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Qatar souvenirs from date sweets to rainbows

Contrary to what you might expect from a small country like Qatar, Qatar’s souvenirs are so diverse that it is impossible to go there and return empty-handed. After seeing the sights of Qatar, visit the Qatar Old Bazaar to see what I mean by Qatar souvenirs. This market is a feast for your senses; The smell of Arabic incense makes you breathe from the bottom of your heart, and the colors of Arabic shawls and scarves calm your steps.

Follow this article from Nabtrip Tourism magazine to know the souvenirs of Qatar.

Al-Sadu, a symbol of the Bedouin tribes of Qatar

Al Sadu is a symbol of the Bedouin tribes of Qatar. In the past, the artists of the Bedouin tribes weaved together goat and camel hair with exceptional skill and created attractive geometric designs. This art has been typical among people for thousands of years, and they use it to make tents, carpets, blankets, and cushions.

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It also has attractive colors that will make your souvenir bag exciting. It is enough to visit the old and traditional bazaar to buy Qatar souvenirs, where you will see women weaving al-sadhu.

Dallah coffee pot, a symbol of Arab hospitality

Nothing symbolizes Arab hospitality like serving guests with a brass or silver coffee pot. For centuries, the people of Qatar have been using the hearth to brew and serve their aromatic Arabic coffee; the cardamom aroma of this coffee multiplies its charm. To enjoy this tradition, visit the local coffee houses in Qatar to drink this country’s delicious coffee in small metal cups called “finjan.”

The Dele coffee pot is not just a container for serving coffee; it symbolizes Qatar’s authenticity and is a souvenir brewed by its people’s art. If you are looking for an option among the various souvenirs of Qatar that will remind you of the ancient history of Qatar while drinking coffee or tea, choose the Dele coffee pot.

To buy these Qatari souvenirs, you can visit the old market, City Center or Royal Plaza; I’m sure the colorful world of Arabic coffee pots will blow your mind.

Pashmina shawls and scarves, a rainbow of Qatar souvenirs

A souvenir is the best combination if it is beautiful and valuable. If you are looking to buy souvenirs from Qatar that will remind you of your happy moments in this country and have a high-use look at the woolen shawls and scarves of this country.

These products are made of le wool that you can use on different occasions. Another critical point is that buying shawls and scarves as souvenirs of Qatar will not take up space in your luggage; In this way, you will not have the problem of overloading, nor will your load become heavy.

The only problem with these Qatar souvenirs is choosing the right color for your loved ones. Suppose you are looking for cheap woolen shawls and scarves to buy. In that case, I suggest you go to the traditional market, but if you want to purchase high-quality and high-quality woolen shawls and scarves for your loved ones, Bombay Silk Center on Khaleej Street is the right place to immerse yourself in the colorful world of pashmina shawls.

The sweet world of Qatar Souvenirs

Buying souvenirs from Qatar is not a difficult task. If you can’t choose the right color for a woolen shawl, fill your suitcase with dates, nuts, delicious candies, and Arabic baklava. Yes, you heard it right, Arabic baklava! Qatar has many fans worldwide for preparing high-quality and delicious sweets, of which various types of sweets and candies are a symbol. Waqif Bazaar is full of traditional Qatari candies prepared with the unique taste of rose and pistachio nuts.

Along with all the handmade sweets that symbolize the tradition of Qatar, there are different types of dates. Dates are one of the most delicious souvenirs in Qatar, providing various choices according to color, size, and sweetness.

Dates are essential in Qatari culture because of the remembrance of the holy month of Ramadan. If you can’t decide between the sweet world of Qatar souvenirs, go to the traditional and old Waqf market and try the delicious chocolate dates there; Without a doubt, your suitcase will be filled with date boxes.

Oud, take the scent of Qatar with you as a gift.

You will smell pleasant when you enter shopping centers, markets, cars, houses, and, generally, anywhere in Qatar. This smell is due to the burning of incense made from the wood of the agarwood tree. This wood is called “Wood of the Gods” in Qatar, and the oud made from it is one of the best souvenirs in Qatar.

There are wide varieties of oud in the shopping centers of this country, the best type of which is uncut pieces of wood, But the fragrance of this tree can be prepared in the form of aromatic oils in different jars. Visit the traditional bazaar to buy souvenirs from Qatar and take the attractive aroma of this country with you. If you are looking for oud and do not have access to a traditional market, you can get it from Royal Plaza, Hayat Plaza, and City Center.

Gold and jewelry, the most luxurious souvenirs of Qatar Pendant

Qatar is the pearl capital of the world. If you want to buy souvenirs from Qatar that have high material value and spiritual value, I suggest gold and pearl jewelry. To buy these precious souvenirs from Qatar, go to its traditional market.

Qatar souvenirs
Photo from: Doha News website

This market has a section called the gold market, where all gold sellers are ready to make your beautiful ideas using gold. The gold made in this place has a government seal to give you peace of mind regarding authenticity.

Traditional Qatari incense and attractive incense burners Incense

Along with fragrant incense sticks, one of Qatar’s most fragrant souvenirs, Qatar’s wooden and metal incense burners provide an attractive appearance. The available types of oud burners are circular in diameter and have a gate, and the use of meshwork has made the pleasant smell of oud come out inside. If you want to buy souvenirs from Qatar with a lot of practicality and elegance, I suggest purchasing this option.

Also, traditional Qatari incense is lovely for its fans, mainly in the form of fibrous balls and obtained from different scents of sandalwood, flower powder, and white musk. To buy these Qatari souvenirs, I recommend you go to the Omani market, which is located behind the central market of Qatar, to be surprised by the wide variety of attractive incense burners and traditional Qatari incense.

Arabic hookah, rooted in Iranian tradition Shisha Pipe

Hookah, that too in Qatar? Is this also strange for you? Yes, hookah has its roots in the tradition and culture of Iran, but its use over the years has made it to neighboring countries such as Qatar. The use of hookah in Qatar has become part of its culture, so there are long corridors in this country, and men talk to each other while smoking hookah. Because of this, hookah is tied to the local culture of this country.

The most attractive souvenirs of Qatar are different types of hookahs, which are decorated with petite and long pipes; of course, it doesn’t matter if you are interested in smoking hookah or not! Because it has various uses in beautifying the decoration of houses. If the attractive design of the Arabic hookah has impressed you, look at the local and old market of Qatar because this place provides you with a wide variety of hookah and its essence.

Wooden boxes are beautiful, practical, and traditional souvenirs Wooden Box.

Are you looking to buy souvenirs from Qatar with various uses? Rigid crates are one of the best souvenirs of Qatar that you can easily fit into your luggage. Wooden boxes have multiple services that are suitable for placing jewelry and ornaments.

Wooden boxes are available in different shapes and sizes, making you excited to look at their attractive designs. Among the types of wooden boxes, some that are prepared using pearls or camel bones have a higher value.

You can visit Waqif Old Bazaar, City Center, or Royal Plaza to buy these products, symbolizing Qatar’s rich art. Of course, if you are returning from this beautiful country, don’t worry because there is a wide variety of wooden boxes at the airport to choose the option you want to buy.

Arabic lights and dazzling light Lamp

Imagine a room where the Arabic-colored lights are on, and the aromatic Qatari incense fills the space; If this situation is attractive, it is better to fill your luggage with Qatari souvenirs. Arabic lights are full of glitter, giving them a dreamy and magical feeling when placed in different environments. There are different types of Arabic lights and lamps in which colored glass and delicate shapes are attractive.

Are you looking to buy the cheapest souvenirs in Qatar? You can choose small pendant lamps for purchase because they are affordable compared to large lamps and are easy to carry. The only thing you need to pay attention to when buying Arabic lights as Qatar souvenirs is the careful packaging of this product so that they do not break during transportation.

Would you like to buy one of Qatar’s souvenirs?

Qatar is one of the countries that every tourist is interested in traveling to. If you travel to Qatar, Waqif Bazaar is the best place to buy Qatar souvenirs. The market offers you a wide variety. Besides enjoying the attractive architecture of this market, you will make your loved ones happy by buying beautiful souvenirs.


common questions

What are Qatar souvenirs?

Arabic hookahs, wooden boxes, Arabic lamps, traditional incense and incense, coffee, shawls, scarves, gold, etc. are some of the souvenirs of Qatar.

Where can you buy Qatar souvenirs?

Waqif Bazaar, Omani Bazaar, gold bazaar, silk bazaar, etc. are some of the markets in Qatar for buying souvenirs.

What is the best edible souvenir of Qatar?

Some edibles, such as dates and Qatar, are good options as souvenirs.

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