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Everything about Paris airports

Paris hosts more than 30 million tourists annually, making this historical and romantic city one of the most visited cities in the world. The museums and historical monuments of this heart of France are also known as the most visited tourist attractions in the world. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Champs-Elysées, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc., along with cafes, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, and even the Paris airport, all attract many tourists.

This city is like a miracle for art and literature and history and culture lovers, a gift that makes visiting Paris a sweet and dreamy goal. If you are one of those who have planned such a lovely goal for yourself, it might not be harmful to familiarize yourself with Paris airports at the beginning and before your trip. Stay with Nabtrip to tell you everything you need to know about Paris airports during your trip.

Paris has two airports, one in the north and the other in the south of the town. Charles de Gaulle Airport is in the north of Paris, and Orly Airport is in the city’s south.

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Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

Charles de Gaulle Airport is the largest airport in Paris and France. It is also known as the main airport in Paris. This airport is the second largest airport in Europe, with more than 60 million passengers traveling annually (according to reports in 2008).

This Parisian airport has two main terminals. Terminal number one is used for foreign flights, and terminal number two is used for Air France and its business partners, such as European and British airlines (EasyJet).

Paris airports

This airport is also known as the largest airport in Paris with the abbreviated name CDG. It is named after Charles de Gaulle, the leader of the French resistance movement in World War II.

Charles de Gaulle Paris airport flight destinations

This airport in Paris cooperates with more than 50 airlines in the world. Various airlines from Europe, Canada, Egypt, China, Australia, Emirates, etc., operate with Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport hotels

Hilton Hotel, Novotel Hotel, and Ibis Hotel are located right in the heart of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, between the two terminals in the Roissypole area. The Roissy-Paul area of CDG Airport is home to many buildings, from hotels to cafes and offices.

Paris Airport Sheraton Hotel is also located in terminal number two of this airport, above the TGV and RER passenger train stations.

Paris airports

But if you prefer to use hotels outside Charles de Gaulle airport, there is no need to worry; Because the Marriott Hotel is located near this airport. This hotel, built on five hectares, also has a passenger shuttle. So you won’t have to worry about moving from the airport to this hotel.

Herbes Folles Hotel is also located two miles away from the airport terminals. This hotel is a building with old architecture in the middle of a green garden that will be very spectacular.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport transportation

This airport has several public transportation to transfer passengers from the airport to Paris.

Train at the airport.

The airport’s train transit system, PER, has two stations. The first station is between the two terminals of the airport in the Roissy-Paul area, and the second is located in terminal number two of the Paris airport. You can buy a ticket in person to use this train.

This train connects directly to the Paris Central Metro. From Gare du Nord and Chatelet les Halles central stations, you can change your line to Paris Central Metro.

Our suggestion:

In these passenger stations of Paris airport, two types of fast and slow trains serve. Slow trains will stop at all stations, even the city’s northern districts, but high-speed trains will only stop at the central stations of Paris, such as Gare du Nord. High-speed trains will stop at only one or two stations before reaching the center of Paris, and after getting to the central suburbs, they will stop at all Paris stations.

We suggest using high-speed trains if you plan to go directly to the city center. Be sure to check the schedule and types of trains before boarding Qatahar. You may have to wait for a few minutes to board these trains. But believe me; it is worth it.

In addition to PER trains, another type of train serves Paris airport, TGV. These high-speed trains will take you directly from the airport to the center of Paris and French cities such as Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Besancon, etc. If you carry a lot of luggage, using this train instead of PER to reach Paris can be convenient for you.

Bus lines at the airport

In this airport, different bus services serve passengers. Roissybus, Les Cars Air France, and EasyBus have stops at this airport. These bus companies will all take you to the central area of Paris. Their travel distance is between 10 and 15 minutes. You can buy tickets on the buses themselves.

Paris airports

Interestingly, these buses also stop in Disneyland, like Paris airport trains.

Taxi lines

There are taxi ranks in all terminals of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. You can use these taxis to get to the center of Paris. Depending on the traffic, the destination, and the departure time, the taxi fee will be different for you.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport free shop

The Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Free Shop is vast; you can buy various items from different brands. Cosmetics, clothes, fashion, accessories, jewelry, watches, perfumes, and even delicious food can be found in this free shop. You can buy from this free shop without paying additional fees and taxes by showing your flight card.

Orly Airport

Orly Airport is located in the south of Paris. Like Charles de Gaulle Airport, this airport cooperates with many airlines from Europe to Asia. Orly Airport is the second largest airport in Paris.

Before the Charles de Gaulle Airport’s opening, Orly was Paris’s main airport.

Paris airports

After the opening of Charles de Gaulle Airport, most foreign and international flights were transferred to it. Currently, this airport cooperates with about 30 airlines. The airport also has four terminals; the last opened this year (2019).

Paris Orly Airport Transportation

This airport has several public transportation to transfer passengers from the airport to Paris.


PER transportation system also serves passengers from Paris airport. Although this train does not have a station at the airport, you can use Orly airport’s passenger trains to reach the nearest PER train station to the center of Paris. It will be only eight minutes from the airport to this station.

If you have arrived at Orly airport in the south of Paris after using an international flight, you can fly again with a domestic flight to the north of Paris or other French cities. About two hours must pass from arriving at the airport to your next getaway to use these domestic flights.


From Orly, the second airport of Paris, to the city center, there are numerous taxis, such as Uber Internet Taxi. The cost of these taxis varies according to traffic conditions and your destination.

Paris airports


The Orlybus bus company will only have transfers in the southern part of Paris, which you can do after getting off at one of the city stations in the south of Paris to go to the city center. Le Bus Direct takes you directly to the center of Paris.

Paris Orly Airport hotels

There are only two hotels inside this airport. Novotel Hotel and Ibis Hotel are located near their terminals. But the Superior Hotel is also outside the airport near the hotel.

Paris airports

Paris Orly Airport Free Shop

Paris Orly Airport Free Shop also has a variety of products from different brands. This free shop is like other airport-free shops, and you can enjoy shopping without paying tax just by showing your flight card.

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