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Types of hotel services and terms

Many of us come across terms that we do not understand when booking a hotel, and if we know about them, we will make a better choice and book a hotel suitable for the length and planning of our trip. For example, in 5-star hotels, food is sometimes served, which means that the money you pay includes two or three daily meals in the hotel and the room, especially in the online hotel reservation, unlike the in-person booking of the agency operator or the hotel reception, it is more beneficial to know these terms about the types of hotel facilities.

Only room

Only room means that you only get a room with the price you pay for a hotel reservation, and it does not include any meals in the hotel. You don’t want any hotel facilities when choosing this option.

Bed and breakfast

Bed and breakfast or room and breakfast means that in addition to the room, you will also receive breakfast from among the various hotel services. In some small hotels, breakfast is served on a tray for passengers, and big hotels usually have a rich and detailed breakfast table. Most Dostare Babala hotels in Iran have such services.

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Half Board

Two-meal or half-board service in the hotel, that is, with the fee you pay, in addition to staying in the room, you can have two meals, including breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner in the hotel. Usually, three-star hotels and above typically offer these services; for example, many hotels in Kish have two meals.

Full Board

Full-board or three-meal service means the traveler can have three meals in the hotel: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in addition to the room. Three-meal services are mainly used for business hotels but are also offered in tourist destinations. Among domestic hotels, this type of service for the comfort of pilgrims and travelers is expected in the city of Mashhad, and many hotels in this city have three-course services.

If you don’t know which one to choose from the variety of hotel services, think about whether or not you will spend all three meals in or near the hotel. This is unsuitable for tourist trips because it is usually lunchtime or you are far from your hotel. But for a business trip, full-board service is one of the types of hotel services.

All Inclusive

In full service or All, the traveler can eat all the meals, including snacks and drinks, in the hotel until 10 or 11 at night. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are usually served at certain times, but snacks and beverages are always available. This type of service is expected in tourist destinations where travelers go primarily for relaxation and comfort. This service is not recommended for adventurous travelers who go around the city or go to a town or country for shopping. In Iran, more hotels have complete hotel services in Kish and Mashhad.

Ultra All Inclusive

This service is the last! Hotels with excellent service or UAL provide all the conditions for a significant rest period. In these hotels, which are usually four or 5-star hotels, all kinds of food and drinks are served 24 hours a day, and the traveler can go to the restaurant, cafe, or buffet of the hotel and request food, snacks, or drinks at any time. This service is very suitable for those travelers who go to beach destinations to relax and spend most of their time near the beach or hotel pool.

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