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Tips to improve the quality of business trips

Airplane tickets are often bought for business trips, an essential part of air travel. In the halls and corridors of airports worldwide, men and women with formal clothes and large bags or small suitcases can be seen talking on the phone or standing in groups of two or more in the corner, chatting with each other as they hold their newspaper under their arms. , or passionately discuss a topic. You may be one of them and go to missions, meetings, seminars, and business meetings every month, weekly, or several times a year. Veterans and professionals know best what to do to have a quality trip.
This article is aimed at those who are younger in terms of travel age and have just entered the vast and busy field of business flights. If you are among this group of travelers, be with Nabtrip Tourism magazine. In the following, we will explain the arrangements that you may use to experience a more peaceful and high-quality trip.

Two of each

It would be best if you had personal belongings on every trip. Prepare two small suitcases and two sets of your personal belongings. For example, two sets of comfortable clothes, two toothbrushes, and toothpaste, two travel towels, etc. Pack your personal belongings in one of the two suitcases. This way, whenever you go on a trip and come back, you will always be ready for the next trip if you don’t have enough time to clean or organize your belongings. It’s like backing up your belongings so that a backup suitcase will aid you in emergencies and rush trips.

Business trip in a room to yourself

Business travel is different from leisure travel, so if you are constantly traveling, you should consider other factors to improve the quality of your travel. For example, if you always travel to one or more fixed cities, try to think of a fixed place of residence for yourself. If you are not very diverse, the best thing is to make it your permanent home in that city after experiencing a good and comfortable stay in a hotel, suite, or guest house. Of course, note that the location of your hotel or suite is close to the place where you have a meeting or seminar. Having a permanent residence has two features; One is that the crew and staff of that place know you and get to know your mood, characteristics, and expectations, and you will receive better service. Second, you can get good discounts after you become a regular customer.

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Local language or dialect

If you are traveling to a city whose native language differs from yours or going on a mission abroad, especially if you have clients and colleagues at your destination with whom you want to expand your working relationships, at least try to learn some essential phrases and numbers. Learn in their language. It is enough to speak a few words in the language or dialect of the people of the city or country of destination; then, you will see the miracle of the language and how it helps you communicate better with the people of that region.

enough information

If you are going to a city or country for a business trip for the first time, gather enough information about the destination before your trip; for example, Google the distance from the airport to the meeting place and your place of residence, the weather, and traffic. Write down the exact date and time of the various events you will participate in and match the local events and occasions with them so that you don’t get stuck in the middle of a march, festival, or parade on the way to your meeting.


If it’s up to you, plan so that your business trip does not coincide with the official holiday of the destination. This is how you save time. But if you weren’t careful and entered a city on a public holiday and hit a closed door, it’s no use being greedy anymore; enjoy the closure and the opportunity you suddenly got until the offices and companies open.

Business trip, only and only direct flight

Do not choose non-stop flights on business trips. In addition to the long journey making you tired and you lose the energy needed to do your work at the destination, you may be delayed at the intermediate stop and unable to reach the goal on time.

Be up to date

You don’t need to carry many files and folders with you here and there. That’s why technology is growing daily so that your burden becomes lighter and lighter. For example, scan documents you don’t need in paper form and take them with you on a flash drive or external hard drive. In this way, you can even have all your records and work documents with you wherever you want. Having a tiny video projector is not a bad idea either. You can organize a business conference or seminar for your partners and contract parties whenever and wherever you want.

Proceed according to the list.

Make a list of things to do at your destination chronologically, or ask your secretary to make one. Check your list while traveling to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Be available

However, you are an activist in the field of business or industry, and you must be aware of all aspects of your work and the people with whom you have a business relationship to be available for your colleagues and clients during the trip, divert your work phone to your mobile phone.

Get some rest

You are indeed on your way to a business trip, and you don’t have time to scratch your head, but try to set aside time for yourself in your busy work schedule, take yourself by the hand after completing your duties and take a tour of the destination city. You don’t have to trample the whole city; for example, choose the nearest attraction to your travel destination and visit it after completing your mission. If you don’t have much time to shop, buy souvenirs for your colleagues and family from the shops near the hotel or airport. You don’t have to spend much money; for example, a package of chocolates or local edibles will make your family, friends, or colleagues happy.

Finally, be regular and pay attention to planning, but at least dedicate a few hours to yourself. Taking care of yourself does not necessarily mean neglecting your work duties. With planning, you can be successful and efficient in all aspects. Don’t forget; before you are a manager, employee, deputy, engineer, doctor, researcher, or anything else, you are human.

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