill, explain the solutions that will be useful for you in the best way to pack and carry your luggage while traveling.

1) Write down the required supplies

Have you ever gone on a recreational trip, for example, to the beach, and when you dive into the water, you realize you forgot your slippers and towel? This advice is for forgetful people. Take a small notebook and dedicate each page to one of the days of your trip and write the supplies you need for each day or each activity on that page. Then, when packing, pack your things in the order you wrote in your list.

2) Give weight more than appearance

When buying luggage, you don’t necessarily need to buy the latest expensive models of famous brands and designers or the most beautiful suitcases; in this way, you even expose the luggage to thieves who blink at the airport. The factor that you should consider when buying luggage is its weight. Try to choose a suitcase that, in addition to having high-quality locks and fasteners, is also light.

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better packing

3) Save space

Have you ever arrived at a hotel and unpacked your suitcase to find a pile of clothes to be ironed? To prevent wrinkles, roll your clothes instead of folding them. In this way, they take up less space in the luggage. If you still want to save space, put rolled clothes in vacuum bags and vacuum them out (use these bags are efficient for those who move and have to carry a lot with them).

4) Be diligent in using ZipCap

On every trip, you need a shopping bag to take with you: personal hygiene items, mobile charger, camera charger, headphones, etc. So that these things don’t get scattered in your luggage when moving and flying, sort your small items and put them in separate zip-tops and put them in your luggage. This way, you will not face tangled wires after opening the suitcase.

5) Prevent leakage

One of the ways to prevent liquids from leaking inside the cans of shampoo, cream, and toiletries is to remove their lids, cut a piece of the plastic bag and place it on their door, and then close the door. You can glue the lids with adhesive tape to make them more secure.

6) In order not to have a money trap

This solution is more for necessary times; for example, when, God forbid, you are robbed while traveling. To stash money in a secret place, clean and dry an empty antiperspirant (for men) or finished lipstick (for women), roll up some bills, and put them inside. This is the best place to hide money.

7) Plant cotton in the pancake can

It’s not uncommon for women to be faced with pancakes and crushed eyeshadow after a flight. To prevent your powder cosmetics from crumbling, put cotton on the compressed powder, close it, and close the suitcase safely.

8) Don’t feel sorry for the inside of the shoes either

You know better than us that space like a suitable land in Balashahr is valuable when packing a suitcase. So use the area optimally. For example, roll up your socks and put them and a series of small crumbs in your shoes.

better packing of luggage

9) Stay updated; if not, travel light

If you are not yet up to date with modern technology and you don’t know how to work with smartphones and the Internet, and you are used to using guidebooks while traveling, it is better to avoid the burden of the guidebook, the part of the guidebook that is most important to you. Get a copy, and don’t drag all the books after you.

10) Be Different

These days, most items are made the same way; suitcases and backpacks are prominent examples. Your bag may be exceptional, for example, red with yellow polka dots, but admit it, someone is rarely so blessed and happy. Therefore, to recognize your luggage as soon as it arrives on the airport conveyor belt and not be confused with other bags, somehow distinguish it from the rest. After closing the suitcase, tie a label or tag, colored ribbon, shoelace or colored yarn, or any other clean and beautiful thread around the handle and make your bag stand out…

Well, now you are considered an expert in packing your suitcase. If you’re going on a trip, go to your notebook, start making lists, and do it carefully and carefully until the last step. Take it easy and have fun if you’re on a pleasure trip, and good luck if you’re on a business trip.

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