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Pearl Island of Qatar; A luxurious travel experience

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Skyscrapers, luxury hotels, marinas and beautiful beaches, famous cafes and restaurants, luxury shopping malls, all kinds of exciting entertainment, unique game, and entertainment centers, and there are a thousand and one reasons in the corners of the pearl island of Qatar that make travelers visit this island.

The artificial pearl island near Doha is one of Qatar’s most spectacular and touristic places, attracting tourists from all walks of life with its Mediterranean and European style.

This article from Nabtrip Tourism magazine is dedicated to Pearl Island. This time we go to this island together and talk about the sights, entertainment, and all the things you should try on pearl island for a memorable trip.

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Know more about the pearl island of Qatar.

The pearl island of Qatar is an artificial island in the waters of the Persian Gulf, which draws tourists to this island because of its many recreational and welfare facilities. It was in 2004 that the King of Qatar ordered the construction of an artificial island near Doha.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Saakin website

The construction of this island took 14 years, and it was finally opened in 2018 as one of Qatar’s most important tourist hubs with a wholly modern and different face.

The artificial pearl island of Qatar, with a population of 33,000 people, is located on the west coast of Doha and close to the city. With an area of nearly 4 million square meters, it is one of Qatar’s most attractive places.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Travel-assets site

In terms of architecture, Pearl Island is divided into ten small and distinct islands. Each of these islands is inspired by a coastal and Mediterranean city, such as the cities of Spain or the south of France, and evokes the same feeling.

Everything you would expect from a coastal city regarding tourism and entertainment can be found on this island, from luxury hotels and villas to shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. In addition, there are residential units for the purchase of natives and foreigners, and foreigners can obtain permanent residence in Qatar by purchasing a house on Pearl Island.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Media site

With 32 kilometers of coastline, Pearl Island has one of the longest coastal retail corridors.

Sights of the artificial pearl island of Qatar

A trip to Qatar is incomplete without a tour of Pearl Island. Pearl Island has so many different sights that it is unlikely that you will be able to see them all in one day. This island is worth devoting a few days to visiting and exploring all its parts.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Perform group website

You have many options to see and have fun in Pearl Island, which I have prepared a list for you.

1- Abraj Quartier, the location of Pearl Island commercial towers

One of Qatar’s most essential pearl islands is Abaraj Island, known as Towers Street. Abaraj Island is known for its seven towers, Tall towers with unique architecture and a view overlooking the Persian Gulf.

The tallest towers of Qatar’s Pearl Island are located in the Abaraj neighborhood. This small island is an administrative and commercial place, and most commercial companies and offices are located on Abaraj Island.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: The Pearl Qatar website

This neighborhood has five 36-story buildings and two 42-story buildings with a height of 201 meters. With suitable and complete facilities such as a sizeable eight-story parking lot, it has become an excellent place for business people and people in business.

2- Costa Malaz, a pristine and peaceful area

On the pearl island of Qatar, if you’re looking for luxury beach villas with an unparalleled view, head to Costa Malad Beach. The neighborhood of Costa Malaz is a secluded place with large and luxurious hotels and villas that stand out on the island.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Afar site

In this neighborhood, the peace of the desert is combined with the magnificent buildings and hotels and the lovely views of the island. Costa is a haven, unlike any Mediterranean coastal city. Its architecture and landscaping evoke the atmosphere of a beautiful tropical Mediterranean island in the heart of the Persian Gulf.

On this island, in addition to public beaches, you also have access to private beaches, and you can sunbathe on your private beach away from the crowds, take a dip in the water and enjoy watching the blue expanse of the Persian Gulf.

3- Floresta Garden, a place with Mediterranean style

If you visit Qatar with your family, visit the Floresta Garden on Pearl Island. This small island is located east of the Viva Bahria area, and every recreational and comfort facility you want is available on this small island.
This island is known for its Mediterranean style and as a suitable place for families. Floresta Garden covers an area of nearly 15 hectares of the entire island. Currently, about 5,000 people live in Qatar’s Floresta Garden.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: HBK Reference website

In this garden, ten medium-sized residential towers, three indoor villa complexes with 115 villas, and a large shopping center called “Floresta Galleria Shopping Center” make up the general area of this area. An equipped playground for children is also provided in this area where you can entertain your children. Children will surely enjoy playing with their peers in this area.

4- Giardino Village on Pearl Island

In the village of Giardino, everything is available for a day or two trip or a more extended stay. This village is quiet and secluded near the bustling Medina Central and Porto Arabia.

In this village, you can see all types of accommodation, and you can choose any one you want to stay in Pearl Island, from large multi-story buildings to luxury and ordinary villas of different sizes.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: The Pearl Qatar website

Giardino Village has an indoor complex with 57 villas, gyms, pools, tennis courts, lounges, and a modern luxury shopping mall.

In Giardino, in addition to recreational and welfare facilities, there is an international English language school with a capacity of 2,500 students, which is provided for foreigners who intend to stay permanently in Qatar.

5- Isola Dana, dream life in magnificent palaces

If pearl island is the golden crown of Qatar, the Isola Dana area on this island is the central and rare jewel of this crown. Isola Dana is one of the most extraordinary sights in the world. With about 2 hectares, this island has nine independent islands and is considered the largest and most private residential area in the Pearl Island of Qatar.

Each island has a wide beach and a protected marina for mooring yachts, accessible through private passageways.
Whatever idea you have of aristocratic and so-called luxurious life, you can see its example on this island. Houses similar to the palace of the kings, whose example you have seen in a few places, give a unique and attractive effect to this area.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Ziche marmi site

The name of this area was chosen from the combination of the Spanish word meaning island and the name of the rarest and most valuable pearl in the world.

6- Medina Centrale, the vibrant center of Pearl Island

One of the most famous areas of the artificial pearl island of Qatar is Medina Central, located in the center of the island. This area is one of the island’s busiest areas, which has a lively and dynamic environment, and walking in the streets of this area reminds one of the Mediterranean coastal cities.

High-capacity parking lots, cinemas, cafes and restaurants, shopping centers, playgrounds for children, amusement parks, and entertainment centers for adults are some of the amenities and entertainment facilities of Medina Central.PPublicgardens, terraces, and canopies in this area allow you to refresh your breath after visiting this part of the island.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: The Pearl Qatar website

If you are into shopping and shopping, I don’t think you will leave Medina Central empty-handed. The area has more than 130 retail stores and a large shopping mall that offers both branded and non-branded goods for sale.

The restaurants and cafes of this area cannot be ignored either; The luxurious restaurants of Medina Central in Pearl Island are among the best restaurants in Qatar that serve you with delicious and delicious Qatari meals. Various events and celebrations are held in this area, making this part of the island more attractive to tourists.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: The Pearl Qatar website

7- Perlita Garden, the living nature of the island

In the south of the noisy Central Medina is a peaceful green area called Perlita Garden.

Perlita Garden in Qatar’s Pearl Island combines residential houses and large, luxurious villas in a green area full of medicinal trees. It inspires the feeling of living in the heart of nature. Although this area is far from the hustle and bustle of Medina Central, it has quick and easy access to shopping centers and its facilities.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: The Pearl Qatar website

8- Porto Arabia, the beating heart of the pearl island of Qatar

Porto Arabia is an entirely luxurious destination for travel and recreation or life. Porto Arabia is one of the main ports of Pearl Island, which houses retail stores with the best popular international brands, the best hotels in Qatar, a beautiful beach resort, and a variety of residential units, penthouses, and modern apartments.

A 2.5 km long boulevard stretches along the beach of Porto, and a little further from the boulevard, luxury hotels of Porto can be seen. On Porto’s coast, water passages, similar to the Italian city of Venice, have been built to pass pleasure boats.


If you go to Porto Arabia, I suggest you take some souvenir photos with the “Love Qatar” symbol and record this trip in your memories.

9- Qanat Quartier, Venetian appearance with Arabic heart

Another must-see place in Qatar on Pearl Island is the Qanat Quarter, which showcases the country of Qatar with an Italian flair. This neighborhood is excellent for walking, shopping, eating, and drinking coffee in its trendy new cafes and restaurants.

Qanat neighborhood brings the city of Venice to Qatar with its colorful and low-rise buildings, water-filled canals and arched bridges, pedestrian squares, and numerous cafes and restaurants.

10- Viva Bahria is a combination of Arabic and Moroccan architecture

Viva Bahria Beach is one of those pristine beaches suitable for families and those looking for a quieter place. This neighborhood is known as a stylish beach resort by the Persian Gulf. Viva Bahria comprises 28 residential towers shaped like Moroccan buildings with state-of-the-art amenities and a beach view.

The United Twin Towers are the most important in this area. This high-rise structure consists of two connected towers of 24 floors and has 480 residential units of various sizes, including stylish apartments and modern penthouses.

Qatar Pearl Island entertainment for a memorable trip

Pearl Island has many diverse entertainment options for spending holidays with friends or family at the table. We will see the activities and activities that you can do on the Pearl Island of Qatar and create a lasting and memorable trip for yourself.

1- Novo Cinemas

If you like watching a movie on Pearl Island, visit Novo Cinema in Medina Central and treat yourself to a first-class film. This cinema, with 12 advanced and new screens and a capacity of more than 1500 people, is one of the best cinemas in Qatar.

The best animations and movies are shown simultaneously in this cinema as the world premiere.

2- Megapolis or Minipolis (Megapolis/Minipolis)

Megapolis, or Minneapolis, is one of Qatar’s best family entertainment places and the biggest entertainment and entertainment center.
Megapolis is an indoor and advanced area along Pearl Island’s Medina Central coast, full of new and interesting adventures and experiences. This center includes exciting games such as bowling, darts, billiards, karaoke, an arcade, car racing, an escape room, etc. This entertainment center has something to entertain and enjoy from toddlers to adults.

The facilities of the Pearl Island Megapolis do not end here; The center has a colorful and happy atmosphere as well as a cafe, sushi bar, and various restaurants where you can enjoy the most delicious Qatari food, desserts, and drinks.

3- Kiddy Zone on Pearl Island

In Porto Arabia and Medina Central, you can visit the Kid Zone. Kiddy Zone is a giant toy store in Pearl Island, where you will experience all your childhood memories.

This store has all kinds of educational, creative, electronic, etc. toys with the highest safety and quality from the best foreign brands and for different age groups.

In addition to buying toys in this store, you can also participate in competitions, festivals, and programs held in this place with cartoon character dolls and have a good time with the children.

4- Piano Stairs

One of the staircases overlooking the Qanat neighborhood retail store is designed with piano keys, one of Pearl Island’s most attractive parts. These stairs are not only famous for their visual appeal; Just like piano keys, these 30 steps play melodic tunes with flashing lights every step you take.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Marhaba site

You can create a new and unique piece of music or enjoy listening to pre-programmed classic melodies by jumping on the stairs.

Besides being attractive to tourists, this clever and creative idea also encourages people to be more active.

5- Curio City

Crew City is a playground for children up to 12, with entertainment and play equipment for ages and abilities. Children learn various practical concepts and activities in this collection and enjoy adventurous games.

This collection has various rooms where children play together dressed as cartoon characters.

6- Pottery workshop (Clay Encounters) Pearl Island

One of the most fun things to do in Qatar is spending time at the pottery workshop of Pearl Island in the Qanat neighborhood.

For most of us, since childhood, playing with clay and making clay objects has been an exciting and pleasant experience. Now, at the Qanat neighborhood pottery workshop, you can relive your childhood with the help of friendly Qatari instructors and leave Pearl Island with your pottery crafts!

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Localemagazine site

7- Ice adventure in Subzero Ice Lounge

Perhaps the idea of a small icy city with a temperature of 9 degrees below zero in a desert and hot region like Qatar is not very logical. Still, the Subzero collection has made this dream come true. The Subzero complex in Puerto Arabia is a large, arctic-like area surrounded by ice sculptures.

Delicate ice sculptures in the form of balls, camels, and traditional items, such as Arabic coffee pots, etc., are displayed in Subzero.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Timeoutdoha website

The icy atmosphere of this collection gives one the feeling of sitting in an arctic igloo. To visit this area, you will receive warm clothes and winter shoes to protect you from the extreme cold.

In a part of this complex is an ice cafe with tables and chairs made of ice, which are covered with thick fabrics. You can sit on them and drink a warm and delicious drink!

8- Playing in public playgrounds

In different parts of the Pearl Island of Qatar, especially in the Porto Arabia and Medina Central areas, there are fun public playgrounds with equipment such as slides, monkey bars, swings, and ground fountains for children and adults can have fun in a happy and colorful environment.

9- Shopping in pearl island shopping centers

It is impossible to fall in love with shopping and visiting the market and return empty-handed from Pearl Island’s luxury and local shopping centers. Many shopping centers and small and large exhibitions here offer brand and high-quality goods.

If you are a shopaholic, shopping on Pearl Island will be one of your favorite pastimes.

10- Belly tour for food lovers

Tasting the taste of Qatari delicacies and spices is one of the reasons tourists travel to Qatar. Fortunately, the passageways of Pearl Island are full of traditional and international restaurants and cafes with a lot to say.

Eating Qatari dishes that blow your mind with their aroma is one of the favorite pastimes of food lovers on Qatar’s Pearl Island.

11- Walking, sunbathing, and water sports on Pearl Island

On the artificial pearl island of Qatar, you can see beautiful and spectacular beaches and scenery, which doubles the pleasure of walking on the island’s streets. On Pearl Island, there are private and public beaches where you can relax, sunbathe on the beach’s hot sand, swim, and boat in the bay.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Deme-group website

Near the beaches of this island, there are massage centers, hot water pools with healing properties, and yoga clubs that offer services to relax your body, soul, and mind.

The comforts of pearl island and peace of mind

Since several million people travel to the elite Pearl Island of Qatar every year, the amenities there are complete. Water taxis, the possibility of renting luxury cars on the Pearl island of Qatar, but parking and easy access to golf cars in Medina and Porto are some of the comforts of this island.

Due to the island’s waterways, water taxis are one of the most popular means of transportation in Qatar on Pearl Island.

Riding on blue taxis is both an omen and a spectacle; The boats that travel on the island are a great way to get around the island and are considered one of the island’s entertainment. These taxis have a capacity of up to 10 people and transfer passengers from Porto Arabia to other parts of Pearl Island.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Staticflickr site

In addition to water taxis, you can rent luxury cars such as limousines in the neighborhoods of Porto Arabia, Medina Central, Qanat, and Viva Bahria and have a carefree commute on the island.

Carefree stay at the Pearl Island Hotel and residences

The first thing that comes to mind when the name of the artificial pearl island of Qatar comes to mind is its royal hotel and places, which provide a comfortable stay for travelers with good services and amenities. You must enter this island with a lot of money to stay in hotels with this luxury.

1- Hilton Residences

One of the accommodations on the island that is close to the main attractions of the island, such as Medina and Porto, is the Hilton Hotel in the Abraj neighborhood. This 5-star hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Qatar, with free parking, a restaurant, a lounge, free internet, a swimming pool, and a children’s club.

The rooms of this hotel are large and spacious, and for the comfort of passengers, facilities such as TV, private bathroom, wardrobe, and other things are provided. In addition, the breakfast meals of this hotel on Pearl Island are very famous.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Tripadvisor site

Special features of Hilton Hotel:

  • Sun terrace
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Tea and coffee maker
  • Well equipped gym

2- Kempinski residence

The five-star Kempinski Hotel, combining Arab and European architecture and a pristine view overlooking the Persian Gulf, is the most luxurious family hotel in the Costa Malad neighborhood. This hotel, with 281 rooms, is located in a quiet and secluded area on Pearl Island.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Sada site

Apart from being an excellent option for staying with the family, this hotel is usually the first choice for holding important events and conferences.

Exclusive features of Kempinski Hotel:

  • Private beach
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Gym
  • tennis court
  • Limousine service
  • Water sports
  • Seven restaurants

3- Sedra Arjaan Residence by Rotana

Sedra Arjan’s 4-star hotel is a beautiful residence in the center of Medina Central, surrounded by the waters of the Persian Gulf. The hotel’s facilities meet all the guests’ expectations at a high level.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Booking site

Excellent location and easy access to shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and entertainment centers of Medina Central Pearl Island, in addition to this hotel’s exemplary services and facilities, are considered among its most important advantages. Free high-speed internet access, free parking, 24-hour reception, special facilities for people with disabilities, etc., are some of the outstanding services of this hotel.

This apartment hotel has 250 cozy and furnished two-bedroom, three-bedroom, etc. rooms with separate kitchens and bathrooms and all the comforts needed for different tastes.

Exclusive facilities of Sedra Arjan Hotel:

  • Air conditioning system with room temperature control
  • baby bed
  • IDD phone
  • Modern and exquisite furniture
  • Indoor and outdoor playground for children

Cafes and restaurants on Pearl Island, Qatar

It’s time to introduce the best restaurants on the pearl island of Qatar. Foods of any country are more than a meal; they are a tool to preserve tradition and transfer culture. On this island, the best foods and all kinds of drinks, especially coffee, which is compatible with the taste of us Iranians, are served.

1- Hasan Kolcuoglu restaurant

Hasan Kuceluoglu Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the Pearl Island of Qatar in Medina Central, which serves delicious Turkish food with its most authentic taste. The varied menu of this restaurant covers all tastes.

Adana’s one-meter kebab, grilled lamb ribs, chicken kebab, tea, and baklava of this restaurant have many fans in Qatar.

2- Arabesque Cafe and Restaurant

Near Porto Arabia beach shopping malls, there is a traditional Arabic restaurant called Arabesque, which serves local Qatari dishes with a new taste and recipe. I suggest you don’t miss the chance to try shawarma, tabbouleh salad, manakish, and kafta kebabs at this restaurant.

Pearl Island of Qatar
Photo from: Marhaba Qatar site

The honey cake of this restaurant is one of those desserts that you will be left without a hat if you don’t try it at the Arabesque restaurant.

3- Toro Toro restaurant on Pearl Island

Turur Turur is an international restaurant in Qatar’s Pearl Island and Costa Melad region, mainly serving Latin American cuisine. If you like seafood, visit this Pearl Island restaurant; the Grilled salmon and octopus and crispy and fried shrimps of this restaurant are famous in Qatar.

4- Shakespeare and Co restaurant

Shakespeare and Company is the name of an old and cozy bookstore in Paris that is world famous. Now, on the pearl island of Qatar, a restaurant has been named as such because of its old decoration and similar to that bookstore.

The breakfasts of this restaurant are famous in Pearl Island, and every tourist should try it at least once. 4 English, American, intercontinental, and healthy breakfast menus are your breakfast choices in this restaurant. In addition, pizza, macaroni, Cardan bleu, and calamari are among the most popular dishes in this restaurant.

The access route to Pearl Island

Pearl Island is only 20 minutes from Qatar International Airport (Hamad), which connects this artificial island to the rest of the world. You can get to the island from Doha Metro with Qatar’s public transport at the lowest cost.

If you use the metro, the Legtafiya station on the red line is closest to the island. Internet taxis, airport taxis, and buses are other options for going to Pearl Island.

Photo from: The Pearl Qatar website

A different and aristocratic trip to the artificial pearl island of Qatar

A trip to the artificial pearl island of Qatar may cost you a little, but I do not doubt that it will be the best trip of your life. So, if you want to enjoy a luxury and different trip or have new and exciting experiences in Qatar, a trip to the Pearl Island of Qatar is a good choice.


common questions

Where is the Pearl island of Qatar?

Pearl of Qatar is an artificial island near the capital of Qatar, where you can experience the best hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and luxury accommodations, all kinds of water and non-water activities.

When is the best time to visit the pearl island of Qatar?

The months of November to April (November to April) are the best time to visit the pearl island of Qatar. At this time of the year, Pearl Island has cool and pleasant weather and low humidity, and it is very suitable for walking and touring the island.

What are the best places to stay in Pearl Island?

Porto Arabia, Medina Central, Floresta Garden, and Qanat Quarter are the best places to stay on Pearl Island.

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